MUshaba Concerns and Answers



This message addresses some of the fears that are bound to have arisen since the Mushaba Force has been introduced here on the 'Tree'. I feel there are those who don't know why they may have hesitations, or some little thing that is gnawing at them about the MUshaba Force. I know I had some of them; I even awoke this morning with thoughts about the whole subject, and I knew they were thoughts that I came into the morning with from my dreams/conversations with the Mushaba energies.


I think that one of the things that the Force brings up with us is to address change in our lives, and for many people that is a scary subject. Mushaba advised the other day to approach our changes in a gradual way. I can see why that is wise, for I already can see the way I have been wavering back and forth in the way I look at the changes I feel may be coming in my life. We've seen it in the Mushaba Force discussion group. I see the best way to approach that is one step at a time. I see that with the Mushaba Force; one step at a time to be able to assimilate the changes that it can make in our lives.


The following came from Mushaba and Merlin through Nancy in one of Anakhanda’s private conversation with her. He was asking about the different things that he knew were going to come from the discussion group and the spread of the Mushaba Force information.


Mushaba: Ah my dear ones, we have found the jumping off place and we are feet first into the fray. Is there a time when all the unrest would rise up and be allowed to swallow up the truth for all time? Never has that happened, though some would make it seem as though that were so.


This is the time for all of the messengers to allow that, that will be, will run its course and permeate the airs of ownership as much as it is set free to be what it is. There is no ownership implied here of you dear ones, for we understand what it is that you are concerned with. There is a deep and abiding truth here, and it is that no one owns anything, and also that there is never anything taken from what it is. It is always what it is, and anyone’s idea of what it is can never change what it truly is.


This is why the test is upon you dear ones of the Light, the Platinum Light. You are here to see to the distribution of the information as was dear Elwood and is dear Nancy . Beyond that it is in ownership of all and of none. It is available for all to surmise their truth and relativity to it, and no matter what even the most devout observer can do or say, it will always be subject to another idea of what it is. That is how it has been throughout history through the various stages of the evolvement of man.


This is a time when there will be many who are caught up in the new wave of information. It will be secreted away in time and will be given other meaning than what it is. It will also bring out the brevity of those who know it and live it for what it represents, and they will find that the best way to deal with any adversity surrounding it is to see it as part of the destiny of mankind, for that is what it will be.


Part of your destiny dear ones is to allow it to follow whatever course it will and surrender it to the Creator. There is no part that you will play in it that is better or grander than what you have already brought to it. Now it is for you to continue to live it, and to allow it to influence your lives in the innocence of the first kiss of truth and love.


Merlin: It is most timely to be opening up this subject, for there is a connection with Merlin and MUshaba energy. When I was Merlin I was involved with the MUshaba Force in as much as I was searching for the promise that would bring all of what I knew into the limelight and yet keep it invisible to those who would find themselves in fear of it, in order to keep myself from being compromised.


You may say, how could I have been compromised, and I say to you that there is nothing in this world that would please me more than to see all of humanity aware of what is assured in the MUshaba energy. However, there are certain precautions that one must take in allowing the information to come in to the light of knowledge. That is to bring it all into a pure energy arena and to not compromise the truth in any way that you are aware of. This is paramount, for with the onset of untruth, done in a deliberate or casual manner there comes into the whole idea of MUshaba Energy a lessening of the people's ability to trust that it is truth.


I am not saying that this is not appropriate, what I am saying is that in order for anyone to be able to derive the truth from something, it must be presented in its purity. That will enable people to see it for what it is, and will allow the truth to ring through all that is associated with it.


I allow that there will be occasions of which you will have no control associated with the representation of what the MUshaba Foce is. That is well and good, for that is the nature of anything as powerful as this. When this kind of energy is presented, there are those who will be tempted, or even unconsciously will misrepresent it. This is where your discernment comes in, dear man. You will be able to discern what it is that is compromising the information and will be able to bring it around front and center to the purity of the information. There is a difference between information gathered in sincerity and integrity, and that gathered with an agenda that serves only the one gathering it. I see my good man that you are able to discern the difference, for you are of integrity and as well are a true representative of the MUshaba Force.



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