From Elizabeth of the MUshaba Force Group Discussion

Acceptance and Allowance

We are living in times when the old ways are no longer relevant. Doing things in the old ways continues division and thus the old model of separation continues to emerge.

In these new times of unknown we are being charged with the honour of being creator/s and co-creators of life/our lives and as such a whole new approach is being encouraged.
In these times of unknown, it can be seen as a blur of "I do not know how to do it" OR we can take our place in the sun and be the creators we are and always have been, but in a conscious way knowing that what we choose/do/feel/think/create affects all. Hence the new way charges us too with full responsibility.

Coming from the place of perfection, wholeness, completeness in which we are created, is coming from a place of full ACCEPTANCE of who we already are and always have been...
This is living from the centre of life, God/dess and creating from this "I Am/We Are (already) That I Am/We Are" space...

It is the place of FULL ACCEPTANCE that in being who we are all has been done and that there is in fact nothing more to do except align/realign with this fact.

This realignment is the process of ALLOWANCE of this fact to be so and through the acceptance the allowance of all to be takes place naturally and in accordance with natural/universal/divine law.

This approach to creation is in fact a 180 degree turn of perspective and one's perception becomes that of God/dess and thus one is now fully expressing this state consciously
This allows for any aspect which is out of balance with this divine state to come into line (alignment) in the natural way without having "to do" anything (it already has been done, remember!)

This is the Law of Balance... this is the new process/way of creating... by realization that there is nothing to create in fact except align with what it is/how it is/that which is...and in this realization ( real-eyes-action ) what is required will manifest of the highest order before our eyes....without any "work" on our part except for allowing for it all to be so through acceptance of it all........
This is the truth..this is freedom, this is empowerment, this is divine love, this is God/dess at play...creating infinitely, unlimitedly, naturally, universally....

This not only applies to our individual status of course, but also to the mass consciousness too. I am/We Are One with God/dess for I am/We Are already and always have been God/dess..we just forgot, that's all

The Mushaba energies with the attributes of platinum love, oneness, freedom and empowerment allow for the utilization of all this approach beautifully as we no longer are reliant on anything outside of self. We are the platinum love (blended energies remember of gold (masculine) and silver (feminine) ) and thus oneness in being, fully free and fully empowered.

So drink in the energies, ACCEPT in full (we are fully paid up remember!) who/what we are and ALLOW for all that is ours' to come to us..bring oneself into alignment through the change of one's perspective ..don't be as God/dess, be God/dess.

Think of the consequences of this new focus... no healing required as we are/all is perfect and whole and complete already...peace already is now, love is already now, joy is already now, material need already is now in abundance if that is the focus, and so on... All is NOW...
Focus on what is NOW in the New Day not on what is playing out in our world presently which is the result of the past NOW creation, created from the point of believing we were separate
Time to play joyfully folks, time to rest in the peace that passes all understanding, time to feel from and as the heart of God in full knowingness that all is done, now let's be.... the HU (spirit) MAN BEING we always have been ... DIVINE, GLORIOUS, MAJESTIC, EMPOWERED, COMPASSIONATE, fully expressed, fully manifested.

Accept and allow this to be so in full simplicity of the new reality. This is the Law of Attraction naturally being.

Turn one's perspective around 180 degrees... Be from the perspective of God/dess and now live eternally...manifest from and as the Source that which one already is.

LET IT (accept and allow it to) BE

Mushaba Love and Blessings

My (Nancy's) Response

Dear, wise Elizabeth and all of you, as I began to read your initial message, I made certain to focus on what you were saying, for I wanted to be able to take it all in. Before I got very far into it, I realized that I was not focusing, and so I went back a couple times before I realized that I knew on another level what you were saying and that it was absolutely true on a level that I hadn't been aware of before.

I then realized that what you were saying was exactly what I and I'm sure we have all done throughout our lives. In our moments of innocence, our moments of pure doing, we have been living our truth and manifesting in that truth. We didn't try to do it, we did it through a process that involved pleasure, passion, dedication to making it happen because we didn't question it. We didn't listen to others who might have persuaded us differently. We came from our place of innocence in truth, and we did so much from that place.

That is the secret, as if there is one, to do it from our own innocence of being. To do what we do without the outside influence that can talk us out of the purity of it. Now we are getting to that place with new awareness. We are finding that we are coming from a place that we have known; it's just that we have not known that we know.

I look back on my life and what I have accomplished, and without dissecting it and going through the step by step process I know that is why I have accomplished what I have accomplished. I remember sitting at my mother's desk in her real estate office one day back in the 80s and for who knows how long immersing myself in the drawings of how I would design the new kitchen that my husband and I would build into our new log house.

I didn't think of how long I was taking to do it; I was fully involved and loving it. I was in my creation mode. The phone didn't ring and no one came in. It was my world of my making, and anything other than what I was immersed in did not exist. I had no thoughts of interruption, or that I shouldn't be doing this. It was purity of being that I was involved in.

We do that; we bend and create time, or no time, in that way. We find our niche and we create all essences of it, from time, to creation of the passioned response. Where our mind takes us and then where our hearts and souls take over is where the power is. That is where the so-called miracles happen. That is where we are fully who we are.
Think of that for a moment next time you engage in something that you enjoy, and in the next moment forget it and just BE it. Knowing that we have that power is what can propel us into that which we desire and intend. That is one way in which we activate the MUshaba Force within us. It is there awaiting our stimulation. We sit taller; we focus our intent. Our bodies become straighter and our stance more in tune with the opening of the communication of the Force and the Divine Source. We become the Oneness in perfection of creation.

Think of how powerfully we do that in our lives, no matter whether it is when we are engaged in something we love, or something we don't like. If we give it that energy of focus that is powerful enough to create, that is what we do. That is where our allowance of what is comes in to play. To be aware of what is in our focus is vital as to whether we choose to be in acceptance, or to be in allowance of the different energy of the focus. It is all in accordance with being in tune with how we feel as we are focused. Allow the good feeling and change the not so good feeling. It is that simple.