Baldor Messages #5



Wake up Call: Baldor Aug 10, 04


This morning my dear ones, I have a message for you that derives its substance from a condition that is serving all of you to bring the curtain down on the activities of the dark agenda. With these changes that are taking place there is every reason to believe that there is to be an acceleration of the activities of the darkness, and the subsequent elevation of the balance between so called “good” and “evil”.


I am Baldor, and while I do not usually use the word evil, I come to its usage now for the benefit of presenting an idea that is prevalent on earth today. There is a readily available amount of light for all who find the idea of evil unacceptable. That light is the source of the premise that there is no evil, except in the perception of those who would see it as being very real.


This is why to sweep the idea under the rug, would be to deny that it has been given basis upon which to say it is real. This represents itself in the world as the uprisings and, war, and all the other forms of darkness that exist.


My dear ones, you can live in a world where light exists as the only expression of being. Even with all the carnage and fear that others perceive around you, you can come to an understanding that there is only light, and that the degrees of light are but instances of expression of that light.


There is a great movement taking place on earth, and in that movement there is momentum established and there is also a great deal of progress made toward the removal of the idea of evil.


When that idea takes precedence and covers over three-fourths of the people on the planet, what would you expect? Would you think that there would be a move toward complete annialation?


My dear wise ones, think again. This is an energy that in its very nature can act to turn around that expected movement, and bring the inherent love and compassion streaming out and transforming all of that evil idea to that of a strong beam of light that permeates all that is on planet earth.


When people start looking within and in their desperation, or indignance, no matter the impetus, begin to say, “Enough! It is time to stand up and make a difference!” then what you will see is the forward moving of a wave so profound and so life changing that the idea of evil can be transmuted by the very example of an beam of light causing ice to immediately turn to a flowing of water.


In this flowing you can see a change of motion that can completely turn around the momentum and cause it to be represented in the light and might of powerful ones being ready to step up and take their lives back. This can happen, my friends; and you can be one of the first to make it happen


How can you do that? You can step up in your life, and make it happen there. Then you can step up in your neighborhood and make it happen there, as far as your part of that neighborhood is concerned. You can do that with every aspect of your life, and you can make it work as the beam of light to melt away any disruption that does not harmonize with the idea of good, the strength of love and compassion in action.


By doing this you can make all the difference in the world with your own life. When you bring your life into balance it affects others, just because you are not an island unto yourself. You reach out and touch others, and you make a difference. Be that difference that moves mountains, even if it is a pebble on the periphery of an anthill that rolled aside creates freedom.


I reach you through this source of whom I am a part, as surely as a peel is part of a potato. We are inseparable, until the intent to remove me is made. Then I come back again and become one with her once again, after the peels provide fertilizer for the new crop.


This time I stay, and when the time comes again to remove or not to remove, there will be no separation, for the time for removal is past. We like the oneness that we are, and in this capacity of aspect to her, I have now come to take my place as herself in speaking some of her times in the future. I am expressing that communication, and in that respect I am being a part that will not leave again as I was.


The idea of evil was once part of our expression; now it is gone, replaced with the light that sears the love together in a lasting oneness that keeps the unity intact. This is happening with all of you in varying degrees, my dear friends. So when you find your self coming to terms with the ideas that represent evil, or the fear of all that evil has meant to you, know that you are becoming whole once again, and that this is the time of eternal oneness.


I take my leave from this transmission, never separate from this one again. I stand by for the rest of eternity in love and in compassion. I will return at some time with more news and information for your interest. Till then, I say this, “You are the fore-bringers of the dawn of Light. Wear it well, and keep the beam strong and sure for you will bring the flow of the melting of the hearts, and peace to this world forever.



Thank you dear brother Baldor,

Love, Nancy Tate



Wake up Call: Baldor Aug 13, 04


I bring you a message today of unrequited love, and a sense of knowing who you are. There is a path that the two can follow along very carefully, and when this happens, one justifies the other. This can be a situation between two people of the opposite attraction, or between a whole nation, or the world.


I AM Baldor, and I speak with you today of this subject, for I have come to see how these can be integral to each other, and have a significant influence on the state of the world. There is really no separation between them, or any other subject, for they all are tied to one another as surely as I am a part of all of you.


When this one came into this world she did so with a love that surpassed any she has felt thus far from that point till now. She, as do all of you, came into this world with a purity of heart and a whispering of God’s love for all of creation. This was a love so clear, so profound as to be full of the life essence that makes all that is stand up and be counted. This lasted for a full whole moment, and then was clouded with the reality of embodiment. This started the cycle of life in this lifetime, and thus it was for all the lifetimes on this planet.


We all know the rest of the story for each of us. We have lived that cloudiness that covers our inherent beingness, and we have made the most of it for the purpose in which we came. We are going through our days in the way that we ordained when we came forth for this journey.


Now we are at a crossroads. Do we continue, is the question many of you ask, or do we decide to experience that purity of the moment of truth that we all carry within our memory banks? Either way, we will find that purity, for we are in the direction that takes us to the purity. We are on the way to dissipating that cloudiness and rendering it open and clear and part of our “always” reality.


The unrequited love is the love that we give to ourselves. We know we are human, and that we go about our days loving those with whom we share this world. We know that we are loved by many. What we don’t realize is that our love for ourselves is unrequited, for it is not complete, or we would have that dissipation of the cloud.


How do we change that unrequitedness to the fullest expression of that self love? That will come, my dear ones, for we have asked for that Grace, and we are traveling the road to that very truth. We all are on our own journey, and we walk at the pace that we set for ourselves. It is not a journey of temptation and greed, for those are but representations of a stoppage of the love we hold for ourselves. That is the wonder of love, it knows no bounds; only love can bring the clarity of dissipating the cloud.


This is the circle, my friends, and when you have traveled the circle, then you know what this is in its truest sense. You know that in order to receive love, you must give it. You know that there is nothing in this world that surpasses that which is given freely and comes back around, in an instant. Love is the fuel by which you can bring the result of that love to your reality. It is always with you, for it is a part of you, it is indeed you.


Perhaps you are wondering why I bring this to your attention; this is kindergarten stuff for many. I do so, for to read again, and to take into your heart for yet another time the fullness of this truth is to know thyself more fully, and to reach another level of knowingness that can take you over the edge to the completeness.


In my experience as Baldor, I have brought to this one a decided amount of inspiration in my expressions in her future. I have come to see how I got to the place I did in the world, and how I happened to find myself as a resident of a planet called Orloff. This is a possible place where this one, and all of you have experienced. Orloff is your home planet in one of the probable futures of your experience.


You don’t have to choose this future. You can mold and create another, more to your liking, and with your intent choose that other. You do not have to find yourself in a reality that does not support the staying power of love and the infinite expression of that love. You can choose a future that brings to you the infinity of love in expression, and help to create that new paradigm that has been ordained by the Creator.


With this knowledge intact, and the intent and desire to bring your life to a grand and glorious expression of the Creator, you are creating that new paradigm. St Germain told this one and a few others on their recent camping trip that this is what is coming for you. It is a whole new age of love and the purity of that love that is in store for you to play in. This one will be bringing that message forward to you in the days to come, and when you read the words, then you may very well say, “AHHHHHHHHH!! I know this to be true, for I have felt that coming and I AM ready.”


I leave this transmission now, for it is time for the joining of friends around the breakfast table. There is love to share, and there is no room for that unrequited love that knocks on the door of our lives. When you open that door welcome in the love that leaves its loneliness on the doorstep to be rendered complete with the Oneness of all there is by the Sun of the eternal love. Blessings to you all!



Thank you dear brother Baldor,

Love, Nancy Tate



Wake up Call: Baldor Sept 03, 04


There is something today that I, Baldor would like to share with you. This is that there is soon coming to this planet earth a new way of looking into the universe. This new way has already begun with the onslaught of new information that is coming not only to the lightworkers and stargazers, but to the scientific community as well.


This has started a barrage of questions that are of a volume that has not been even imagined before, for without the thought of an idea, there is no expansion of it.


This, my friends is one of the promises that you have made to yourselves. This is that there will be an expansion of the relativity of the earth to the rest of the universe, indeed to the All That Is. This is what is making your news and your Internet communication so interesting to so many, and so challenging to others.


Of course there are those who shake their heads and scoff at the idea that there is family out there. That is according to their own perceptions of what is possible and real. This too shall pass as more and more information comes forward, and the proof of it is shown to the people.


I invite you now to share with me a bit of the best times with the family that is out there in waiting for you to invite them to your awareness. These are the ones who are in your family so irrevocably that there can be no doubt that they will make their appearance when they see that you are ready to acknowledge their presence.


In doing so, they will receive the invitation with open arms and tears of love for all of you. I, having been one who spent years on Orloff, have come to be a part once more of this one, in order to more readily share my information and knowledge of what it is that has been experienced from the future.


There are many who are in the position now of doing that same thing. This is an indication that times for the old way of being on earth are at an end time, and the new awareness is just over the next hill. Till then, I will share this with you. As the earth in one particular reality evolved with her people to a place where they could no longer be self-sustaining because of wars and conflict, she gave a great burp, and became another place in her reality. This is the planet that is Orloff, and this was an expression of the earth that was expelled from her universe and given over to a different paradigm.


Rather than take on a doomsday mentality and bring to an end the very existence of the planet, she decided to become self-sustaining, and create a new paradigm by which she would be unto herself and in the throes of self-sustainment through her own inherent will and intent.


Understand that this was only one reality that has been experienced by earth, and there are others on different times lines that are in the flux, so to speak. This is the core of the issue with many of the family out there, for some have come from the future that seems to be on the timeline most likely at this point for earth.


The intent is for those of you who are in the timeline now that is multidimensional to see the position that you have placed yourselves in and determine what it is that this future self is here for. It is for you to perceive a new future for earth and her people, and learn from this future that you are exploring right now.


By doing this you can bring a new idea to the people and assist the evolution to a future that represents the ideal that Creator God has decreed. Through this information you will be able to lend an energy of change to peace and love through compassion to the energy grid of communication, and help to perpetrate the strength of that ideal throughout all of the world.


As I sink back into the oneness of this one for this time, I do so with the knowledge that this is a time when many are in the throes of finding a new paradigm, born in love and seeded with the knowledge that there can only be one new paradigm that takes you home to the Source, while remaining on earth. This is your wisdom and your new awakening speaking your truth and honoring the ways to Heaven.


I love your energies and I love the journey that you are all taking. We are one in love and in compassion, and let it be said that there is a forever heaven awaiting the calling in.


I salute you and I welcome you to my energies.



Thank you dear brother Baldor,

Love, Nancy Tate



Wake up Call: Baldor Dec 08, 04


This is a day in which roads are followed and trails are set for the duration of time. And since time is fleeting and only one moment in truth, there is a new beginning with every breath and every thought. Hello, my dear ones I AM Baldor, and I come to this day for a specific reason, and that is to tell you of a moment in time that is already set and the trail is widely followed and the results are carving a voice in the wilderness that is speaking loud and clear.


That voice tells of sorrows gone; it tells of love in the whispers of the song in the heart of the loved ones. It tells of the finest situation that can come from the wings of the angels, and it comes from the new way of being on planet earth.


I AM coming to you from your future, for you have passed every obstacle to the peaceful future that you intend. You have expressed the desire to go to the lengths it will take to create a peaceful and just future, with no one left out, not even those who would seek to destroy you today.


When I see you in this world of the future, I see that you have come to this place with the memories of all the times you go through this day faded away, with only the knowingness of the events left to remind you of what it took to come to this future. You have learned that what comes from strife is more strife, and what comes from love is more love. You have also learned that there is nothing that you cannot do that is in the Spirit of love and forgiveness, and that is the reason that I AM here today.


Some time back I shared with you that I AM a part of this one, and that I have incorporated myself back with her. This is the truth of the matter, and in that capacity I have been able to travel to the future and stay on the same plane as all of you. I have taken a sojourn through time to this place that is just over the rainbow. It is a place where you are living the benefits of NESARA and taking the teachings of the Masters to a new height. You are removing all the obstacles to the time machine that is ever revolving and bending to your wishes. You have learned how to manipulate time to your advantage and to the advantage of earth and the rest of the solar system as well.


There is a purpose to my coming to you this day, and it is to show you that with your persistence and your involvement actively, you did experience NESARA and you moved beyond it with the knowledge that it awoke in you. You are beautiful beings and I AM so pleased to be able to send you this Ray of Hope. As you go through these next times before NESARA is announced, remember what I have told you, and see that the bright future you envision is yours already. You have created it and it is a brand new world that you are enjoying in this time frame. See what you have to look forward to.


So my dear friends, continue to walk in the energy of NESARA and know that you are providing a platform on which it can stand and be counted by all on earth. This is your finest hour and I see you all in glorious colors and radiant beams of light.


Your future is blessed and you are the bearers of the blessings, along with all of your family of the Universe. I love you all!



Thank you dear brother Baldor,

Love, Nancy Tate



Wake up Call: Baldor Dec 16, 04


My dear ones, there comes a time in everybody’s life when they decide it is time to stand up and be counted. Is this that time in your life? Are you one who is ready to take the bull by the horns and take a stand for what you feel is the way to be in this world? Then I tell you this, there is someone who is standing right beside you, and that someone is the next-door neighbor and the gal down the street. Good morning, I am Baldor and I will share with you a story about a time when I took things for granted and didn’t care to look at the deeper side of things.


In those times I garnered all the support from friends that I could, and still I didn’t rely on my own strength to see me through the most difficult of times. I gave all of my power to the others who came into my life, and stole who I was in the name of friendship.


I allowed that to happen for I gave them my power. I did that because I couldn’t see that I had as much as they did. In doing this I was trying to gain some of their power, so that I might be as worthy as they were. Of course that didn’t work. They didn’t realize what was taking place, for they too were in the game, and unwitting though we were, we kept the game going until one of us woke up and realized what was taking place. That’s when one walked away from the friendship, and the other was left to ponder on what happened.


Usually what occurred then was that someone, a teacher, came along and gave me a chance to see how what they showed me, or taught me related to the situation I had just been involved in. Finally I saw the light, and I realized what I had been doing.


However, insidiously, this happened a few times more, in different circumstances, so as to cover all aspects of the scenario, for those old fears can sneak in every door that you hold open for them. I see now how I allowed, and even invited them in; I knew not what I did, and therefore fell into the same trap time and time again.


Now I see; and if that takes place again, I remind myself what is taking place and I turn it around and make Light of the situation. I no longer allow another to take my power, for I know that I was giving it to them. This is what many of us have been doing, and when we do that to ourselves, we do that to another, as they do. This is not a blaming message, this is a message that reveals the weakness in all of us when we operate strictly from our ego, and it’s welcoming of the fear into our lives.


Now we are seeing more and more what it is that keeps us bound to our 3D way of life. We are bound to the residues of fear-based ego, and though the light of love is constant and always at our side, there is no recognition of it, unless we set aside the fear and welcome in the light.


Many of you are probably saying that you know this, why is Baldor telling us this kindergarten stuff? My friends, it is because some of us have taken ourselves back to kindergarten to take up some of what we left there. We have revisited it to become aware of all that we neglected the first time around. Some of us are surprised by what we find when we visit there, and we realize what a wise move it was when we listened to our heart and intuition and revisited the truth of our being.


I wish to tell you now that I AM very happy with what I see from this vantage, and because I can visit you all in the etheric and converse and share with you, I know that there are many who are cleaning up their lives from the inside out this time. You are assuring the ascension of your soul because you are opening the closets and bringing the light into it in order to see the remnants that are lurking in the deepest shadows way back in the recesses of that closet. As you do, so do I; and that is the formula for success, for as we come out triumphant, and loving ourselves and each other for our wisdom, we lift all of humanity and share in the glory.


I shall leave this visit with you now and go out and bask in the sunshine, for I have had enough of the shadows for now. I gift myself with the warmth of the sun and The Creators gifts to all of us, and I gift you all with my love.



Thank you dear brother Baldor,

Love, Nancy Tate