What does it mean when a country/world becomes so divided and so asleep that the people no longer can see that they have not only lost many of their values, they also have lost most of their freedoms? How can these people wake up and open their eyes to the truth of what they have given up? Do we ask them to sit in a chair and then lecture to them of how unaware they have been and how they have to wake up and begin to take back their rights, or do we offer them some truths by example of what has been taken from them, and why that has been allowed to happen?

I say that we offer to them some means by which they can empower themselves and bring back the freedoms which our Creator has endowed upon us. At no other time in the history of planet earth are we in a more powerful position to awaken to the truth and to step into our sovereignty in a way that speaks to the Creator of our Divine intent to walk in the shoes of the Light and Love all of existence, ourselves included. There is no greater way to bring the sanity back into our lives than to see the insanity at our door and render it love.

What we offer here is information that may or may not make sense to you. It can be a catalyst to the forward movement of your lives toward greater freedom than you have known in this lifetime. It can give you an idea of what your parents and grandparents spoke of when they told you of how it was in their day. To think that there was a time when everything on earth was not taxed! Can you imagine a world without driver's licenses, licensing your dogs, registering your vehicles, etc, etc, etc? Remember when the courtrooms were in place to assist the people to a fair trial and that the defendant was considered innocent until proven guilty? Have you ever arrived at an airport a mere twenty minutes before take off, were not harassed by the flight personal, and boarded the plane with a few minutes to spare?

How do you feel about a war that our soldiers are sent to fight, and they don't even know why, what the real reason is. Would you vote for a president who waves a copy of the Constitution of the united States of America to a room full of reporters and announces with disgust, "Oh this? This is just a Goddam piece of paper!" Where on your body do you want the government to inject a microchip?

I could go on and on, but then my idea of bringing you the truth of your empowerment is not to fill your eyes and mind with all of the ways in which you are disempowered. It is to offer to you some ways in which you can take back your power and live in the freedom that results. Yes, you do have the power and ability to do that. Do you realize how much love it takes to turn a person away from a negative idea? It takes as much love as it takes to offer them a positive idea, that is the power of love.

In this section of the 'tree' we offer just that, a positive idea that comes from information that is both spiritual and practical in essence. It is information that can bring you tools with which to regain your rights as a sovereign person and to do so peacefully and with the strength that gets things done. We will offer what you might consider to be an unlikely combination, but you will see that to live in the world and not be of it, incorporating the practical with the Spiritual can be the equation that works for you.

You didn't expect to see information of this kind on a site that has been geared to Spiritual information? I tell you that there can be no separation of Spirit from anything else, because Spirit is everything. Spirit is the life spark of all of existence, therefore there can be no separation, only facets thereof. I feel that from the pure essence of each of these sources of information you will be able to see for yourselves the truth of what I propose to you here. Know the situation; see the example, and go forward in informed movement, empowered with the knowledge that you have the right to be free and live in peace, joy and love for all of your days.

This part of the 'tree' will continue to grow as more material comes in. Enjoy the journey right along with us. Take what resonates and leave the rest. It is your choice, and that is a powerful thing!


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