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03-30-12: Update-Mushaba Movement 12 Sets of 12



Greetings and Love of Life Everlasting!


The Mushaba Movement will officially launch on Sunday April 08, 2012. The Launch will take place on our bi-weekly tele-conference call. It will be held Sunday April o8, 2012 at 10am Pacific time and 1 Pm Eastern Time. The energy of the activation will be initiated in a Time Set Mode. What this means is that the energy that is generated by all of us on the call that day will be held in reserve until all the people around that will be a part of this movement have the opportunity to listen to the call recording and go through the activation. Anyone that listens to the call will get the exact 100% energy as if they were on the live call! Once everyone that is either on the call or listened to the call is done, then the energy will be released as if every single person involved worldwide just did the activation at that moment! So no one will be left out of this. Also too, the Movement will be ongoing and we encourage people to continue to join the movement. People who join later will add to the energy making it even more powerful and effective toward instant change on our planet and in each of our personal lives. We want to increase and work toward involving millions of people worldwide to make this the most potent, most powerful, most magical and profound movement of change to ever happen in the history of not only earth but in the history of the universe! It is important to realize that this is something that has been ordained by Creator Force and was planned many, many millennia ago.  I wish to share with you what Horus brought forward through Nancy Tate who holds the bi-weekly Family Gatherings in Mt. Shasta. This gathering is also available as a conference call. The family gatherings are well connected to the Mushaba Movements because they both are united in purpose and will provide direction, guidance and information for both the Gathering and the Movement. Anyone interested in joining the family gathering calls go to:


The Mushaba Movement


Nancy: Please give me some information that is pertinent to the Mushaba Movements.


ďI am Horus and I will tell you that in the course of these movements it will be a time of reflection and a time of seeing what is ahead. With the two perspectives it will be a matter of seeing the advances that are taking place and what it means for the people on earth at this time. When this is in place there will be a transcription in everyoneís minds as to how it evolves in their lives. It will be a movement that will prove to be enlightening and at the same time, humbling.


As the times go on and the movements become more and more intense, there will be a new way of living in the moment. It will be as if there is already the result of the moment and that it is a matter of being true to it, or seeing that it does not fit the moment in which you are standing. That is how the creation is established and that is what deems it to be magic in many peopleís eyes.

As the movement continues and grows it will bring forth a good many changes in people lives. It will show them how they can more readily create their lives by being in a constant of intent for what is not only best for them, but for all life on earth. It is a matter of being able to see into what is perceived to be the future. I say perceived to be, because it will become apparent at some point that there is no past and no future; it is all now and it is changeable in the flicker of an eye, and the moment of another thought.


This is what is going to come about through the combination of the messages from the Family Gatherings, and from the energy that is set in place from the movements. It is a matter of one providing an insight and the other being an instrument for the intent of the receiver of the information, with their own interpretation of it. Realize that with oneís interpretation, anotherís could be different, and if there is interaction between the two people then the outcome could be created as altogether unique and perfect. That brings about the joy and love in a harmonic blending. Each will realize their own power and how beautifully it blends with anotherís in that pure state of love for one another and the intent for the perfection that will be created in the moment. It will also be realized that the oneness is in place in the divinity of The SourceĒ.


What is transpiring and will continue to transpire with this movement will be nothing short of magical and miraculous! Know that we as humanity will be stepping totally into our full freedom and empowerment. That is what Mushaba Means at its core FREEDOM and EMPOWERMENT!

What we as a oneness of purpose will accomplish will be history changing! It will be written about within the books of life for all to see the power that can be generated when people come together in truth, love and integrity for a purpose that serves all of creation. Since this movement began, not only have we reached the first 12 sets of 12, we are now registering the second 12 sets of 12! We have also had many, many of our galactic family joining us to lend their full support to the movement. They do it with much excitement and great joy! They understand what we are about to accomplish on earth. It will affect the heavens!


I have had a very personal experience with the Goddess Energy and we took a beautiful journey into the core of the central spiritual sun and also into the core of the central spiritual moon. I reconnected with beings in both places as well as other aspects of myself. The beings in the sun and the moon will be participating in the movement with all of us. They will assist in anchoring the Mushaba Force in alignment with the sun and moon energies.


The Goddess Energy


When you speak of the sun itís not the physical sun that you would think about that creates the warmth on the earth. When you are speaking about the individuals on the sun it felt like to us it was the spiritual central sun. And if you go into the sun itself as in linking with it, merging with it that will take you into a direct line to the soul of the sun or the soul of consciousness around the sun. And that to us feels like that is where these individuals are coming from. And it feels like this first essence that came into us feels like an androgynous type of energy. We donít really feel much one way or the other, male or female. As you feel this connection, as you feel this alignment, we have a sense of seeing that individual as, he is becoming more, he is taking on more of a physical male energy. He wants to be in part more in direct balance with you or direct alignment with you. He turns to the side and with his left arm he is moving his left arm out like you see someone and he says ďhere look at what I got to show you.


And what we see behind him is a group of people and there are easily as much as a hundred people that are here. They donít look to you like regular people but heís taken on a human form because that makes it easier. But as you link with these people or as you see them, you may see them as spots of light; itís like little flames that are flickering. Some of them will have sort of physical form but most of them are here in just pure energy. And so as we speak with him and heís introducing you heís showing you that there is this group of people that are here as representatives of the universe and they are coming to you through the central spiritual sun.


We have a sense that what he is doing is that heís opening up this alignment, opening up this channel to be able to link, to be able to see, to be able to understand. And as this is happening what heís communicating to you is much of what is going to be happening. This is strengthening this link so that what we see you doing then is when you go back and you are in meditation or your working with these energies you now have something conscious in your mind that you can relate to or that you can be in alignment with.


And we see you sitting as a group in a circle, that which is of the inner earth, that which is of the hollow earth, as you spoke, and this is of the central spiritual sun and it feels like there are more pieces to this puzzle that are coming to you. He is saying now let us shift to the energies of the moon. He is coming with us and as you know the sun is so often an indication of the male, the masculine energies and the moon is representative of the feminine energies. So what heís doing is heís taking us now as if you are looking at that physical moon, that moon that reflects the energy of the earth and that you can see the earth. As you stand here in front of it we will walk and we walk in and we merge with the moon and as we come into the moon, we begin to feel the energy. There is a lot of energy and this feels different to you so what we are doing is we are clearing out your energy and helping to create a greater alignment. And as you come into the essence of the moon, as you come into this space, we invite you to be open to the Goddess of Creation. Not only is the Goddess here but she has with her a number of other energies that are in the alignment of this aspect that you are working with. This is a beautiful Divine feminine energy. So we see you as a triangle now. We see you as the earth bound human; we see this masculine essence from the central spiritual sun, and from the central spiritual moon, we see this feminine aspect coming together.


And what this is doing is this is creating this triangle thatís going to create this deep foundation for all of you and this is what is really going to anchor these energies that are coming into the earth. And we feel that there is now this flow of energy thatís going through the triangle. What she is now showing you as you are deeper into this alignment is there is this golden light around the energy of all these flickering souls we saw before, now there is this pure white light of pure love consciousness and again you see the essences of that group of people/energies here. So what this is doing is that itís showing you two source people that are aspects of yourself that are in deep alignment with you that are coming together and each one represents the many energies. And they are going to be the stream of consciousness that comes through them and you can work through them to access all these many others or even some that is not yet available to us.


We invite you to have a sense of bringing them with you or taking them with you. So we see you in this place with them and what you are doing is all of you are walking and that essence of the moon is doing something with her hands. Itís like sheís creating a sacred geometry and in this geometry is going to be a means of anchoring these energies. And so as this happens we see more so more of the anchoring within and around you, and creating this foundation in which you will work. And now when you tap into it and reach out to that Mushaba Energy you have been speaking about, and that force that is coming into the earth, see now if it isnít a little bit more anchored, a little more balanced of if there is not somewhat of a difference with it.  

Now we have a sense of then that they turned into this flame and it felt like they just kind of took a step back as if to say okay, they have done what they needed to do for now and that they are there whenever you need to reach for them or ask for them.


End of Part 1


04-01-12, Update-Mushaba Movement 12 Sets of 12



Greetings and Love of Life Everlasting!


The Mushaba Movement activation that begins on Sunday April 08, 2012 was purposely set to begin on that day. You in your world call it Easter. On that day there is more love and more harmony on the planet than at any other time of the year. There is more compassion being displayed as well. Anakhanda did not set the date, we did! He wasnít even aware it was Easter until someone told him about it! We wanted to be sure that he didnít have it in his awareness because he would have chosen a different date for many material reasons. However, it wasnít meant to be. It was our choice not only because of what we stated above, but also because this is the day that represents the man you know as Jesus that carried the light of the Christ Force within him in a most powerful way He carried divine, unconditional love and he carried no ill will or judgment toward another. He understood the power of the energy of forgiveness and he lived his life always representing the truth and integrity of all life. This is the dominant energy in the world during that day! This energy along with the presence of the Christ Force  will be powerful that day and will flow and intermingle with the Mushaba Force of Divine Love and Oneness and sink into the earth, air, fire, water and the heavens as well as every single living thing on earth! It is as with anything that has been created. The recipes for anything are inter-elated and each ingredient is as important to the finished product as the other. The Christed Energy is the ingredient that brings the elevated aspect to anything. It allows it to rise with the Light and express in a way that brings the other ingredients into a perfect blend. 


With the Mushaba Force, the Christ brings a harmonic that speaks to the creativity to rise, rather than lay in wait. It gives it the voice to express in the ways that are inherent within of the Word. It is the Light that enables all the others to see their part in the coming together of the intended result. If you look at the Mushaba symbol, you will see that it is about empowerment and freedom. By being in the presence of it, it helps one to be empowered and find their way to freedom. The symbol is your portal and will allow you to do dimensional travel into any time period of what is called past or future.


Crystals connected to the earth and water


Every one of us were asked to lay our three crystals on the Mushaba Symbol overnight in order to charge and infuse them with the geometry of the Mushaba Force, the Mushaba Light, and the Mushaba Light Fire! The crystal that you placed in the water is now carrying the activation energy necessary to begin to open, raise and activate the various Mushaba Crystals and portals in the oceans of the world according to their readiness. That same crystal also caries your personal soul essences within it and this makes a more deeper and more powerful connection for you to the waters of the world everywhere! You can connect with the water beings anywhere on earth and you can bring in communication from the waters of the world. Water is a transmitter and you all heard that before. The message and sacred geometry of the Mushaba Symbol is carried within the crystal and it speaks to every body of water in the world. It is in the process of setting up the energetic grid of the water as it forms the sacred geometry of the Mushaba Force symbol.

The message of freedom and empowerment is being spread to every shore in the world! Then once it reaches every sore worldwide, it will then be carried from the shore onto every piece of land of earth by the crystals that you placed within the earth. It also carries the same as explained above. These crystals are in the process of setting up the energetic grid of the earth as it forms the sacred geometry of the Mushaba Force symbol. The message of freedom and empowerment is being spread to every land mass, every country in the world!


The next thing that takes place is that once the Mushaba Symbol is formed in the grids of the earth and water, it then when activated by the launching of the worldwide movement, it will explode as the explosion in the middle of the symbol, it will explode outwardly to all of the universe until it reaches every piece of heaven bridging heaven and earth as one in divine love and purpose. Every extraterrestrial civilization in this universe will be affected. The Mushaba Masters have been broadcasting the Mushaba Frequencies to all four corners of creation for a very, very long time This will now free them up so that can move forward into their next step in what they are destined to do. All of this service with the crystals will be guided and directed by the Crystal Knights of Creation!


For each of us that day we will do something profound for our personal selves as well. Not only do we get the opportunity to bring into manifest form what we personally desire, we also will be given a gift of sorts of activating the plans of our origins. The body contains the plan of our origins.  How can this be brought forward into awareness using the Mushaba Force?


(A)     Invoke this activation, speak it, and see it. The symbol that will assist this process is the Mushaba symbol and they will visualize it going into the body, down the spine, going from the crown through the spine into the heart chakra.


There are two colors of the Mushaba Force; there is the Sparkling Midnight Black and Soft Pink with Brilliant Spirals of Purple.


The black is used to carry the spiral which is the energy and the pink represents the Female which is the softness.

The black represents the Male which carries the energy. The midnight black is best for creating along with the pink and it must be surrounded by the pink.


The pink with purple spirals are best used in making a person whole. This is done by going into the core of your being.


You must think about how when you have a fruit, you have the outer skin and you have the inner seed, or kernel, which is the fruit in essence. It is the kernel inside the seed where the wholeness is. The outside is just part of it.


ďThe Mushaba Force is a Divine Force and its only purpose is that Love be brought forth and that it prevails and be guarded, guided and secured for the world. The

 Mushaba Force works at the level of power using love on any level. It is basically saying that love is the power behind the Mushaba force and using that force, you can work on any level that you need to. The Mushaba Force is the power behind it all, the power that motivates, that feeds, that empowers all to be.Ē


  Mushaba Blessings!

I am Archangel Metatron


More about the sacred geometry within the Mushaba Force Symbol


Mushaba: It is difficult to break it down in your terms. But knowing the desire and intent of your question I will say the symbol shows those who observe it that, that which they need is contained within themselves, does it not? That is the key to the symbol. That is the alchemy of the symbol, the combination of All That Is. It sums up the many things such as the one that you really are here to satisfy is within the self and realizing that you are the All That Is.


The explosion represents the tremendous energy inside of everyone. It is the awareness of everything that is contained within you. At the moment of that realization that you indeed are the All That Is, you explode into enlightenment.


The circles within the symbol represent everything coming back into itself.


The ellipticals or atoms within the symbol are showing that when you go around the circle faster it takes that shape, the energy in other words. The higher energies and vibrations start to morph, which is the ultimate material of transformation.


All of the words contained within the symbol are there to act as activation codes within the individual themselves. It is like plugging in a combination to receive the energy.


(Q)  What is Sparking Midnight Black used for?

(A)  Empowerment, Creation, Healing, and Manifesting.


(Q)  Soft Pink with Brilliant Spirals of Purple is used for?

 (A)  Freedom, Healing, and Creating.


And finally on the day of activation we will have not only many light beings from the light beings realm of existence present, we will also have some of the many Mushaba Light Beings from the Mushaba Planet.



The Mushaba Light Beings?

(A)  These are the ones who come to assist in the enlightenment, healing and helping of people. The Mushaba light beings come at a time when they can move quickly from Mushaba to earth and back. They can come and be among the people and they are helpers and they can be seen. Sometimes they let you see them. They are all around and particularly where there are a lot of people. They help, letís say, when you step off a curve and a car is coming and you suddenly step back in time, this is because of the light beings.


(Q)  How to connect consciously with the Mushaba light beings?

(A)  You would have to focus energy on them that you want to see them. Use the Mushaba force by bringing it in through the crown chakra, throughout your body and out the big toe. While this is happening, focus your intent on seeing one of them and they will appear in front of you.


There will be one further update before the event on Sunday April 8th, 2012!


This update will probably contain some particular suggestion for each one of us to prepare for the event. In the meantime everyone is to think and decide on what is it that you will intend to manifest as your personal desire.


Mushaba Blessings and Love!

Anakhanda Shaka MUshaba