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05-26-17: I Have Been Inspired, From Today's Wake Up Call, to Share With You The Messages That I Received in the Years 2002-05 From a Being Called Baldor, Who is An Aspect of Me. I Have Felt a Relevance of His Information to Our Times that We Are Experiencing. You May Click Here to See Them

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Dance of Remembrance


Tom On The Other Side

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Introduction to The Legacy.

I began writing The Legacy back in 2004 after I had been receiving information from Enki about my first lifetime on earth, which took place in 7090 BC. I was living with a dear friend, who was very interested in the information I was receiving. We learned that she was also part of that first lifetime. As the information came forth and grew to be what we realized was a great deal like what we had discovered our lifetimes on earth paralleled, we put together the information and I began to see the importance to the way my life had transformed in this present lifetime.

Introduction to Atomic Oneness

This is a combination of an anti-matter meditation and a cosmic oneness meditation. A new dimension of understanding has been added to the anti-matter information in the Menorah. Now go within to the words and music of the atomic oneness CD, and perceive on an atomic-cosmic level how your atomic structure works to guide you toward ascension.

Introduction to The Menorah

This book is about the search for a Menorah with Mayan carvings on it. The search encompasses a journey, which starts in New Mexico and ends up in the Yucatan at the Sea of Campeche. Many may find that their own journey could be represented in part through this story, as I have. Though fictionalized, I feel that readers will recognize in this story that truth is presented here. It shines through as the beacon that The Menorah typifies and is destined to represent through all of time.

The heroin opens the tale with a mystical experience concerning the Menorah, and flows into the involvement of other characters to lead us on an adventure that culminates in an eye-opening series of revelations contained in the pages of ancient writings that have the capacity to change people’s lives forever.


Introduction to Dance of Remembrance

A collection of Nancy's writings from before she moved to the southwest in the Fall of 1995 and in the first few years after. Nancy’s dance, starts in her home state of Maine, and continues to the Southwest, where her life is reflected in the expression of these words, combined with inspiring music.

Cry with her; feel her pain, and struggle to rise above it. Rejoice with her as she discovers a new-felt power. Sit with her in the blueberry field in Maine with the majesty of the Bigelow Mountains. Reflect on the shore of the Rio Grande; gazing at the Sandia Mountains. Ask the question that takes courage to answer honestly.  Share with her a romantic dream enraptured by the musical form of a juniper in New Mexico. Dance as she dips and sways to the music of her spirit, unlocking the wisdom living deep within. 

Feel the manifestation of fear, and the joy of release. Explore the truth of your own ability to create, and the amazing array of wonderment that comes from that creation. And finally, reside in the light that shines your way to the fullness of completion. Our journey is surely a Dance of Remembrance.   

Introduction to Tom

Tom was Bob T’s brother-in law; he had passed four days prior to the first time he communicated with us. At that time Bob was showing us a snapshot of a painting that he had painted of an old barn in Kentucky. Tom had really liked that painting. Bob was telling us about Tom, and how they had both worked at the same university.

As we talked something was taking place that would lead us to the story that is related on this CD, and represented on the cover of the CD. After a few minutes of conversation I glanced at the snapshot laying on the coffee table. Something was different about it. I picked it up and interrupted the conversation,  “Look at this! What has happened to this picture? I don’t remember it looking like this.”

On the picture superimposed over the original were images that had nothing to do with the original old barn and surrounding countryside. There was what looked like a domed building, and some trees. Then over the next several minutes there came more images with a little more detail. It was the most amazing and puzzling thing I’d seen in a long while, maybe ever. I’d heard of Spirit’s ability to precipitate images onto paper, etc. but I’d never seen it.

Soon after that I felt that someone wanted to speak through me.  It was Tom. On the second track of this CD Bob reads the information from Tom, as relayed through me, from the transcription of the tape on which that message was recorded. The quality of the tape was too poor to use for this CD. The rest of the tracks are subsequent messages that we got from Tom over the following months until the end of that year.

We feel that you will enjoy hearing the progression of Tom’s journey on the other side through to the last message we received from him, which was on September 9, 2005.  It tells of an evolution of experience that speaks of the love and wonderful occurrences that are awaiting us in the higher dimensions. Also, it tells of a higher dimensionality of Tom, named Tomas. He gives us some information about what we are experiencing at this time, and advises us on our ability to create our world as we intend.

So sit back, and immerse yourselves in this visit with Tom on the Other Side.