Hi Dear Friends,

This message is in response to another message that came my way from someone who was relaying it to me. It concerned Barack Obama and his candidacy for president of the united States of America. Below you will see what came forth as I was responding to Anakhanda and Elizabeth about that other message. What came from my higher self is in italics.

I feel that this message below is not reflecting what the actual truth is. I feel that there is a pack mentality that is in effect here. You know how it when a pack comes into a new thing. They surround it and see what it means to them; there is a message here for them. It is one of trial and error and when they finally get the message of what this new thing in their midst is they then make their move.

I feel that this move will be to see that there is a benefit from this man for them. There will be a time when Obama will feel a new energy come forth from within and he will not be able, nor desire to abate it. It will be the walkin energy that is spoken of in the message and yet it will be something that has been awaiting the opportunity to walkin and be heard, for it will be a renewal of what he has not till then known was there all along, though he knew there was something that he was not tapping into till that time. We know what that energy I; it is the MUshaba Force.

There will be a trigger that will awaken this energy in him. Yes it will be as a walkin, yet it will be from his own higher self that will walkin and be heard as it is expressed. This country has been ordained to be the jumping off place from which to bring a new way of being on this planet for it was on this continent that it was begun. It was on the very ground from which the ordination of the colonies was founded. On the very spot which was first found by the white man.

Yes it was on the ground now known as Virginia and it was the place that will give the impetus to give forth the final call to battle and the sharing of the digression of the few who have come to save the land and to find the promise that is in place for the enlivement of the species of man to their own inherent nature, and then the saving of the planet and the promise of humanity for the rest of eternity.

MUshaba Greetings to you all!