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03-11-12: Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

Greetings Everyone!

The call is going out for a worldwide participation in Selfless and self Service! The Mushaba Council of 12 Masters is calling people together from around the world to participate in this monumental event!

There is to be a Minimum of 12 sets of 12 =144 people each on the Surface, in the Inner Earth, in the Hollow Earth! This will be facilitated by:

On the Surface: Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba and the Mushaba Family,

In the Inner Earth: Adama

In the Hollow Earth: Hebechaia.

The approx. 80,000 Mushaba Beings that are living in the Hollow Earth will be participating. This is something that they have been waiting for and the time is now here! It is to take place on all three levels with at least 12 sets of 12 or more. The number 3 represents the energy of completion.

The sun of our earth will be interfaced with the Mushaba symbol as it shines and rain down its rays upon the earth. The beings that live in the Sun will be participating in this as well. The rays from the sun will not only saturate the entire planet but will also affect all within the planet. The sun will emit an energy blended with the Mushaba Force that has never been available before! The only tool you will need is a Mushaba Symbol!

This powerful ceremony will have 2 Primary objectives.

Selfless Service- Love to Mother Earth, all upon it and all that is within, which includes the central sun within the Hollow earth, and its inhabitants, and the inner Earth and its inhabitants. It is to activate the Mushaba Force even more powerfully throughout the earth, exploding the energy of freedom and empowerment to all people. It is a complement to what the Aborigines Tribe from Africa did when they activated the seeds of peace. This freedom and empowerment will include everything that it takes to allow this to happen from the physical, mental, and spiritual and all that it entails.

Self Service- Personal – This is your opportunity to give service to yourself, and love to yourself by celebrating, creating and manifesting whatever it is that you desire for your life! You can include personal issues, health, finance, jobs, relationships, spiritual growth and opening etc.

Everyone from across the world can participate and join in the ceremony! All you have to do is to listen to the call if you are not able to be on the call. The same exact energy that is activated on that call will be activated when you listen to it. The ceremony and all involved with it will be time-set to activate at a particular time. This way when it does, it will be as if everyone across the globe activated and did the ceremony at the exact same time! So no one will be left out! The full details will be explained on day of event!

If you don’t already have a Mushaba Symbol you can purchase one at: . Look for button that says Symbols, and click on Symbols. All prices include shipping within the USA. All international orders please add $12.00 for shipping due to the different cost for the intentional shipping.


3-13-12: Update on Mushaba Movement 12 sets of 12

Greetings to everyone that has been inquiring about the special Mushaba Movement called 12 sets of 12 that is in the process of forming; the date is yet to be announced. There have been some questions that were forwarded to me from Nancy Tate due to the mention of this movement in her wonderful Wake Up Call Message today March 12, 2011 from Horus of the Inner Earth. I have also received some direct questions sent to my e-mail. In an effort to satisfy all the questions, I am sending out a general update which will address every question received thus far. In the future, if there are any further questions, please contact me directly at

I am not charging for participation in this event. However, there is a cost for the symbol and I would like to share the reason below in an answer to an inquiry concerning it.

“The answer to this is that my family and I am doing this event as a gift of love and not putting any charges on the event in any way. I could have asked for an offering to participate for this is how I make my living. I have been doing free tele-conferencing for the last 3 months at no charge to all participants where I usually charge $20.00. When I ask those beings involved in this project about participation fees, it was suggested that I simply ask for a fee for the symbol which would allow me to recoup my cost for packaging and shipping and the printing of the symbol as well as my time and travel to and from the post Office. Also too, of great importance, “a special ceremony is performed on each symbol ordered to add an additional energetic imprint that is not a normal part of the symbol. This imprint will include energies from the Inner and Hollow earth as well as the Beings within the Sun of our world.”  So there is a great deal of time and effort being put into this for everyone's benefits. I am not even breaking even on the cost that is being asked for the symbol. I hope this helps you understand a little better why there is a fee. Remember in my original message it was said:

“The sun of our earth will be interfaced with the Mushaba symbol as it shines and rains down its rays upon the earth.”

As to which symbol to purchase, It is the one that says Mushaba Force Symbol that has ellipticals and is blue, purple, platinum and black. Until my webmaster fixes the problem, it may say “out of stock” however, this symbol is always in stock and available. So please ignore that message until we get it fixed soon.

Each person that is participating should have their own symbol to work with. These symbols are laminated, printed symbols and are they are 8x10 in size. They are not pendants, pins or buttons. However, that will be coming in the future.

As to who is Hebechaia? He is a Mushaba Master that is working not only in the Hollow earth but also throughout the Universe. He also represents the 80,000 Mushaba People living in the Hollow Earth.

Taken from Nancy Tate’s Family Gathering on 03/08/2012

“Hebechaia is working between the planet and out there as you say. He is an ambassador from the Galactic Federation who has been for some time working between not just the Inner Earth, but also frequently into the Hollow Earth, and bringing that resonance of complete communication between all. He is working with various star-beings and other planetary beings that are out there in residence waiting to see how this all goes. It's something they can learn from, and for many of them and for many others it is something they can be in reverence of, they can hold an energy for. There is so much going on out there and in here that in many instances has not been seen before or experienced and it is a glorious source of learning for many of the beautiful family out there in the universe. Hebechia has played many roles in doing this. He has been a traveler of the whole universe and he has even been out into various other layers of universes, of other universes that have sprung forth from this one. He right now is in residence, I speak of today, residence on a ship with the Galactic Federation and, as soon as this coming solar flare does what it is destined to do, he will return into the Inner Earth. He will assess what has taken place. He will go into the Hollow Earth and he will also assess any affect it may have had there. Then he will report back out to all those that he is part of.”

I include the explanation of the Mushaba Symbol/Logo. In additional to what is here, the special ceremony that will be performed for the coming movement, will add another depth and several additional layers of energetic imprints to the symbol.

“It is difficult to break it down in your terms. But knowing the desire and intent of your question I will say the Symbol shows those who observe it  that, that which they need is contained within themselves, does it not? That is the key to the Symbol. That is the alchemy of the Symbol, the combination of All That Is. It sums up the many things such as the one that you really are here to satisfy is within the Self and realizing that you are the All That Is.

The Mushaba Symbol shows, teaches and embodies the awareness that all that anyone needs is already contained within them so therefore does not need to look outside for it or to other sources outside of self. The symbol unlocks the key to this knowledge for it is the key to total mastery of self. The alchemy of the symbol just by holding it, just by looking at it, begins to open you up to this knowing. Within the symbol is the knowledge of the All That Is. This makes the symbol very unique and very amazingly powerful in its potential to transform. We are not here to satisfy God or Goddess or anyone. We are here to truly satisfy ourselves which is the All That Is.

The explosion within the symbol represents the tremendous Energy inside of everyone. It is the awareness of everything that is contained within you. At the moment of that realization, that you indeed are the All That Is you explode into Enlightenment. This is a powerful opening and an enlightenment of this manner is something that if experienced would allow you to be the All That Is in flesh expressing it in full force according to what the physical body can allow through with ease and grace. The circles within the Symbol represent everything coming back into itself. This is the same as everything coming full circle. You go out and experience and return back to the source from whence you come.

The ellipticals or atoms within the circle are showing that when you go around the circle faster it takes that shape, the Energy in other words. The higher energies and vibrations start to morph which is the ultimate material of transformation. This is what allows you to transform into who you are.

So basically the Mushaba Symbol represents the different Energies that are in the Mushaba Force. What’s in the rings is what represents the Energies. There are 3 rings that represent the 3 major components of the Mushaba Force which are freedom, empowerment and vitality. The explosion means power and the ring around it contain the power and it is directed power. The elliptical represents the fundamental nature of this force which as stated is the freedom, empowerment and the vitality.” 


03-15-12 Mushaba Movement Update


From Anakhanda

Greetings Everyone, just a quick update!


We are well headed toward the filling of all positions needed for the 12 sets of 12! People are responding from all around the Globe. It appears that we will not only reach the needed number but will surpass it! The more the better!


There will be some information sent to everyone that each of you will be able to follow prior to the event itself. This will be a worldwide preparation by all participants. There will be given some suggestions and some preparatory information to help ensure that we are all ready for this magnificently powerful movement to be launched. It will have a worldwide effect on everything, not only on the earth, but also in the earth, as well as out into the universe itself.


Since the first announcement of this event, there have been more galactic beings and groups coming forward to join in. (More on this in next update) They realize the power of what we will be doing and they know that it will affect all of the second universe as well as its sub universes.


By the way, we have been having technical issues with the ordering process using credit cards on the Mushaba Store online. We are currently having technicians look into the issue. In the meantime if you want to make an order. Do so by doing I of 2 things,


1.     Go directly to and click on Send Money and use the e-mail address to send payment or;


2.      E-mail me asking me to send you a money request; I will then email you from Paypal asking for the amount of money involved which makes the process so easy and you can easily use credit cards. Either choice you make, please state what you are ordering so I will know the amount of the money request or what the payment is for.


Many Thanks and Blessings!


I now bring you additional info from Nancy Tate.


I have been advised from Horus that I am going to be involved in the Mushaba Movements through the bi-monthly Family Gatherings I am having here in Mount Shasta. There will be information that will come through me, as well as through Anakhanda for an ongoing series of Mushaba Movements. They will have influence on various episodes of earth changes that will be forthcoming in the times to come leading to the ascension.


As earth and all life on and within come closer to ascension there will be many different influences that will be of benefit to the process. They will require action by those who choose to participate from the surface, as well as from Inner and Hollow Earth. Through the Family Gatherings and the episodes of the Mushaba Movement these changes will be activated and assisted to the intended results. This will be an ongoing thing over the next few months. The ones who have chosen to take part will be asked to be in readiness when the notices are sent out for more Movements. It will be revealed when the time comes as to what they are aimed for.


 03-17-12 The Mushaba Movement Update


The spiritual Forces of Light is calling this the Mushaba Movement, and the 12 sets of 12 is just the beginning of how powerful this will become. People from around the world are joining in, and in a short time every country and every person on earth will be represented in this movement. Also too, not only will the people be represented but so also will the animal kingdom, the nature kingdom, and in fact all the kingdoms will have a part to play in all of this. With that being said, I have some additional information to update you on. I have the first set of instructions of preparation for the launching of the Movement.

Everyone is being asked to get 3 crystals of your choice. It doesn’t have to be any particular type, color, size, or cost; only what calls to you. It can already be in your collection. As soon as you receive the symbol you are to place the crystals on it for overnight. The energy of what this is going to accomplish will be started right away. Put the crystals on the symbol and:

1.      Ask the Ascended Being Mushaba who also is what is termed a Creator God to come in and bless the crystals with the Mushaba Force Frequencies.

2.     Ask the Ascended Being Hebechaia who represents the Hollow Earth to bless the crystals with the energy of the Hollow Earth.

3.     Ask the Ascended Being Adama from Telos under Mt. Shasta who represents the Inner Earth to bless the crystals with the energy of the inner earth.

4.     Ask the Ascended Beings from within the Sun of our world to bless the crystals with the energy of the sun’s core, which is something very special.

5.     Call upon the Crystal Knights and ask them to bless the crystals for they are the creators and keepers of all of the crystals in creation.

(Also know that there will be many other beings from Mushaba, the Hollow Earth, The Inner Earth and the Sun working along with each of the above representatives)

As of the next day, you can carry these crystals with you wherever you go. It will have an effect on all of the area and energetics of the area and it will also cause certain other crystals buried deep beneath the earth surface to interface and connect with your crystal boosting the power and potency of both your crystal and those within the earth. Choose one of the three crystals to keep for yourself. Then at any point you feel the guidance to do so, place the other two crystals in these two areas in the following manner:

1.     Bury one in the earth. Keep it with you and whenever you feel the guidance to do so find a spot and bury the crystal in the earth. It can be anywhere. In a park, your yard, side of the freeway etc.

2.     Toss the last crystal into a body of water. Any body of water whether it be an ocean, a lake, a stream, a brook, etc. Now if you are not near any water, then flush it down your toilet! It will find its way to a body of water and end up where it is supposed to be!


There will be further information on this soon that will explain how this connects worldwide into the intricate Mushaba symbol. Any questions, contact Anakhanda at .



03-21-12: Mushaba Movement Update

12 sets of 12


Greetings, I am Hebechaia,

“The Mushaba Movement is forming in a very powerful way. Since the first announcement of the movement on the teleconference call on March 11, 2012, we have had a consistent response from people all over the world wanting to participate. We have already registered 7 sets of the 12 sets needed! We are almost complete with set number 8. After that, 4 more sets of 12 and this wonderful and powerful movement is officially launched simultaneously worldwide! We have also had so many incredible beings from many planets, and dimensions to join in to be a part of this amazing event to lend their full support and their creative energy.

The universe is not only taking notice but so is all of creation itself! This movement is now being decreed by the Creator as a Movement into total freedom and empowerment of the people of Earth! I asked about the crystals that each of us is to have and place in the earth and in the water. What I was told and shown is that with all the crystals being placed in the various places in the earth and water worldwide, as well as the people that will be holding on to a crystal, if you were able to look down at the earth from space and see the pattern that these crystals and the we the people are making, it would look like the Mushaba Force Symbol, the symbol with moving parts infused into the earth grid! It would show an incredible imprint of energy force giving its deep and abiding love to all of earth and heaven!

It will glow with the energy that the symbol represents and it will flow from the earth out into the universe for all to feel and bask in its glory! There are many, many civilizations in the universe that communicates using symbols. Symbols carry an enormously powerful and deep rooted energy that tells a story. It gives a message and it activates many hidden codes and unlocks many mysteries. Even within each and every human being, there are symbols that need to be unlocked and activated. The Mushaba Symbol will unlock and activate some of those symbolic codes contained within the human make-up. This energy that will be shared in oneness with all of the universal force and its inhabitants will assist greatly in increasing the frequency of the New Light! What is this New Light? It is the Platinum Light that has been created into being by the evolvement and the merging of both the light and the dark. This is what the symbol for the New Light Represents. Having the symbol for the New Light increases your potential to step up into becoming a Platinum Being?

In the coming evolvement, there will be no more light, dark, or gray, there will all merge into a oneness and become platinum beings all being in equality of existence. This is where all are headed to, to become Platinum Beings! The Platinum Council inspired this New Light symbol to Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba so that people of earth could connect with this Platinum energy. Some of you may have seen it on his web-store. Look at the dance and the graceful movement of love and oneness intertwined in total order and harmony! All of these symbols and we speak of the symbol for spiritual opening and it does just that, addresses spiritual opening in ways that you may not even understand. The symbol for freedom within does just that, it addresses freedom from within which is the only real true freedom.

The burying of the crystals as well as the crystals thrown into the waters of the world will begin to awaken more of the Mushaba Crystals that have been buried within the earth and the oceans of the world. These crystals were brought here a very long time ago before and while the earth was fully being formed. There is much to share about these crystals as well as the Mushaba Vortexes in various places around the world that will soon be activated. In fact the information about the Mushaba Vortex that is located under Lake Michigan is one of many that are places strategically around the earth.  Anakhanda, at this point insert the channel information that we discussed”.

  I received this information via Nancy Tate’s Channeling concerning the Mushaba Vortex:

“The crystal that is under Lake Michigan was deposited there by the members of the clan of Mushaba developers of the Force here on earth. They found that area to be loaded with potential for the energy of the crystal to warrant the kind of events that would take place there at this time. It has to do with the earth shakings that are to come in the area and what there is that can take place there.

The crystal is a deterrent to a large amount of disruption, and it is going to rise to the surface when the time is right for it to be used in a way that will overcome any disturbance of that area in a way that can be detrimental to Gaia. That area is a powerful place for potential of beings from Inner and Hollow earth coming to the surface, and when the time is right, it will be as a forward movement of the crystal coming to the surface and then followed by the beings who are to introduce themselves to the ones who will still be in that area.

That is the most powerful part of the Great Lakes, and with that power it will delegate the authority of the surrounding area to be exposed to the intervention of the off planet beings who will come and intercede in the restoration of the lakes into the land that will be reappearing and displaying the newness of that area. The promise of the crystalline energy that will be represented in the crystal that will emerge will represent the emergence of other crystals that will come forth to revitalize the land there. All of Illinois and Michigan, as far west as Iowa, south as Indiana, and Ohio and the area north in Canada will be affected the most”.

The Mushaba Movement as mentioned in Nancy’s Wake Up Call message, stated by Horus that:

“Do you see what power you have? Do you see that now you are able to create that which you intend for yourselves and this planet? It is with the power of your love that you bring the energies to the desired outcome. You have the ability to create your world in a way that resounds throughout humanity in a way that speaks of, and moves in the direction of peace and harmony.

I tell you this now as well to introduce to you a movement that is going to take place with the Mushaba Force and the ones who stand in that power to bring about a great intercession with all of life in the universe and here on the planet in relation to the Sun in your solar system and the Central Sun, which is in the center of earth. With this movement will come the unspoken intent of all who are tuned in and have the intent to make a giant leap to the harmony of the planet with the rest of the universe. As the days continue to bring about further increases of activity that serves mankind and all life on earth you will be given more information about this coming movement through Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba. This will be a powerful movement, and the more who tune in and participate, the more powerful will be the result. I bring you this information now in order for you to be on the lookout for the changes that are coming your way. You will be informed of what I speak with the Mushaba movements and the solar flares and the ways that your influence can bring about positive results in the evolvement of this planet and yourselves”.

Now we ask all of you to spread the word of the Mushaba Movement and the movement will grow from hundreds to thousands to millions worldwide! And one last note: There reasoning behind it being a minimum of 144 participants is because that is the number that will break the camel’s back; the camel being the fortitude of negative constipation that still exists in the world in certain pockets of energy.

This information was channeled by Greg Giles:

“The number or mathematical formula of 144 has been spoken of on many occasions by many people throughout time.  The number 144 denotes energy properties of a higher structural frequency. This number is the building block for higher dimensional structure and form, and based upon this number, your new home will be designed and constructed. Much of this universe has been created through mathematical systems, and your world today is no different. Your world today is a product of a lower dimensional mathematical formula, and your experiences here are a direct result of this equation. The mathematical structure of your world is now changing, breaking down and being reconstructed through the use of a greater mathematical formula. The result will be that you will begin to experience higher dimensional states and experiences, and these will be based on the number and its accompanying energies of 144. This is why you are seeing this number often at this time, and seeing and recognizing this number will assist in your restructuring process.

There are many numbers that many of you are beginning to take notice of throughout your awakening, and the number 144 is but one of them. Each number that you are taking notice of possesses a unique frequency and therefore unique essences, characteristics, and powers. Each number has been purposely placed within your individual and collective realities to act as triggering devices to cater to your upliftment, restructuring, and your return to full consciousness. These numbers have been strategically placed to allow a great number of you to see them and reap the greatest benefits of them at this important period in your history. These numbers will assist you, to mold yourselves and your new world to take the shape of what it is you as an individual, and as a collective desire.

These mathematical formulas are ancient and they are sacred, as they are the building blocks of form and structure and can be used to create universes, as well as individual souls. The knowledge of these sacred numbers are possessed by several of your planet's sacred, as well as secret societies, and these numbers can often be found hidden within ancient, and even  modern, archaeological structures. The secrets of these monuments and structures, as well as all the knowledge of these sacred numbers, will be revealed to you in the coming days ahead as there will be no more secrets kept from you and all the knowledge you wish to possess will be made available to you. This is part of the new mathematical structure of your existence. All will be made available to you, and no longer will you suffer at the hands of the limiting qualities of your current mathematical structure. Your new mathematical design will be a home of incredible beauty, freedom and prosperity, and your new bodies will be tools of perfection, enabling you to experience your new creation unencumbered by the limitations and constraints of your current physical vessels”.

We once again ask that the word of the Mushaba Movement be spread to all of humanity and let’s get the final 4 sets of 12 so we can begin this amazing and utterly powerful movement of love for all life in and on the earth and out into all of creation.


Many Blessings of the Movement,

I am Hebechaia,

Blessings from Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

To sign up, simply send an e-mail to with sign up in the subject line. Once we receive this we will send you initial instructions.