A Journey Into Yourself

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In 2010 I, Nancy Tate and Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, Grandmaster of the Mushaba Force, offered an online book that we sent out to people who subscribed to it. The book was a great success, so much so that we are offering it for sale as an ebook.

You may go to www.mushabacenter.com to read about Anakhanda and the Mushaba Force. To read more on the Mushaba Force you may also go here: http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/Freedom%20Empowerment/mushaba_force_main.htm  

Anakhanda and I each contributed to the book in a total of four chapters a week, over the course of four weeks, and sent them out via a mailing list.

The writings were delivered to us through our ability to channel information from Mushaba and other Light Beings. We found that each of us were able to pick up from where the other left off at any point in the writing, after we shared, through emails, our individual writing with the other. This shows us that indeed we are all One and that as we communicate with the energy of The One we are in harmony with all that is.

This book is full of promise for mankind and is written in story form. It holds information that is awe-inspiring while at the same time designed to awaken certain parts of your inner memory. As you enjoy each chapter, you will be given a message through the words that are contained within. The message will speak to you on an inner plane and will entertain you as well in your present consciousness.


Excerpts From Reverence for Life


Rejoice dear souls for you are the kings and queens of creation. You are the ones, the movers and shakers of life! Honor yourself and not only who you are, but the God and Goddess standing next to you, in front of you, and that you see at a distance. Honor that one with no less acclaim that you see on the street lying in a drunken stupor, or hungry from lack of food, or who smells from the lack of water to wash. They are as divine as you! Look into their eyes, their heart and see yourself and see the divine being, the divine human that they are.

Ah! But there is more to the promise that you made! You thought that you were done did you? Well not quite yet, for there is a little more to share on the promise!


That promise, my dear ones is the promise that you made to yourself. It is the promise that was imbued within your DNA as you created it is the perfection of that which you are. It was bound to come and to explode into a million points of light at the time of exposure to the mirror that told you that you are, and are, and are, on into infinity.

I take you now to the doorstep the leads into the new world, the world that is awaiting your expression. It is a world that is going to prove itself over and over again in the promise that you have made and the journey that you have already taken. Do you really think that what has come before has no value when you compare it to what is to come? As you take another look and you see the nature of that thought, then you know that the value is inseparable from that which seems to be of no value, for one does not compare with the other; they make each other, and that is where you are right now. You are in that perfection of the value that you are, with no comparison, for there is none.