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04-06-12: Update-Mushaba Movement 12 Sets of 12




Mushaba Greetings Everyone! (Greetings of freedom and emopowerment)


Here are some more additional suggestions for the Sunday Movement Event!

The night before the event (Saturday night) or for those who will listen to the recording, the night before you listen, prior to going to bed, take your Mushaba Force Symbol and look at in take it in fully. Then take your personal crystal that you charged on the symbol and hold it on your third eye area and close your eyes for a moment. Then open them and look at the symbol again and take it all in. Close your eyes again for a moment. The finally look at the symbol once again and then focus on the explosion in the center. Know that this means for you that you are in the process of exploding into enlightenment!


You can then take the crystal off your third eye. Then hold your left hand on the symbol and your right hand on your heart. Say in your own words that you desire to be taken through a Mushaba portal and have an experience that is important to you and your growth and that you intend to awaken with full recall. Then go to sleep.

Now I ask that when you awaken, take note of any feelings, thoughts, or dreams you remember and write them down asap because many times they fade very quickly. Whether you remember or not, each one of you will be taken through the Mushaba portal to experience something that will be of importance to you!

Anyone who wishes too, please share it with us if you feel to do so.


Now for those that will not actually be on the call on Sunday April 08th but will listen to it later; Know that as I said before, you will get the full benefit as if you were on the actual live call. Nothing will be left out. The call will be time set so you will have a few days to listen to the call and do the activation before it is released out into the universe for manifestation and creation!


As to anyoneís personal intention, it can be 1 or a number of intentions that you want accomplished. However, stream line them. What I mean is if you have a series of health issues instead of naming each one simply intend for perfect health. If you have a series of bills donít name each one just simply intend for abundance and prosperity. See what I mean?


Okay this is it for now and I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!

Mushaba Love and Blessings!

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

And the Mushaba Power of Five


04-15-12: Update-Mushaba Movement 12 Sets of 12                                  

Anakhanda: Mushaba Greetings Hebechaia!

What is taking place in the world since the Mushaba Movement performed the activation on April 08, 2012?

Hebechaia; What is and has taken place is that the frequency of mother earth has risen to a higher degree. This includes every part of mother earth and all of its kingdoms including the human kingdom. Watch as the situation in Syria finds its end and the present situation is replaced with one that will be more for the people. This is a scenario that will take place around the world with governments. It has lessened many greater earth changes in various places on earth as well. The activation of the Mushaba Portals and Crystals around the world is slowly building, creating a great resonance that is establishing the frequencies of freedom and empowerment. It is saturating the very air that you breathe. It is saturating the land and water masses around the globe. It is emanating those frequencies from the core of the earth out to the universe. It is speaking a new language to all of creation. It has also accelerated the seeds of peace in them growing and coming into full fruition that was activated in the Ukraine by the Mushaba Aborigines tribe from Africa. It has caused the Mushaba Force that is within everything on earth and the universe to begin to awaken and this awakening will allow everyone and everything to evolve at an even greater pace because mother earth is moving forward at greater speeds than before. She decided that itís time to move fully into the next level and cannot wait any longer. This activation has hastened everything on earth and everyone on earth to match her acceleration.

The activation will give many people that have information that need to come forward but have been in fear to do so, they will begin to come forward and the information will be nothing short of mind blowing. The people in general will have a difficult time believing what is being exposed. The Media is also experiencing a change where the energies will support those in the media that wishes to bring forward more truth reporting without fear of retaliation by their employers. It will give those that are within the politics greater courage and less fear to stand up for the people and begin to challenge the unjust laws against the people. They will work to have all the people of your governments to be held accountable under the exact laws that are held against the people.  No immunity from the laws that the people have to abide by. They will have to abide by the same laws. This will bring about a swift action in striking down these unjust laws.

The Mushaba energies are building and it is preparing to send a shock wave of deep and abiding love around the globe that will cause an awakening among many people as well as opening the heart flow of many people. It will also inspire people in general to do better, to pay attention, and to accept and have the courage to make change for the betterment of self and all of earth.  However, it will also bring great unrest to those who are negatively inclined and are resisting the heart opening and changes. They will find themselves shaken greatly and they will either accept the energies of the loving force or they will move off planet to places that will suit their vibration. Move off planet by mostly succumbing to the energies of death mostly by heart failure or brain aneurysms. It will be seen as a natural occurrence of heart failure because the love is being resisted and the heart cannot withstand the resistance of the love forces of all life. The heart was never made to emit and accept anything other than love. The very process of the heart filtering and pumping life blood is an act of love! Blood purifies when it enters the heart so any energy that is not love that is moving through your body and it reaches the heart, it goes in willing to be transformed into love. If it is resisted and the energy is being blocked through negatively include attitudes, thoughts and energies, it cause the heart to malfunction which interprets as heart failure.

The brain is also very inclined to accept the vibration of love. When the love energy flows into the heart, it also flows into the brain. It nourishes your brain stem and the electrical impulses of the brain. Its very process of being able to use the electrical impulses is an act of love by the brain. When these electrical impulses are thrown out of harmony and negative charges are being sent to it through the negative thought forces and energies that comes from the heart resistance to it, the brain electrical system malfunctions and the brain shuts down just for a  moment and in the body it causes instant death. So having the deep and abiding of the Mushaba Force is a beautiful thing and a wondrous glory to behold!

This is just the beginning of many greater changes that will result. You all will be called upon again to group together and bring specific changes to the world for the betterment of all human kind, and all of nature.

Now as to each of you,

It is very important to understand that this activation has and will cause for some of you many varying affects. Some will bring up old issues that need to be released and has been a hold back to you for long enough. Some of it will bring what appears to be having to deal with various issues that seem to suddenly arise. They were there, just not brought to light and they will be brought to light so that they can be seen for what they are and acted upon accordingly. They will cause great inner growth and opening to take place as the Mushaba Force within builds and become powerful and loving at the deepest depths of your being. It will bring and is bringing great change into your lives. Remember to look at this as a clearing or a releasing so that you will not be caught up in the drama or emotion of what is taking place so this way you can clearly see what it may be and what your next step is to handle it in the best of manners for a positive outcome on your behalf.

Your life is in the flow of becoming greater and more fulfilling than ever before! It will bring a greater peace and a greater knowing to each of you. It will assist in bringing your personal desires that you intended to come in fruition. However, it is vital that you do not go into doubt because of what may be transpiring in your lives. It is many times, very necessary to clear something before something else can manifest in your life. Donít let the doubt and misgivings throw you out of the Mushaba energy vortex of creation and manifestation that was created by going through the activation ceremony. If you stand firm and hold in mind that which you intended for your personal service, it will manifest. You can look at it as a healing crisis where it seems and appears to get worse before it gets better bringing healing and well-being. Some of you may have a very different experience and things that you have been wanting will begin to manifest in your life seemingly without effort. It will reach this point for each one of you.

Remember that you are just in the beginning stages of all of this. There is so much more to come. It hasnít reach its full potential and it is freshly out the gate so to speak.  You can perform the activation again if you so desire. There will be other activations coming that will be paramount to your freedom and empowerment and your creation, magic and manifestation. The Mushaba Symbol can be used for anything you can imagine as long as it is in integrity. The personal crystal can be used right along with it to carry your purpose within its crystal make up to full manifestation. The other upcoming activation that will be offered to those that feel called to participate, after this energy has reached a certain level, and its moving very fast toward that, we will be offering activations using the symbols of Freedom From Within, Spiritual Opening, The New Light, and the Light Being. They each carry a quality that is awesome and a part of what will catapult you into your true self.

Where does true freedom start? From Within! So many people have been asking for and intended true opening to the potentials of Spirit. The spiritual opening symbol addresses that. The New Light is where every single thing is going toward in its evolvement. Everyone will eventually become a Platinum Being. This is what is called the New Light! It will not be dark light, gray light, or light light; it will be a combination and perfect blending of them all becoming Platinum Light!

The light being symbol activation will be a blast of bliss to the light beings! They will come out and be more open and more involved since their very moment of creation! It will be a response that will shake the heavens! They will be of great and profound delight to you as one or more decides that they want to work with you, opening possibilities that you cannot imagine!

Do not in any way diminish the great and profound love and power that you generated by doing the activation of the 12 sets of 12! You have gotten the attention of all of creation! All of the galactic civilization has turned toward you and what you have done! What you have set in motion is huge and powerful and life changing and earth changing! You will soon see results that cannot be disputed not only in the world, but in your personal lives as well!

Now remember what we have said before; if you havenít taken part in this and done the activation of the 12 sets of 12, you can still perform the ceremony and get the same results as everyone else! It was designed that way because some people will find out about it after it has been done and will want to have been part of it. They still can at any time even if it is a year from now! So continue to share and spread the word. The more of humanity that do the activation the more power it lends to the whole.

Anakhanda: Thank you Hebechaia for such a detailed answer!

 Hebechaia: It has been my joy! Mushaba Blessings to you all!