The Awakening It has Begun



                                                  Mushaba Center


                                  The Mushaba Platinum Light


The Council                                                                                 May, 22, 2011


Today, we in the spiritual dimensions would like to address you as masters in your own right. We come forward to share with you our observations of what is transpiring in your world. It has been difficult for many of you to understand all the various changing energies and happenings in your earth, air, fire and water. However, it would serve you well to realize that what is occurring upon your planetís surface is a natural expression of earthís ascension and transformation. It is necessary in order to relieve itself of all the negativity and all the concrete, tar and all the unnatural conditions that is covering the earth and smothering her ability to breath in her natural state. The devas and nature spirits donít like it, and therefore have all but disappeared from the earth. Mankindís total disregard for nature has caused a great imbalance upon the earth which is being rectified through the various convulsions throughout your world. The earth herself have been tolerating your presence upon her surface for a very long time, as you know time, however, she has asked Creator to be relieved of her excess weight and negativity to lighten her load of all of the factors that brought about and is bringing about the various earth changes you are seeing upon your earth. This includes the uprising in various countries where the people have been smothered with the heaviness of suppression and control over their lives. These types of conditions cannot remain on the earth for they caused a great imbalance to her atmosphere.  

In THE minds of many people it seems as though nothing is really getting any better because all you are hearing in your media are negative happenings everywhere. This is by design in order to keep you in fear and hopelessness and to drive the fire for change out of you. However, that cannot happen because this time of evolvement will not allow it. Each person has the opportunity to be the master, the god in their own right and bring about the total changes that is in process of occurring upon your earth world.  You wonder about when will the galactic beings step forward and reveal themselves to the people. As you know that is and has been happening in many places upon your earth however, your news media has kept this a great secret from mainstream society. This cannot last much longer because of the internet and the people that are actually seeing this take place are growing in numbers and the media will have to address it. If they do not they will lose millions of viewers to another upcoming source that is in the works for some time now. You will find that their will be an independent news network that will be coming forward soon that will report the truth and all the good and inspiring news that is being overlooked.

Let not what the world media shows you discourage you from your resolve to change the world for the better.  All these changes will soon be very evident in your lives for the months ahead up to December 2012 will be full of revelations and spot light shining on many hidden issues and, lies and deceits. We ask you to be patient and hold your rush to judgment of the galactic federation, the good that is being accomplished in the world and the President of the United States, Barack Obama who is one of us. I say this because you are not privy as to the truth of what is really taking place behind the scenes. Therefore, you could not possibly know what is happening, what Obama or the rest mentioned are doing on your behalf. Donít let appearances distract you. If you knew what your president was dealing with you would probably shrink in fear many of you and the others would send out tons of great love and compassion for a man such as him for what he is facing on a daily basis as well as his wife and children on behalf of the people everywhere. He must keep certain appearances and they are being harshly judged. There is no right or wrong in what he is doing but what it is, is a means to the end of what must be done. I know this is difficult for many to get and understand but he is acting out of love for the people and under instructions from the beings of high. He is no fool and no bodyís puppet. Once he finds himself in a position to where he will be able to speak openly without threat to his life and the lives of his wife and children, you will be amazed and have your minds blown at what truth he brings forward Will he do that as President or not is the deciding issue here. Understand that there are great plans at work and they change accordingly to the changing circumstances. He may do it as president or he may do it as a private citizen who had access to some of the most hidden secrets in history. It is enough to turn your hair gray in a moment of hearing it.

Activity in the inner earth has increased and is getting even more intense as they the people of the inner earth prepare to make themselves known to the surface dwellers; the surface dwellers being you the human beings. There is an entire world of people and animals and plants and all that you can imagine in pristine conditions and purity waiting to be brought forward to the surface for the use of all mankind. Remember that they too once were on the surface before going to inner earth. The earth is hollow unlike the lies taught you in your educational facilities. The inner earth beings are made up of several races of being and one of the oldest being the original beings that came here from Planet Mushaba. There are others and all will be revealed in a short time ahead. They have amazing technologies that would clean the entire earthís atmosphere and waterways in no time. They have no disease and will bring information for your use that would eradicate any illness that exists on the planetís surface at this time. There is a man right now born in the inner earth but raised by surface dwellers, that is bringing much information forward about the Hollow Earth as he calls it, all being the same thing inner or hollow. This manís name is Billy Faye. He/she is an androgynous being.

In closing, we would like to offer this bit of information. Please for your own sake and peace of mind, send love and support to your president as well as all that is taking place on your planet. You see, as you move into the Christ Consciousness, you will begin to see things in a different light and you will not be so quick to rush to judgment but to see that all is in divine order even the things that appear to be tragic. You will be able to see the end results and not the limited view that is only in front of you. We wish to address one last thing. There are many new and inspiring methods of health and healing that are coming forward and getting recognition. All this is a part of your empowerment. Taking a supplement of high caliber and spiritual frequency is empowering you to make a choice to use them or not to enhance your total health and perfection of body. Why are you taking various products and getting healing sessions? The answer is really simple. Your bodies need assistance to un do all the damage that has been done since your DNA was tampered with causing illness, old age and death. When your body get strong enough then you will be able to use other methods to bring yourselves into perfection. Take advantage of what is coming forth as rightful assistance to you. Use those that are working on a cellular, magnetic, electrical level of your being. There are such things available because these people are being guided from on high. Taking and using these products is no more than choosing to eat any particular kind of food. You can eat regular grown food, organic grown food, or any kind of food you desire. This is no different for talking certain products for your health, You eat for your heath, you take herbals for your health why not take certain products for your health or get some healing work done. You are in no way giving up your power but making wise choices in your power to take action and do something about your situation. Or you could sit there and get no belter. Donít act like King or Queen until you are sitting on the throne. In other words donít sit thinking that I will simply think myself to health. If you were in your true self that would not be an issue, you would be able to instantaneous think of what you desire and there it is. However you are not there yet even though it is in you. Your systems have been weakened badly and gravely by the foods, the pollutions and the negativity. So be aware and make wise choices concerning your health issues and donít suffer for the sake of what you think is giving away your power. You having dependence of something or someone else with no responsibility on your part is another story. But making decisions wisely is a part of your empowerment. Sometimes you may have to decide to bring the best of all worlds together for your benefit as in energetic/spiritual healings, natural products, and herbals, and the medical profession. There is a great deal of good within the medical profession. You have to look around you and see what would serve your needs. That is you being empowered to seek assistance when you are not strong enough, or knowledgeable enough or just donít know how to bring yourself into total perfection of being. Donít live in fear of making choices because you are afraid that you are giving away your power. There will be technologies and many things made available to you soon, and will you use them, or feel you are giving away your power?

We are your brothers and sisters, and we are you, in what you call the future!