ďSpeak to the very life within, and it will hear you, it will respond!

Mushaba Center For Freedom & Empowerment

For A Limited Time Only!


  Mushaba Center is offering for a very limited Time only, spiritual guidance in the form of various kinds of readings!

We are in the throes of a major spiritual shift that will send earth into a level of involvement that has been late in coming to humanity. We as humanity has been the victim in the past of interferences from highly evolved beings however, that is just that, the past! WE are living in a new vibration that fully supports our rise to where we should have been if not for the interferences. Our bodies in totality meaning the cells, dna, blood, tissues all of it is in the mood of being receptive to the higher vibrations of evolvement. The reason that we are offering these sessions at this time is because we are on the cusp of a major event that will usher in the changes that we have been working towards for a very, very long time. Sometimes we need to be inspired, sometimes we need to have a push, a nudge in the right direction or to empower us to see and to know and to make the decision that serves our greatest intentions of evolvement. Itís time for humanity to fully awaken and consciously join the total galactic community and all that it involves. These sessions we are offering is that nudge and at times we all need it. It actually empowers you not take away from you. It is a means of support for you. We are only going to offer these for a limited time because this is something that we do not usually offer in general as a part of our services, yet we are feeling the call and the need that must be fulfilled at this time.


Listed are the various sessions (readings) we are offering for a limited time:

Universal Life Reading:


This reading will cover many areas from who you are in the galactic realms, where you are from what was your job, mission or duties in the galactic realm, why you decided to come to earth and want that mission or reason involves. It will cover why you are here now in this particular lifetime and what you are here to accomplish and some advice on how to do just that. Any other information that may be pertinent to your evolvement and mission now will be covered.

Infant Readings for your child


This reading will cover who your child is and why they came to earth at this time. What their mission or reason is and why you were chosen as the parents for this particular child.

Womb of Life Reading:


This reading addresses your child in the womb. We get from the child a message to its parents and what it wants from both parents while it is still in the womb of the mother. We will just allow the spirit and soul of that child to speak whatever it has to say. Sometimes there are certain things that the spirit and soul wants and many times as a parent you may get the urge or feeling to do something particular or unusual and we many times do not follow it because it may be out of the norm. So to hear from the soul and spirit of that child what it wants is very helpful.

The Raw Truth Reading:


This reading is not for everyone because it will address the truth in plain raw terms. Nothing will be sugar coated. It will allow you to face the raw truth as to your life, what happened, what was off or why certain things didnít take place. You must be at a place mentally and emotionally to be able to accept this kind of reading. It may address your failures and why, your success and why, people in your life you may need to remove, or people that has been a block to you that you are not able to see. It may speak of changes that you may need to consider that could be difficult or not. So we suggest anyone interested really give this thought before taking on this reading. The reason we are offering this for a very limited time is because we feel that being given the raw truth and not beating around the bush is very important to the growth and evolvement of many people. This is what some of us need, to just be straight no matter what. This doesnít mean that it will just be a painful reading; in fact, it could be very healing and freeing in so many ways. Just go into open and ready!