Into the Wilderness


In response to an article that Elizabeth and Anakhanda had on the MUshaba Force discussion group I include below my thoughts on it. They had noticed that the discussions, while for the first several weeks had been many and enthusiastic, had slowed down to almost none in the last few days. Their thoughts about this were that this is the time for pulling in and absorbing all of this new information. Here is an excerpt from Elizabeth’s article: one dear loving soul here today equated it to Jesus going into the "wilderness" to be alone at such times. I totally agreed with that observation. Read below my response to their words.


I agree with both of you, Elizabeth and Anakhanda. Well said. What I want to add to it is this; think of this information! It is something that to my knowledge has not been talked of, taught, or referred to by any of the teachings. It is a whole new concept, with a name that has not been seen or heard by most people.

How can there not be a hesitation, a strong call for discernment when it is referred to, or included in a message from me or anyone else? I certainly understand, for I too had to go slowly and with discernment when Anakhanda himself first brought it into my awareness.

Some people may ask, how can something that has never been spoken of in any of the ancient teachings be of the Light of truth? I say that now, this is the time when it is vital that we are able to access our inner knowing in a way that is pure, and without the relevance that comes from former mention. People are being challenged to come directly from their own inner guidance in order to come to a knowing as to the validity of the Mushaba Force.

This is perfect timing, of course! I see that so clearly. Now we are asking of ourselves to be able to seek our wisdom and knowledge from within more than ever. This gives us the perfect avenue by which to do that. We will either say YES this is truth, or we will put it on the shelf for more discernment.

I feel that you are correct in feeling that many in this group are doing just that. They came in strong, and I see that as a soul call, and they now are retreating to the woods for contemplation. I was there myself; I found my tree under which to sit and the moss to lay my body for the silent contemplation of that which was presented to me. I came out writing and doing my work in the name of the MUshaba Force and I have not put it on the shelf. I almost did, and then Sananda gracefully suggested that I take it down for further thought and 'that was all s/he wrote!'

MUshaba Love to you all!