Particles of Sand


By Nancy Tate

A Collection of Short Stories

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Blue Moon Thunder - Title Page - Story

A mystical horse appears from out of the clouds on a blue moon night. Read how two lovers, Jill and Andy, Pete, a young man in search of himself, and Ethan, a man, tormented by his past are affected by this night and the horse that has a profound affect on all who serve to tell this tale of magic and love from sunset to sunrise.

Sunset Sandstorm - Title Page - Story

Sara and Johnnie ecstatic over their unborn child who will grace their home soon receive unexpected news that threatens to destroy their joyous marriage. Their prized appaloosa, Old Speck, carries his rider to a date with destiny.

Spirit Child - Title Page - Story

A revisit to the beginnings of their marriage bring Emily and Ed back to the coast of Maine in hopes that this will re-spark the flame that has threatened to be extinguished forever. The Atlantic Ocean laps against the sands of time and brings a new Spirit to their lives.