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Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba                       Sunday September 19, 2010

 A Reading of the Will of Truth

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 Mushaba Greetings to all our dear people of Earth,

We come to you today to bring you “A Reading of The Will of Truth”.


Let us speak to you about what is truth! Truth is that frequency of energy that underlies everything that you are. That energy is what motivates evolvement, and allows the natural flow of divine love essence to create all of creation as you know it. Truth is inherent in the All That Is, from its beginning and its no beginning, for there is a beginning and then there is not.

However, we didn’t come today to speak to you in riddles, but to share with you what is the will of truth. As a natural inherent part of everything that is, truth was always there in its essence and purity. It is this truth that allowed all to be, even that which you call love. You may ask; how can this be when all is love? We say to you there is so much more that humanity will be learning about what is. In the essence of the All That Is, is this frequency that is identified as truth. It wasn’t called that at that time. There were no names or titles to identify any energy, but only the frequency itself which spoke to everything that was, and everything that was to become.


It is this same energy of truth that immediately and almost simultaneously identified a frequency within itself, which was to become itself in another expression of frequency. That energy is a natural inherent part of truth. For without truth there can be nothing else existing. Truth is what allows the Love to be. It is the frequency of love that the truth identified as part of itself, as in its counterpart that allowed it to be one within itself. There is no separation between love and truth, for they are one in essence. You cannot have one without the other. So through the power of the will of truth, it gave itself a reading, an accounting of what it was. In this accounting it understood in its innate awareness that it too was love; however, this love needed to be expressed in its own freedom while at the same time being in oneness with itself as truth.


Therefore truth aspected itself in order to bring forward from itself another of itself, and that self is what you know as the Frequency of Love, of Divine Love. You see, the original truth is divine and always has been. The original love is divine love and always has been. You can only get divine from divine. Truth has a will. And in its will, it willed its counterpart of love into being. And within that will of truth, it willed that all things be love and created of love, and that this frequency will be the highest frequency there is alongside that of truth.  However, when this frequency came into the second universe, it became split, or a dual frequency that has been identified as being two separate energies. One energy has been called truth, and the other has been called love. They are approached in that same way, as two separate energies.


The truth has come to give a reading of its will to the people. It has come to speak about what that “will” is and how that will be played out from its beginning to this point of time of how it will play itself out on earth. This play-out has been setting itself up since the advent of humanity on earth. In our next part, we will go further into the reading of the will of truth as it shares with you its intentions, and what its “will” has been from the beginning, as well as where it had its beginning. Take time to contemplate what has been shared, and allow not your consciousness to study this, but reach into your very soul essence for this truth. Allow the Mushaba Force within each one of you to connect with this frequency, because it has the ability to speak to the “will of truth” like no other force in existence. That is another story in itself and is a part of the will of truth.


Mushaba Blessings and Love,

With you, we are all one!



 A Reading of the Will of Truth-Part2, 

Sunday September 21, 2010


Mushaba Greetings to all our dear people of Earth,

We come to you today to continue with “A Reading of The Will of Truth”.


Before we begin, we would like to refer you to a Wake Up Call that was brought forward on September 20, 2010 through another one of our messengers, Nancy Tate from her Guide from Planet Mushaba who is called Olawee. This message sets the stage perfectly for part two of what we have to present to you today. It is a powerful message all in itself. We ask that you read and study it. You can access that message at the link below.


In our message from September 19, 2010, we said that, “The truth has come to give a reading of its will to the people. It has come to speak about what that “will” is and how that will be played out from its beginning to this point of time, and of how it will play itself out on earth. This play-out has been setting itself up since the advent of humanity on earth. In our next part, we will go further into the reading of the will of truth as it shares with you its intentions, and what its “will” has been from the beginning, as well as where it had its beginning. We now continue.


Why is it that the truth has come to give a reading of its will to the people you may ask?


The reason is simple; it is because humanity has evolved to the frequency to where it can begin to access the original truth. However, it has to take a step or steps back toward the original truth since it has been once or more removed from the original truth. (We feel that this has been well explained in Nancy Tate’s message from Olawee). We say step or steps because it depends on how many steps away you have removed yourself from the truth. For example, you may look at those that are called dark or evil, and can clearly see that they have taken many steps away from the truth, which is also what carries the quotient of light within one’s beingness.


As we have shared with you, the truth began its beingness in the first universe. It came into existence with knowledge and a knowing of what is, and what was to be. It was aware of itself and its potential for evolvement. It knew why it came into being, and what it would do to assist all beings that were to become! From the beginning it knew that it would become separated, as it became part of the second universe. It was destined to be so. It also knew that it would become almost non-existent, and in some places, seemingly not existing at all. At least that is how it would appear. Truth could never not exist, no matter how far away one removes themselves from it. There is a spark of truth that lies in the deepest recesses of the ones that consider themselves the most evil of evil. All that means is that they are the ones that stepped further away from the light of truth than anyone else. If there were no truth anywhere in their beingness, then they would not only have no hope, they could not even exist for a millisecond!


In the first universe, the truth knew nothing but truth and love. It hadn’t experienced what was outside of that. This is also true of the beings in the first universe as well. It knew that it would allow itself to be in a place where further evolvement was possible. But it could not happen in the first universe. The first universe must by all accounts, maintain what it is in its total purity. This is why the second universe came into being. This was the place to experiment and play out the potentials to experience what was outside of Truth and Love. So entered the second universe and the falling away of what the original truth was, and the original love was. It became once removed from itself, as well as separated from itself. The truth and the love would always have the frequency of recognition for each other. It didn’t matter how far it become removed from itself, because there was always going to be this fine line of energetic light that would keep that recognition intact so that it would never loose itself from itself. This is why in the second universe it is impossible to have love without truth, or truth without love. They recognize each other as a family of one, separated through circumstances. However, they carry this knowing that they will be reunited as one, and this is what allows them both to experience their own individual journey through evolvement. Have you ever wondered where the statement came from that says, “Truth will set you free”? How about “You can’t handle the truth”?


It came from an inner knowing when you were united as one. You knew the original truth, and carried it as a part of who you are! It was a message that was constantly reminding the inner you that once you reconnect with the original truth once again; you will be set free in totality. The reason why it was said that you could not handle the truth, is because at a certain level of evolvement and frequency, the original truth is far too potent to allow its energy to flow through your being. The power of original truth will literally blow your mind, as in a circuit that has far too much power going through it. It needs a higher circuit or a transformer to downgrade the power and force.


The reason why you of humanity are finding itself ready to access the truth is because you hear the call constantly by people asking for the truth. They want transparency, and they do not want the lies and deceit any longer. People are crying out to know the real truth of what is. It is symbolized in your world by the material calls to know the truth of what is going on. This outer action is the representation of what is within, calling to the original truth in the first universe. I remind you that Olawee made a statement of ultimate truth in his message through Nancy Tate.


The Truth is the birthplace of Love, for it is the expression and the outlet for all that is Truth to express. Wouldn’t you say that all that is, came from Truth and that love is the carrier of Truth?


In the next and final part of this subject, we will discuss the Planet Maldek and its vital role in truth and love and how that is affecting Earth and its inhabitants. Olawee also stated:

“Now I remind you that you too have that inner source of the Mushaba energy. You too are created in that energy of Truth, expressed in love, idealized in the individuality that you create through your existence throughout eternity”.


We will also cover the role of the Mushaba Force in what is Truth and Love, and how it assists in idealizing your individuality.


Until then,

With you, we are one in Truth and Love!



 A Reading of the Will of Truth-Part3

September 25, 2010


Mushaba Greetings to all our dear people of Earth,

We come to you today to continue with the final installment of “A Reading of The Will of Truth”.


Now we take you far, far back into what you of earth call time. We take you back to the Planet that was once called Taimat. This planet was in existence before the Planets Earth and Maldek came into being. It was the splitting asunder of Planet Taimat that caused both Earth and Maldek to come into being. Nibiru came into contact with Tiamat and rendered it asunder, it was only partly rendered asunder. Then The Creator called Nibiru back into the first dimension, created a time warp and sent Nibiru back out, and then the severing of Tiamat was made complete. All this was destined to be.


Maldek became a planet and was inhabited, and then was blown apart and the ones who lived there were thrown out into the universe. When that time warp began, is when the planet Mushaba was moved to the Pleiadies and the Mushaba beings came to Maldek to work with the Maldekians. That whole Maldekian experience happened in the time warp, and when it exploded, then the time warp collapsed unto itself and became non-existent. That is when in the present reality Tiamat was rent asunder as one part became the Celestial belt and the other part became earth. It was in that time warp that earth was readied for habitation, and then was inhabited by those who were thrown off Maldek. Their souls were fragmented and when they were taken in by the various star systems, their souls were repatterned and brought back together again. From that point they were then ready to go to earth to begin their journey once more, this time on earth. We are not expecting you to understand fully about the time warp. However, it is part of the history and truth to be shared this day. There will be more information forth coming in the future writings about the time warps and how they are used throughout the Universe for specific purposes.


On Maldek was where the truth and Love had its opportunity to make a great leap in evolvement. It was an experience that could have gone into total truth and love, however, it did not. The truth for many of the Maldekians got very blurred and confused. They had lost sight of what truth was because of the powerful influence brought by the Draconian Race. They made it appear very strongly that what they were teaching and bringing to the people was truth. The people bought it, and they died for it. This experience on Maldek is what set the pace for the understanding of what is truth for the entire earth experience. The souls of Maldek who came to earth to continue their evolvement had to once again learn and understand what truth is. The truth has eluded humanity for a very long time. It got mixed and muddled between untruths. That energy of what happened on Maldek when the people were tricked and lied to, was brought with those same souls to earth. They had embraced lies as their truth. They had the truth, and the Mushaba people came to elevate that truth to another level more closely removed back toward the original truth. However, the Draconian people took the truth that the Maldekians had and used it against them through cunning wit and deceit. They were able to water down the truth, to remove it even further from itself.


As they did this, many of the Maldekians begin to step further and further into dependency on something outside their selves. They began to become less and less empowered.  They no longer could understand what truth was or what truth wasn’t. They began to see the truth as lies and lies as truth. They were very confused. This led to their demise. That same energy that was carried to earth is what was used against the people for a very long time by the minions of the draconians. It was the fear created by not having the power of truth that allowed the people of earth to continue to be duped. They still carried that Maldek trauma and the soul continued to broadcast the message of destruction, deceit, lies, and total annihilation. The Will of Truth “willed” that the souls of Maldek re-discover the truth and start its journey back toward original truth. This is why earth is in such turmoil today. People are beginning to realize the lies and deceit that has been perpetrated on the people for thousands of years.  Now the people are calling for the truth in many ways. They may call it transparency; they may call it putting it all on the table. They may call it fact finding.  No matter what name they use, it is all leading to people discovering what truth is once again.


This is where the Mushaba Force comes in. Within the Frequency of the Mushaba Force is the very essence of what truth is. Truth is imbued within this mighty energy of divine love and oneness. If Mushaba Force is a force of deep and abiding original love, then it stands self-evident that it is also an energy of original truth. The Mushaba Force is within everything in creation including the humans of earth. It has lain dormant for a very long time. It is now being activated within the people as well as within Mother Earth herself. People are beginning to awaken to this force of freedom and empowerment. There is no way in heaven and earth, that anyone can have freedom and empowerment unless they have truth and love. You cannot separate Mushaba Force, freedom, empowerment, truth and love; for they are one!


The Mushaba Force carries the original truth and the original love for that is what it was created from! This is why it is known throughout creation as “The Voice of Creation”. This is why it can communicate with the microtribules, which is the communication network of the body. This is why it can speak to the Cells, The DNA, and the very atoms of the body. This is why it can speak to the protons, neutrons, electrons, and photons. It carries the power of original truth and original love as it was brought into being from its beginning. This is the primary force that will become the most dominant force on earth that will assist humanity in their greater evolvement and their step up to the state of anti-matter. But there is so much more to this wonderful force, this great gift of Creator brought here by the Mushaba people. It was called out of the Pool of Original Force by the one known throughout creation as the Grandmaster of the Mushaba Force, That person is Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba. This is why he is the chief representative of the Mushaba Force and The Mushaba People. His family of Mushaba power of Five have all come to lead the awakening and teaching of the Mushaba Force on earth, same as they did on Maldek as well as others. It has nothing to do with touting who he is, for he is a humble man who loves the people of earth, and made a promise that this time you will do it right and you will do it with grace! This is where the rubber meets the road. Meaning that this is where the truth meets its destiny. The will of truth will be and is being carried out to its destined happening on earth by the former souls of Maldek now called earthlings. The will of truth has spoken. In this communication from the will of truth, the energy has been set in motion and the movement toward original truth has begun in a way that cannot be stopped or denied. Watch your world from henceforth. See the call to truth become more powerful and see the truth begin to be shed on all that has and is taking place within your governments of the world, your corporate structures, and within society as a whole.


We leave you here because our purpose has been served. “The Will of Truth” has begun its return. We hope that we left you with much to contemplate for that is in purpose. We never intended to give you all the answers, only some, and to stimulate you into action, and into thought. 

Truth allows you to live your own expression of individuality while at the same time, being connected to all that is in oneness.


Remember this:


“The person who exists and lives as truth and love wields a power that is incredibly strong and enormously expansive. This person holds the ability to transform their own reality, situations, experiences and life itself. The power of the Mushaba Force within you with simply the awareness of it, can change reality!”


In Truth, Love and Mushaba Blessings,

With you, we are all one!