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I first found about the Mushaba Force through communication with Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, Grandmaster of the Mushaba Force.  Anakhanda spoke with me sometime after we first communicated and told me the story of how our connection first happened in this lifetime. In Sept, 2007 I was offering a special on the readings that I was doing and sending the news of it out to the list. That same day Anakhanda received an email from another lady’s list, who also was offering readings, and he responded to it. What he did not  know at the time was that his reply to her email came to me as a reply to my posting to my list. Spirit intervened and made his reply to the other lady, instead a reply to my email offering the special on my readings. I had never heard of the Mushaba Force at that time. I realized I might as well just let what comes in the readings, and that is what convinced me it was Spirit working the magic of my awakening to the Mushaba energy. That began the wonderful connection that we have had since then. I had to be ‘reminded’ that I know about the Mushaba energy, because I not only came from the Mushaba energy, but I have purpose in being a source of information about the Mushaba energy. I have since come to realize that this is the new energy that we have been told has recently come in to assist us to our ascension. It is all about empowerment and freedom. We also came to realize in 2013 that the Mushaba Force has evolved to the destined Love Essence of Mushaba. You may go to to read and get acquainted with the Mushaba family and the information they bring to you through their site.

Click here for some Introductory Information on the Mushaba Force and the family who have been bringing it to our attention.


NEW! 03-29-20: Mushaba Platinum Light Message

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01-07-19:Mushaba Center For Freedom & Empowerment is Offering Spiritual Guidance Click Here

 12-06-17: In the past few weeks I have received 5 messages from Anakhanda and have now posted them to the 'tree'. I am sending them out one at a time, to bring you up to date. However, they are all available for you to to go to and read today if you choose. Just click on Anakhanda for the link to each of them.

01-25-17: I have had many responses to the Mushaba Platinum Light message from Porda asking, "What is the RV?" Here is my reply, which can give you info to go online and look further if desired.

The RV stands for currency Revaluation. It is all about the money around the planet being revalued and brought to the assistance of people with movements of helping our planet revive and get to the point where there are no homeless people, plenty of healthy food, etc, for all of humanity. It is also about helping people to realize that there will be a time when money won't be needed, for we will all be restored to our original essence of creating our world from within. Look at it this way; we came to this planet with no need for money, then as we progressed in our journey and the cabal, or dark energy ones, took control with the money, people were convinced that they needed money to survive and have the kind of life they wanted. That is a huge part of what brought the world to the state it is in now. So making the money be something that is no longer hard to get, the idea is to bring so much money to the people that they will find that they don't have to spend so much time bringing it into their lives, and they will be more at ease. That will open the door to a whole new way of thinking, and that is that we can manifest anything that we may need and desire without money. We have that power. First we have to have that realization restored to our knowingness.

09-29-16: Porda Brings More Information to Humanity About What is Happening in These Times

09-18-16: Message From Antikryon about the RV, New Republic, Etc

 08-23-16: New Book, “When World's Collide: The Unwritten Truth of the Black Race” 

 07-31-16: An Update on the Post Regarding the Removal of the Cabal

07-28-16:  Compilation of Information From Bob T, with Messages from Anakhanda, Ohmnipure, Porda, Sophia, and Nancy About the Defeat of the Cabal

 07-21-16: 10-27-14: For those of you who were not familiar with Diaclosities since I began to bring his Wake up Call messages throughout this month, I have compiled all of his messages that I received before, which was from 2002-2005. He began to speak through me again in this month of October 2014. He told me in the Oct 1st message that he is a Mushaba Being. I didn't know about the Mushaba energy until Sept of 2007, as I wrote about above. For the compilation of the earlier messages Click Here . To read the Oct messages Click Here

07-08-14: Elluza, from the Mushaba Energy, also one of the Star Elders, Speaks through Anakhanda Mushaba.

02-21-14: Information From Mushaba and Porda (Papa Mushaba) on the GCR/RV, with addition from Hatonn, through Nancy Tate  

10-22-13: This Morning Papa Mushaba Passed Over Into the Peace and Love That He Was so Ready For. May the Sun and Light of Love Shine Forth on His Family.

From Anakhanda: Greetings to All of my loving extended family that have expressed your love and moral support for Papa Mushaba. The family would like to thank you all so much for your love and moral support and we love you all so dearly. It was wonderful to know that so many cared enough to let us know. This morning at 4:15 AM Papa Mushaba crossed the veil to the higher realms. He is already missed dearly. We are happy that his suffering is over and now the family needs to adjust to life without his presence physically. We always wanted what was best for papa and not be selfish to hold on to him. He made his choice and we honor that choice. He is/was and still is the family elder and backbone. If I can be half the man he is/was I would be blessed!

 04-15-12,Update Mushaba Movement 12 sets of 12 & Espanol Translations. Click Here for Page 2, Page 3

A Series of Free Lectures! "In The Beginning" Tele-Conferences

May 22: From The Council of The Mushaba Platinum Light

Notice: Maldek Clearing Sessions are No Longer Being being Offered

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African Ancestors: The Renewing of Their Strength

 Open Letter from Anakhanda Mushaba: WHAT HAPPENED TO AMERICA?

Listen to 'Mushaba Force' Tele-Transmission/Class Parts 1-3, of September 19, 21+25, 2010

 A Reading of the Will of Truth, a Message From Anakhanda Mushaba & the Mushaba Platinum Light

 Two New Book Releases by Anakhanda Mushaba: "Michael Jackson, Beyond A Man", and "The Book of Mushaba Book 1"

 Picture and Commentary by Nancy of Jazon, the Mushaba name for Jesus the Christ

 Hatonn: Obama Update Feb 17,09 by Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, and Hatonn through Nancy Tate

 Bushwillows Sacred Sanctuary A Fireside Chat by Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, Nancy Tate, Guest, November 1, 2008  To Listen Click Here

 Healing Absolute First Session Begins October 20, 2008

 Nancy Speaks on The Mushaba Force 9-3-08 in Bisbee AZ

 Bushwillows Sacred Sanctuary Presents: 'Maldion- Ruler of the Good Part of the Dark Word', Presented by Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, September 6, 2008


See Below The Following Links Excerpts of Wake up Calls With Mushaba Force Information

MUshaba Concerns and Answers

Barack Obama and His Candidacy, 02-02-08

Into the Wilderness, 01-18-08

Acceptance and Allowance, 01-15-08

The MUshaba Force in Today's Issues

Click Here to Read About the Mushaba Force. Thank You Anakhanda for Supplying us With This Material.


From Wake up Call, Hatonn 03-28-08: My dear ones, today I, Hatonn bring you some more information about the Mushaba Force. I bring you a great deal of love with this information, for I realize it is questionable for many of you, as it is a new concept and a new word that may carry with it some doubt as to it’s authenticity. I am here to assure you that like so many other new concepts there can be a great deal of mind-stretching involved and an even greater amount of acceptance within the heart. Once that is accomplished, then you will find the information not only fitting but familiar as well.

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From Wake up Call, Hatonn 03-04-08: My dear ones, there is something brewing in the skies that will bring unprecedented happenings to planet earth. These things are events of such magnitude that they will mark the beginning of the new way of being on earth in a way that will affect the rest of the solar system, and very soon thereafter, the rest of the galaxy and the universe. I speak of the Mushaba Force, and all that it entails for this second universe that you we live in.

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From Wake up Call, Hatonn 02-05-08: How this translates for all of you is that within each of you there is an energy that gives forth signals that are constantly talking to you, repeating on a simultaneous level the truths of each moment from which you go forth in life and experience the very expression for which you are destined. You are given the signals constantly for the movements that you make and this is fueled by the very essence of the Mushaba Force.

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From Wake up Call, Hatonn 01-17-08: Never in the history of your souls have you ever amounted this plane of vibration. You are now operating in a frequency that is destined for absoluteness. You are in a resonance with the indigenous peoples with whom I have been in contact in Bolivia and you are in a frequency where you are able to comprehend and utilize the vibration of the MUshaba force. You can see the light of the platinum ray and you recognize it as Home. Beyond that ray is the culmination of all of the rays, and that is the First Universal Home from which you sprung.

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From Wake up Call, St. Germain 01-01-08: What is the energy that is assisting you to this? Some of you have already heard this name. For those of you who haven’t, I introduce you to the MUshaba Force. It is a Force that has been with you throughout. It was with you on Maldek; it was kept in promise for you to carry on in its energy of freedom and empowerment, in the creation of itself in your lives. It is here now because you have invited it in to be the movement in your lives to motivate you to the truth in everything.

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From: Wake up Call: Sananda 10-29-07 This Mushaba Force is here to bring you freedom and empowerment. With this force you will be able to more fully bring into your lives that which you know is inherently yours and it will inspire you to the means by which to regain your strength and empowerment. It is the energy that is between each and every molecule in your body. It speaks to your body through your DNA and awakens every strand in your DNA so that it can speak once again to the brilliance with which you can live your lives.

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From: Wake up Call: Avenda 12-03-07 I wish, before I close to talk a moment about the Mushaba Force. This has been introduced to these readers by Sananda; now I as well bring it to your attention. As you know for years the messengers of Light have been talking about a new energy that will be/is infiltrating earth and humanity. They have told you that this energy will be instrumental in assisting you to bring about these changes not only in your world, but in your bodies as well. It is all the same, all connected, one body, one world.

 The Mushaba Force has been identified and presented as the name for that energy, and as you go forth and live in the resultant changes that this new energy helps to bring about, you recognize that it now has a name. The name is a vibration that matches that which is the result of its infiltration. The Mushaba Force is a direct creation of the God/Goddess of Creation. It’s destiny and purpose is to bring about the phase of this plan that has been destined since time began. In fact, this whole universe and all that is a part of it was created for this outplay of existence.

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