The MUshaba Force in Today's Issues

This is not a political article, any more than anything else that is featured here is anything that is separate from any other part of life. It is part of the MUshaba energy that is prevalent on our planet and within us right now.

A big MUshaba Hello to all of you! Anakhanda  MUshaba asked me if I felt anything about the possibility of Barack Obama being elected this year. Almost before I finished reading his questions I was getting this information. I think this is more evidence of how times are changing and the MUshaba Force is becoming more prominent in our lives. I wondered about sharing this with you, and I 'got' a big Yes, so here is what I wrote as I was receiving it.

"Oh boy, before I could even finish reading this I was getting that he would love to have this chance to bring forth what he knows and that he doesn't even know half of what he 'knows'. His time will come and it may be when he is twenty years from now. Half of what he knows the world is not ready for and therefore he will not know that half more until the world is ready. He somehow knows this but doesn't know how to express that.

 That is why in that film I saw of him and someone else at an event where they were playing the national anthem he didn't salute or sing along. He knew it was false, and he didn't want to participate. He knew that he knew the real song, and he was singing it on a level that he didn't even comprehend. He was singing it out to the world, and he knew on a level that he didn't access that the world could hear him on a level that the world did not consciously hear.

 I feel very emotional about this right now. It is as if I can see him standing before the world some day and professing his love and honor for humanity. He will be a ruler of the people who says that he is not their ruler they are his. He will also come out and tell the world that he is of the MUshaba Race and that the energy that they have come to love is that same energy that birthed them."

In our discussion group, one of the members expressed in reference to the article about main dig with Barack Obama is his flip flopping on Iraq and saying (and he said this in a speech) that 'he' would go in and bomb Palestine - I think in answer to something about AlQuida being there..

That is what I got in reference to that:

I do not follow politics so much as some, only on the periphery. I got the words and feelings as I was reading what you said about Obama saying he would go in and bomb Palestine. That this is left over from his old days from when he was involved in those energies in other lifetimes. We are all experiencing these throwbacks to other lifetimes and clearing out what is still there.
To many of us it may seem as if it has relevance to today, and that is where our ability to discern our own stuff comes in. There are many in the political, and in all scenes of life who are undergoing this. It is up to all of us to be able to see what is real for now and what has been and no longer is.

I feel that Obama is going through this right now, and that many of those who are involved in the political scene now were at one time or another joined at the hip, so to speak, and are undertaking the run-through of the old times as it relates to this time. I am also seeing that this all relates to the end times on Maldek and that we have indeed come beyond that time and are experiencing the memories of the times that so devastated our souls.

We are now clearing out those old memories and living the results of that. Very soon we will be able to discern for ourselves what is today, and what is yesterday. We will be able to see what is pertinent to now and what we are learning to change from the times of the other planet, the other identities, the falling of the angels who we are, and see beyond the once tragic destiny to the new unlimited lifestream that we are living now. Obama is one of us and he is an example of what we are and will continue to experience in the times to come.

In conversation the other day, it was obvious to me that our idea of Armageddon was based on our 'other Armageddon'. it was so ingrained in us that we saw it to be our destiny. That is why Kryon and all of the other masters, angels, Christed energies are here with us to assist us not only to go beyond that old destiny, but to rewrite that which we knew to have been at the pivotal time in our existence.

We are indeed re-writing our destiny with the Grace of the Source Creator, God of all. And that is why we are learning of our heritage with the MUshaba Force, for it was the very energy that propelled us into our new scenario here on earth. We are from the stars and the stars of home are based in the MUshaba Force

We came here with the express co-operation of the MUshaba Force and with the union of the MUshaba Race. We are all based in the energies of the MUshaba Race and we are examples of the love and creative Force of that love beginning. Why do you suppose we feel so blessed with new beginnings at this time? It is because the MUshaba Force has come at this juncture of our lives to usher us into our new beginnings and into the Isle of Man that is purported to be the beginning place for the new beginnings of man, born in the element of love and freedom that is within us all.

My dear friends, this all just came to me as I was sitting here sharing what came about Obama earlier. I learn as do others; that is why I love being a part of all of you. We are One, and that is grand to me.