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Ten year old Beatrice lives with her Grandmother Ellie in the old mining town Bisbee AZ around the turn of the century. She awakens at midnight one Saturday night to meet the six-inch tall genie, Sydney at her bedside. He leads her up to the attic and to the trunk of costumes that her deceased mother wore while acting in theater during the time she was carrying her. A whole new world of magic opens up for Beatrice as Sidney leads her on twelve whimsical, heartwarming, monthly adventures in which Beatrice wears the costumes and assumes the identity of the character. Beatrice's life is changed forever with the spiritual message each adventure brings, each becoming progressively deeper in meaning.

Have you ever seen something, held it in your hands and felt it's magic? This is what Grandmother Ellie's Attic can mean to you. It is a Treasure Chest of beauty with wonderful Illustrations on the opening page of every chapter, with the color background flowing forth through every page of every chapter. You will become one with Beatrice and Sidney as they go from one adventure to the next, one Spiritual message onward to a heightened awareness for Beatrice of how to live in a way that comes from the Spirit and speaks through the soul.



 Excerpt From Chapter 5

Space Visitors

.........."Are you mad! Space people don't visit and talk with us, they do bad things to us." She was beginning to feel scared again. Had they gotten to him and made him different? A terrible thought sprang to her mind. Maybe this isn't Sidney at all, but one of them, disguised as Sidney.

"Don't be silly, my dear!" Sidney grinned. "This is I and I am this! He poofed from sight; then reappeared with a pop. "And let me tell you this. People who are scared of our space friends just don't know that they are really our friends, come to help us." He sat on the trunk, "Now, if you're not frightened anymore, time is a wastin', and we've got a date with a costume."

Beatrice heaved a great sigh of relief. This was her Sidney, and she trusted him completely. If he says the space people are friendly, then she believed him. "Oh Sidney, I'm so glad you're here and you're my friend. I can believe what you say because friends don't lie to each other." A heart warming thought flooded through her, "God is the best friend anyone ever had, isn't he!" ........

All Illustrations in "Grandmother Ellie's Attic"

by Ulla

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