Open Letter                                                    November 17, 2010




Barack Obama- President of the United States of America

Eric Holden- Attorney General of the United States of America

Janet Napolitano-. Homeland Security Secretary

John Pistole- TSA administrator

Members- The United States Senate

Members- The United States Congress



Good Day! Or is it a good day? I need to ask a question that has been on the minds of many Americans for a very long time. The question is simple:



The American people would love to know what all of you have to say in answer to that question. America and its leadership for the past many years have failed the people of America miserably. You have systematically and through the use of lies, deceit and fear mongering, taken away our freedoms and rights. You have taken our rights and made them privileges. You have taken the power away from the people and you have kept the people in fear and darkness.


This will end! It is already in the throes in falling apart. The people of America have had enough. We have had enough of your unrestricted control and power over us. We have had enough of your dictating to us what is and what is not. We have had enough of you passing laws that we not only had no say-so in the matter, we didnít even know that they were created or being created until after the fact. You should be charged with a felony crime as well as enemy combatants of the People of the United States of America for what you have done and are doing. You can even be charged with one of your favorite injustices heaped upon the American people and that is accessory after the fact.


Many of you know that what has been done is wrong and you have knowledge of it after the fact so therefore if you do not come forward and do anything about it to make it right for the sake of the people, then you are just as guilty as the one that did it. Isnít that the law that you made against the people? Isnít it time that you too be subjected to the exact same laws as the people? How is it that we the people went to sleep and allowed you to run amuck with our company? You work for us the people, and you are in position to do our bidding and what we ask of you, not the other way around! We have had enough of you manipulating and controlling us through fear. What you are doing is acts of terrorism against the American people. The recent laws concerning air travel has just gotten way out of control and it is flatly outright wrong! It is an indecent law that goes against the grain of the America society and it is a psychological danger and detriment to people especially young children. It will cause more harm than it will do good. It is not doing any good for anyone. You say it is for the safety of the people, well I say that you just told one of the biggest lies in history! Answer this question that is on the minds of many people:


Why is it that the American people have to give up their rights, freedoms, and privacy and allow themselves to be subjected to indecent searches, in the name of safety and security? Why is it that the people of America have to suffer because of what someone from another country did?

We have had enough of using that excuse of ďwe are doing it for your safety BS! We are tired and have had far enough of you using fear and safety as a way to control and manipulate. You have become masters at using fear against the people to get what you want. Unfortunately, there are far too many Americans that have become scared stiff and scared into silence and simply just go along with the program. They just parrot what is being said by the heads of these agencies, ďOh I feel safer, and it is for our own good to protect us against terrorist.Ē How brainwashed can we get!


It is time to wake up and understand that it is never alright or a good thing to give up your rights, freedoms and privacy to feel safe. Never! Ever!

We the people need to call for this to stop. We need to put an end to what the TSA is doing. We are in control and they canít tell us what to do. Remember we tell them what to do or fire their butts. We can demand what we want to change. We are not in any way supposed to be in fear of our government, or our law enforcement agencies. They work for us and we are the boss! Donít be afraid to let them know that. If anybody is going to fear then it should our government and law enforcement agencies fearing the people. On behalf of all awakened Americans, I call for the disbanding of the Department of Homeland Security. I call for the revamping of the TSA and the firing of those in charge. Donít let these people tell you that they are there for your security and safety. Stop buying into that lie. They have used this for thousands of years and it still works. How can anyone still allow this aged old trick to safety alive? Let us be the ones to stop it and do it now!


I love my freedoms, my rights and my privacy more than words can convey. How about you? I also feel that each individual state should address this with the Federal Government and stop them from operating against the will of the people. Stop them from harassing your state citizens. Stop them from invading peopleís privacy, taking away our rights, and freedoms under the banner of fear as they use this as a way to manipulate us and steal our rights and privacy under the color of law.  They are wrong and breaking every thing that is sanctified and holy by using doing what they do under the authority and color of law. We will change all of that. We the people have had enough and there will be no more laws, fines, fees, charges or anything agreed upon and passed without the full disclosure to the people and the peopleís vote to make it so. This ends now!


America; let the elected officials know that either they do the will of the people in full disclosure or they will be fired. We wonít wait until Election Day to do it. We will call a special election to deal with these people that are working against our best interest. There are far too many of them and we the people are the only ones that can stop it cold! Letís band together and create a peopleís movement against all the tyranny of our government and law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement is out of control and under the color of law they do a great deal of wrong against the people. This too will end!

So I ask everyone that agrees with what I have stated here to pass this on and get it all across America and to the attention of everyone on the top line of this letter! Let we the people hold each one of them accountable for their actions. Be fearless and together we can peacefully, with power, stop anything and everything that we as the people donít like. We have the power of the Mushaba Force on our side!


Thank You and Blessings!


Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba