Baldor Messages #2


The additional Wake up Call message, received by Nancy the day after she received the introduction Baldor message.

Wake up Call: Baldor, May 27, 2017


I am Baldor once again, and I want to add a new message to today’s sharing. It is not very long, but it is pertaining to the message #2 of today. I am here to let you all know that there is coming an event that will top off all events that have happened thus far on this planet. When I say on I mean that succinctly, for there have been similar events such as the one of speak of that have taken place within this planet that have set an energy for the coming one that will have an effect that will resonate with the ones within Hollow earth. It is awaiting the synchronicity that will bring into harmony the justice of the continuation of life ‘in the free lane’ not only within the earth but for the first time in the history of the surface life.


That is all I will say now for to say any more could influence the solidity of what is coming and take from the sweetness that will have more power than if it had already been known. I tell you this today, for it is an introduction to the many events that will bring a harmonic conversion into many events that are on the way.


That is it for today’s introduction to the next combination of messages. Love is in the hearts of you all and it will merge forth in your own individual expressions as you feel the newness of what will be experienced in the times to come.


Thank you dear Baldor,


Much Love,

Nancy Tate


Baldor, August 28, 2002


Once again, my dears, I wish to impart to you some of the intricacies of the culture we experience here on Orloff. There is a certain knowledge that goes beyond experience, and is the type of knowledge that sings through the ages of the many lifetimes in which we experience the Deity of our senses.

To comprehend the message I am about to impart is to stretch your imagination beyond the point at which you comprehend your world today. For in this stretching comes an avenue that can open a door in your world that has been waiting lo these many years for your entrance.

Once upon a time in our world of antiquity there lived a messenger of good will and plenty. Within this world stood a giant fortress to the kingdom of the unknown. In this domain lived the king of all the world, or so he called himself. One day a stranger came beckoning at the gate to the kingdom, bearing riches beyond compare. Within the domain of the king, was a chariot of immense proportions. This chariot was operated by the energy of the crystals that lined the circumference of the wheels. The king drove this chariot all around his kingdom, till that one day when the stranger appeared. Upon allowing him entrance into his kingdom, the king strove to collect enough energy within the confines of the wheels to give the stranger the ride of his life. Well, this was not to be, because the stranger had experienced far more exhilarating rides than this. You see, he had traveled the universe and beyond in his striving to peddle the treasures he carried with him wherever he went. The king, not being of the sophistication of the stranger could not understand the momentum of the wonderful riches the stranger brought. Though he was inextricably drawn to the contents of the stranger’s load, he could not see the contents once he was able to get close enough.

“What is this?” he exclaimed as he viewed the empty case.

“You do not see that which has no meaning to you.” Answered the stranger, “Therefore there is nothing in your vision ‘cept an empty vessel.”

“Well, I say you have tricked me in order to find the best secret I have!” exclaimed the king, angrily. So you will be banished from my kingdom forever, but not with your supposed sack of riches. I do not trust that there is not magic here. One day I will discover the magic, and I will be the richest person on Orloff.

The stranger turned his head and smiled a secret smile of delight, for you see the king had fallen into the trap that had been laid for him. Now upon his viewing of the sack he would begin to imagine that there were riches in there that he could use in order to gain more power on the planet that he called home. But, alas, he will find in his dreaming that there is indeed nothing in the sack except the dreams that he deposits there. Then he will find, if he is shrewd enough that he holds the secret to the power of the universe, even all he ever wanted in the power of his one lowly planet.

As the king peered expectantly into the sack, he started to imagine that there were jewels of all kinds there. He saw a form start to take shape, and before long he saw the glow of the jewels. This caused him to panic and he dropped the sack on the ground

“What is the matter my dear fellow?” asked the stranger.

“Oh, nothing the king said, recovering. It is just that it slipped from my hand from the weight of he riches that are contained within.”

“Oh, I see,” the stranger replied, amused. “You are the bearer of good news this day, for I was worried that I erred in giving you an empty sack. Now I am appeased and will leave this with you in good accord.” With those final words the stranger left the kingdom, without the king even noticing his departure.

Several weeks later, the king woke one day to an awful sight. He beheld the sack that he kept at his side to be completely empty once again. “I had imagined it to be full and overflowing when I retired for the night. It took me long and labored imagining to accomplish the deed that would have brought me such power. Now look at the degree of power I have. What am I to do?”

Tears of despair started to fall from his eyes, then he was outraged that such a thing could happen. Not only did he lose the very treasures he measured his worth by, but he succumbed to the weaknesses that the loss created. “I must not let my kingdom hear of this travesty, or they will surely banish me from my own kingdom.”

The king drew up all his reserve and peered determinably into the sack. He imagined all manner of wealth to be in the sack. He saw great multitudes of jewels that shone in the morning sun. He saw a whole cache of coins that sparkled against each other. He saw great strings of pearls that glistened in their smoothness. Then he saw his face, all covered in gold. The nose was as big as the biggest lie he ever told. His mouth was as fierce as the worst obscenities that had ever flown from his lips. His eyes held the glint of silver hate that reflected back to him the tears that had so recently mocked his weakness.

“I can’t undergo any more of this,” he exclaimed feverishly flinging the sack across the room. He fell to his knees and held his hands to his eyes in an attempt to abate that the tears that now flowed from his eyes. “I am going to be the poorest person in my kingdom, and everyone will laugh and expel me from my throne. What am I to do?”

A voice rang from above and below and all around as he lay in a heap on the floor. “My son, you are a dear in my eyes. I see you as the jewels that crown my head. I see you as the pearls of my wisdom. I see you as the epitome of the very wealth that speaks to the heart of the matter. I see your face as the blessedness that lives in your heart. You are my bright shining star, and you are the greatness of my example.”

Well, the king couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He looked to see if someone had come into the room.

“No, my son, it is you I address. You are my son, and therefore perfect in my eyes. If you could but see me as I see you, you would see yourself. You are the wonder of wonders that makes up my existence. I love you beyond compare, as I love all my beautiful children.”

The king sat up and looked around again. “I don’t see you, I only hear you. Where are you?”

“I am everywhere, and I am in you.”

“But I don’t see you, why is that?”

“Have you looked inside; have you looked into your heart and soul, and not had a preconceived idea of what wealth is? Have you been able to view your self as wealthy beyond compare just by being you?”

“Of course not, that is not what a king stands for.”

“What do you think a king stands for?”

The king answered, “I think a king rules over all he surveys. I think a king is the leader of all men.”

“Is that not who you are, then? Is that not what you do when you look out over all that is in your kingdom?”

“Well, I thought so, but the people are going to banish and mock me when they learn what has happened.”

“Why don’t you try and see what they do?” “You mean go out there with my empty sack and tell them I have nothing to offer them, no proof that I reign over them all?”

“Yes, that is what I suggest,” said the voice. “But how can I do that? I have so much to lose.”

“Have you now? What is it you have to lose; an empty sack and a few acres of land?”

“No, it’s more than that, it’s all I’ve strived for, the chariot, the jewels, the pearls, the-----.“ His voice trailed off as he realized he was talking about things that either were of no use without the kingdom to use them in, or simply could not last beyond his imaginings. “I’m beginning to see your point. I have nothing to lose, except the chance to do good by them all. If I go out and show them who I am as you see me, then maybe they’ll say I can stay and be their brother. Then I’ll have a place to be and people to love me, and a domain that is real, not just fleeting and elusive. He thought of the chariot and it’s grand size and demeanor. I can offer the chariot as an example of the ability of the crystal energy to propel us through the confines of time into the vastness of space and beyond. They will go with me on the explorations through this universe, and we will be able to then understand what the stranger was selling. He was selling the idea that we can have anything we want just for the thought of it, just as long as we don’t try to hold on to it.”

Well, my dears, do you see how the comprehension of a principal can work in the depths of understanding? There is a vast universe for you all to travel and experience. This is one of the treasures that you bring yourselves in your journey that you take these days. To find the very you that God sees is to find the secret to the journey through the universe, and beyond.

When you get to the bottom of the sack of life and discover that the things you hold so dear are but reflections of what you thought you were, then perhaps you will see the promise that awaits at the bottom of the sack, and hear the voice of God as he speaks to very beingness. Then you can know that you are the universe and beyond.

This is the lesson we on Orloff learned in our journey to this place where we now reside. We have learned that in order to be self-sustaining we had to realize, and come home to who we are. This journey is taking us on a beautiful sojourn and we are most pleased that you are all on our journey.

I leave you now and share with you our love and respect and awe for what you are now undergoing.

Good day to you.

Nancy Tate


Baldor, 10/03/02   


I am going to ask you all a question, and I shall hear your answers in the stars as they shine into my beingness. This question concerns the individuality of each and every one of you, and how that relates to the planet you live on. Next week, I will come back; and through this one, who is my sister, I shall tell you of the answers I received during the week.

Here is the question: If you had one wish to make for your planet and its situation right now, what would it be; and how would you do your part to help to create that end?

Now this may seem like a simple question that can be answered with the obvious. Let me know if after you sit to answer that question you find it so simple and short.

Next I am going to tell you how those on Orloff answered that very question when it was put to them. There were a number of inquiries as to the nature of the answers that were expected. Upon release of that information, the simple comment was to not think about how we wanted the answers formatted, but simply what they wanted, and how they saw things in their perceptions.

When the answers came in it was as if a storm had been unleashed. The numbers of people asking for support in their findings was alarming. Were they not able to fathom having their own ideas, without the back-up of others? This smacked of what you term co-dependance. So we set about to right the situation. We devised a system by which they had a multiple choice answer sheet, with ample room for the choice of “other”. In this way, there was bound to be stimulation from the possible choices, which most probably would spur other choices that would be expounded upon.

This worked to an extent, and then something else happened. This was too good to be true, or so it seemed to those who had brought the question forward. There were all kinds of letters that continued to come forth from all walks of life and all types of angles. This caused a barrage of not only additional questions, but the answers to them as well.

There were answers to the questions of many things that had nothing to do with the operation of a better way of being on the planet, but of a better way to be with each other. At least that is what these people who wrote the letters claimed. They still were not seeing what was right before their eyes.

So we issued a new question for them. This had to do with the nature of an individual as he relates to the planet itself. We cautioned them to understand that we meant that the planet should be regarded as yet another being with whom they had a relationship, a living entity.

Well, let me tell you, that brought a different kind of response altogether. This was unparalleled in our history. For the first time we were shown that the people had no idea that they could, or did, relate to their planet in that way. Can you imagine that people can live somewhere and not see that place as a living part of themselves?

After that, we took a different view of the educational system that we had been employing. We took a look at the types of programs with which we created a basis for interrelating through the governing bodies. Programs were instituted that gave the people opportunity to see how we are all connected to the planet, and the planet was to benefit from our personalization with it. This opened up vistas that before had only been vague stirrings in a handful of people’s hearts. We began to see a marked difference in the percentage of people who took to the land, as you would say, and nourished it to a state of richness that brought forth a bounty of vegetation that could support the population, and be able to renew the life force of the planet with the continued nurturing. Not only did the people benefit, so too did Orloff.

This sounds to you like what has been dreamed of by many on your planet Earth. I hear already the stirrings of chatter. “What are you telling us, that we are like you on Orloff once were? Are you saying we don’t have a relationship with our earth?”

I’m saying look at the evidence. Do you have lush, healthy, naturally grown crops that have been lovingly nurtured by the hands of the farmers? Are there ceremonies practiced by all that honor the soil and the entirety of the resources on your planet? Are you in tune with the planet you live on, and see to it that it is treated as you would be treated?

I say to you at this time, that unless something is done to turn the state of your planet around there will be nothing left to keep you company in this vast universe but the echoes of the dying planet that you swore to the end you could use up and it would keep supporting you till you no longer needed it. But did you think beyond that? Did you see past the industry pollution and the dollar signs that went up in smoke and clouded your cities with the residue from your machines emissions?

We here on Orloff love you. We are your neighbors too, as surely as the other bright stars and heavenly bodies are your neighbors. Isn’t it time for a block party, and a wonderful renewal of all the senses that you have turned off? I tell you this, that if you start right now in the turnaround of the treatment you give your beautiful home, there will be a spillover from all the neighborhoods and the entire universe of beings, and methods by which you can embrace the wonder that is your homeland. From this show of intent a bonus will come forward. It will propel your ascension in a manner that will carry you beyond the rainbow in the twinkling of an eye. There you will find your pot of gold, and you will find the tears being shed of, “Welcome home back to my bosom” from Mother Gaia herself.


So I take my leave for this week, and I look forward to the report I bring of all the answers you have to the question of your perceptions concerning this grand planet Earth.

You have my love and my compassion. I salute your innermost beingness, for I see myself in you, and the potential we on Orloff have established. We see the same potential for you in the uniqueness of your own home place.  


Nancy Tate


Baldor, 10/10/02   


Here I am again my friends, with the news of the day of your discontent with the forces that have thus far ruled your world. This is changing, I have heard. I have been told in countless ways that you are ready to take back the authority that you gave away so many eons ago. This is quite a statement you make!

When I presented my question to you last week, you retaliated with a degree of promise that was almost foreign to your selves. For you see, my friends, that you for so long have been living in the shadow of the dark agenda, that you could barely recognize the original You that came bounding out of the storage chest in the attics of your beingness.

But bound it did! And with this bounding came a remembrance of the original plan that you had set down. This was the one in which you decreed death by fire of all that had come before. You see, this death by fire was the path of Spirit. It could go one of two ways. The fire could be of the illusionary type that represented the burning of all the bridges to the future that was possible in the death by the fire of Spirit.

My friends, you have chosen the death by Spirit. This represents the death of the illusion, and the re-emergence of the real one who is your self in Spirit. You have declared that there is only one thing that is in your desire and intent. That is to stay here on this great planet Earth and allow the Light to re-emerge in its entirety. Yes, that is the answer you gave me overwhelmingly. It was not a slow answer in coming. It was there on the tips of your knowingness, and it burst forth in the clarity in which it sat.

And now we come to the other part of the question. You expressed a desire to go forward in your lives and consciously bring this world into harmony once again. You searched the attic of your history on this planet, and found the relics that spoke of the decisions that were made that led to the destruction of the other civilizations you created and that you allowed to be destroyed. You said in jubilant chorus, “Not again! This time it is different, for we have learned. We have elevated our beingness to a point where we no longer hold on to the belief that we are mortal. We are telling our conscious selves that this is so, and they are listening to our whisperings. We are coming out of the valley of the shadow of death into the sunshine of the mountaintops, where we can see clearly the Eve of our discontent and change our destinies to the hierarchy of the heavens.”

You have declared to walk forward in the play you have enacted and change the purpose of this great civilization to include the highest order of the heavens and bring it here to reign on Earth. In order to do this, you have called in the family that resides in the great neighborhood and announced that you desire their assistance and are eternally grateful for the beautiful blessing that they pour down upon you.

You have told me that this is a learning experience for you, and that the value of the experience will serve you in the coming age. This is the letting go of the need to be dumping on each other in the name of disgrace and humiliation. This is the time to come forward in the true light of who you are, and link arms as you march toward the inevitable victory that shines forth from your beckoning.

Now I ask for you to tune in to that innate intent to carry this desire and new plan forward. This is the impetus through which you will carry out this destiny. You have made your announcement; now bring that fruition of that announcement to the front and march on in the great parade of Light and the love and compassion that lives in the heart and soul of each and every one of you.

The response was unmistakable! You are angels each and every one of you. We here on Orloff can see the glow from your far-off Earth. Close your eyes for a moment and pretend you are on our planet, Orloff. Now look to the planet you call home. Do you see your glow? Does the sight resonate with your beingness? Can you feel the pull to your great destiny of eternal life? Go out now and claim it! Do not allow the other forces to thwart your destiny once more. This is your time now. Claim it in the name of the Christ that lives within each and every one of you. For you are Holy and you are Pure and you are the Family of Man.

I am Baldor, and I and the people of Orloff salute you and call on you in your living room to say, “A job well done. Go forward and multiply your dreams and promises to yourselves.”


Nancy Tate


Wake up Call: Baldor July 02, 03



Good morning my friends, I, Baldor, am coming to you from my planet Orloff, and I wish to bring to you a tale of light and joyfulness that may assist you on your journey. This is a tale that speaks of long ago times on Orloff and the days when we were under the rule and influence of our mother universe. This is a tale that I did not live, but that I have found to be of immense interest and relativity to the times that are prevalent on your earth.


There once was a person who lived in the inner city of Orloff that was the constituent to your own nation’s capital. This city was called Adverbum, and it served the nation in a way that was both righteous and domineering. This was a place in which the total population was under an iron thumb, and the forces of the dark were prevalent. This was very much run like the district that now houses your buildings of government and the home of the highest position in the nation. When the city came into being it was very much like the original dream of your inception. There was a great deal of Spirit written into the documents by which the principality was formed. This was an idea that swept the universe and joined with energies that were similar in nature. So you see, the idea of freedom and justice among people is not a new idea. It is one that enjoys a revelation in waves throughout existence.


This person who lived in our capital was a proud man who owned many horses (our equivalent) and served many masters. He used the horses in a way that gave him the upper hand in the care and breeding of the strain of the animals, and this afforded him the luxury of gaining many different varieties, thus being able to use them as breeding stock. He was a very wealthy man, and owned most of the city area where his place of residence was. He also owned a large section outside the city where his horse farm was.


One day he received a visitor at his home, and the visitor was of a descent that was unfamiliar to him. He had never seen, nor heard of this particular variety of being before. There was something about this man that disturbed him, for the man purposely sat in the middle of the room and prayed for the souls of the horses. What was this man doing here; why did he invade his home and then pray for the animals that he owned?


Upon being asked, the man replied, “I am the ambassador from the kingdom of nod, and I am here to assure my people that these beautiful creatures are assured their place in our kingdom when they are ready to return. For you see, their owner is under the influence of a tyrannical energy and this pervades the very beingness of the horses. They are a precious part of the order of the grand, and they cannot wend for themselves. This is my task and my honor to act as their liaison.”


The owner immediately desired to throw the man out of his home and away from his city. There is no man who can tell him that he mistreats his animals, after all they are his reward for bringing his wealth to the city. Instead of throwing him out, though, he asked this question, “Why is it you have come to my home and not gone to the farm in the country to pray among the horses?”


“Because my dear man, you are the source of their peril. They are but innocent prisoners, and you have erected the bars behind which they hide their sovereignty. There is only just so much that they can do while in your custody. However, unleashed and allowed to run free and secure, they will give you riches beyond compare. You think you are rich now on their behest! Consider what it could mean if you were to let them loose to their own devices. There would be a trust that they would honor, and they would gladly reckon with you in partnership. For, my dear man, these creatures are of royal descent, and they have an intelligence that supercedes yours and all of your kind. These beautiful animals recognize the power in quiet energy, and they know how to live that power and allow it to reach out and benefit all who come into their field.”


The ward of the horses stood perplexed. These words were doing something to him. He felt the stirrings of an old memory. This memory was a faint one, yet it grew stronger, till he felt the mantle of the horse kingdom around him. He felt the muscles and the sinew of the body of the horse surrounding and being him. Then he realized he had been a horse, more than once, and he was now living the role of the caretaker of the horse. This was his opportunity to become the very essence of the feelings of the horse, and right the wrong that he had brought to these magnificent animals. This was a very moving feeling, for he knew it was changing him in the moments he stood in the bodyness of the very creatures he now owned.


What am I to do, he wondered as the feeling grew more intense and he feared he would lose himself forever. Where is this feeling taking me? He felt the mane and tail of the beautiful animal, and he felt the long silky snout that hosted a perfect star. He knew that he would soon gallop off in search of a grassy field, if he did not do something. So he reached out his hand, and begged the man in prayer to hold onto him and pray for him to return to himself.


“That is what I have been doing, my friend, for you are remembering what it is to be that which you now so mistreat. You are the essence of those creatures, and you still do not realize the injustice that you bring them.”


 “But I am wanting to be who I am as the horse’s owner. I want to be able to undo the injustice, and serve them as they deserve. I realize the folly of my ways, and now I have a different outlook on them. I remember how it was to be a horse, grand and free, and running in the wind. I will allow them their freedom, and ask for their forgiveness. Just pray for me so that I never have to be two things at the same time. I do not like to be the dark and the light, the oppressed and the oppressor at the same time. This is too much for me to bear.”


The man bent and laid his hand on the owner’s head. He could feel a slight growth of the mane that grew from this man’s memory. He whispered two words into the mans ear, “In love.” And then he disappeared.


The owner stood and looked at his hands and then his body. He could no longer feel the effects of the return to his former selves. For that he was thankful. Then he thought of the promise he had made to the stranger. I must go now and adjust the conditions at my farm. There is not enough land for the horses to run, and so I must arrange to enlarge the area in which I keep them.


He hurried toward the door, and a huge jolt stopped him in his tracks. Why must it always be just a little bigger? Why not just give them the freedom that they must have to keep their spirit free? This old memory was relentless; the old feelings of being a horse came back with a fury. He ran out the door and into the street. He ran through the streets and alleys of the city till he was outside and on the road to the farm. He never stopped till he got to the stables. There he threw open the doors and set them all free. The horses ran and kicked and blew their delight. They carried on till they were exhausted, and still they carried on some more.


The owner felt their delight. He knew the feeling to fly high in the frenzy of freedom. He rejoiced in the deed he had done, and the freedom it gave him as well. This was the joy, unbounded that had eluded him for so long, for he had brought to these horses the very thing that he brought to himself. He knew now, that he had been a horse those times before, so that he would have known freedom in it’s purest, and bring that to the man that he now was. It had taken the stranger’s prayers for him to recall the feeling he never intended to forget. This was his new day of freedom, and never again would he allow the oppression to be a part of his life. He would take this new rediscovered feeling and shine it forth in every aspect of his life. He would allow it to reach out and touch any who cared to respond. He know that he could make a difference in his life and many others just by being the freedom that he had allowed to slip away and imprison the very thing he had been.


Yes, my friends, this was the way it happened. This man went on to become a very important man in the city and the country that he grew to love. He was honored and respected from that day on. And his influence changed from one of the tyrannical ones to one who brought a state of honor and joy to the workings of the country. And he did it all In Love.




Thank you dear Brother Baldor,


Nancy Tate



Wake up Call: Baldor June 12, 03



This is a morning for playing in the country. This is a morning for singing a song. This is a morning to bring yourself out of the doldrums, for you have a wonderful world, and you are in charge of your world. Good morning I am Baldor, and I come to you today with a message of peace and goodwill.


Today there is an event going on, on Orloff that supercedes all other. It is an event that takes us to the top of our world and keeps us there all day long. This is an event that brings home the idea of living in authority, and keeping our lives in perfection and peace for all times.


When we start our day, we call together all of the people in the particular village that we live in. We all meet in the Field of Victory, so-called in purpose. We then stand by while each person tells of the grandest thing he did all year, and the least grand thing. Then he proceeds to tell us his estimation of the rewards he garnered.  One by one, we go through this process. With the larger towns and cities, we group ourselves into neighborhoods, etc. for the purpose of expediency.


 Within this process lies the key for empowerment with our neighbors and family. We all know what each other considers to be rewarding; and we thusly know how we respond to and live with them successfully. There is a real sharing that takes place, and we are able to tune in to them at a moments notice throughout the year for the purpose of being of service in love and in joy. There is no one who in need does not at least have the opportunity to have those needs met by an understanding heart, or a helping hand.


Through all this, we also respect the others’ need for privacy. We do not attend to their needs and desires if we receive the message to stay away, for privacy is needed for the resolution of the situation. This is a communication that we have fine-tuned through the years on the planet. We are using our powers of telepathy in a way that most suits us. We have kept these powers sharp and keen through the regular use of them.


There was a time in our evolvement from the time when we were expelled from our mother universe that we practically had to start from fresh. We were left with these abilities intact, though very weak, for we didn’t have the mutual support of the energies of our universal family. As we grew in strength and evolved, we found means by which we could develop our innate abilities to a strength that represented our new way of existing. We drew on the intelligence that we each walked in and found the ways that would best support us in our deliverance of the lives we chose.


In a way, this is what you are involved in right now. It is not the same, though there are adjustments you will be making for your lives when you are on the other side of the shift. Indeed, you are already undergoing early changes in which you are finding yourselves feeling topsy-turvy, and not knowing how to respond. I say to stop and center, and bring a warm fuzzy feeling into your heart. Think of anything that has made you feel good and bring that feeling strong and sure into yourself. Then associate that feeling with your present circumstances, and find the part of the circumstance that makes you feel like the warm fuzzy. Relativity is a valuable tool. You are not alone in the universe. We were alone for a time, for we were without our family, and felt as if we had been abandoned to make do on our own.


You may feel this way from time to time; remember, just as we found out, you are never alone. There is always a voice to call on, and that is the voice of the Creator; and that voice is within each and every one of you, and us. When you arise in the morning feeling torn this way and that, pause and feel that warm feeling about anything that makes you feel good. Then arise with the feeling in your heart, and allow it to carry you through the day, through all the warm fuzzys of the day.


I leave you now and invite you to whisper to me of the grandest event of your year, and the least grand of the year; and then tell me the rewards of both. Then tell someone else, and invite them to tell you theirs. It can be a most revealing pastime for you. Have a great time and a great year. We love you all and feel the family connection already. Thank you for being there.



Thank you dear Brother Baldor,


Nancy Tate