Information From Mushaba and Porda (Papa Mushaba) on the GCR/RV, with addition from Hatonn, through Nancy Tate


Mushaba+Hatonn, Feb 20, 14  

Anakhanda Mushaba: I was sitting thinking about the RV and how no matter what happens, no matter how promising it seems to be that any second it could happen, that second never seems to arrive. I was tuning into my father both of them in fact. What I mean is my earth father Wali- Papa Mushaba and my ET Father, the being Mushaba. So I asked the question.

Anakhanda: Hi Father, What do you have to say about the GCR/RV?

I received what I felt to be a answer from them both speaking as one.

Mushaba's: You and many others in the world have been hearing a great deal of information concerning this worldwide event. It seems as though there is something that has been blocking the energetics of it actually happening. It is this energy, this net if you will, of energy that has been in a sense thrown over the actual energy of release holding it in check. It is allowed to go so far then it is pulled back like a rubber band being stretched so far and then snaps back at the last moment.

What people can do is to see or imagine this energy as a rubber band stretching itself outwardly toward its freedom and when it gets to the very end where it will seem to snap back, see it popping or the rubber band breaking, and the energy flying forward beyond the speed of light. We will actually work with it right now from our end and all those that receive this message can simply send their energetic support. We will remove this net of energy that will then allow for the stretching to reach its destination of its breaking point for that is what it has been trying to do for the last few weeks. Once this is done it should be ready to complete itself on the next attempt to do so.

I could explain a lot further but it involves the energy of those that combined to form the net to keep it from the people. However, that isn't necessary to speak of. Let's keep the focus on the task at hand. Let the release happen!

Loving Prosperity Blessings!

Nancy: Anakhanda sent the above to me, and right away I felt that someone had something to say about it. I wrote him back saying to him, “What you received from Porda and Mushaba sounded right on to me. I have asked Hatonn, or any other being if they have anything to add, and they are saying right now, "There is nothing else that can be said about it for it is that in a nutshell. Take it literally and you will see how it works. Crack the nutshell that is holding the jewel in and you will see a new awakening come forth."

I then asked why the semblance and association with a nutshell, and they said, "It is a matter of seeing everything with a grain of semblance. Once a nutshell is weakened with fluid it is more easily cracked. It also has that elasticity that keeps it from creating any semblance of destruction. It literally comes apart without chaos."

I share this with all of you for your understanding of what they say is taking place and what you can do about it. It is one thing to have answers to a question, and it is another thing to understand what kind of energy is involved.