Diaclosities Wake up Calls, 10/2002 - 10/2014


Morning Wakeup Call Diaclosities, November 21, 2002


It is a fine day to be alive and well on planet earth! Good morning, I am Diaclosities, and I have a message of plenty for you all. There is an upcoming storm of protest over the continuation of the energy of deceit. This protest will likely stir the cries of “enough” to cries of “I will overcome”.

Here in this other reality of the ministrations of your earth, I am pleased to reveal to you the other side of the coin. While you in your reality have still harangued everyone into the belief that there is no sense in even trying to come up against the odds of the overtaking of the power of the many, there are some who have fallen away from that energy and come into the innate reasoning of your ability to grab back your own power. This is recognized here as a walking between the worlds, as one lightworker there would coin a phrase.

We see here that there are small bands of individuals all over the globe that are working in the energy of change; and I am talking big change. This is the kind of change that bespeaks a uniting to us here in this realm. It is a change that tells us that our ministrations are counting here. We have been seeing that there is a diversity among the people in your reality that mimics the energy in our realm. When the similarities become more aligned, then we will find a blending of the two realms will begin.

Due to the similarities, we are in a process of flux ourselves. Due to our innate ability to hold our light, we are not slipping into your energy, as you are slipping into ours. We are finding an increased incidence of the oneness in the energy of love that prevails here. The changes that abound here from this occurrence are subtle. One such change is in the feeling that we have a deeper sense of who we are. This is the result of the blending of the aspects of ourselves in each realm, and a merging of the two perceptions. You see, there is another you here where we live, and there is another us where you are. It is the stronger of the two that will prevail. We are holding the light and living within it in a strong, sure fashion, and you are feeling the results.

When you hear the soft whispers that move you forward in the energy of love and compassion, it is us. When you rejoice in the simplicity of a flower in full bloom, it is us. When the totality of the love for your state of being overwhelms you, and you find tears slipping down your cheeks, it is us calling to you to remember who you are in the fullness of yourself. We look to the time when the unitedness is complete. We are preparing the table before you in the presence of Thine enemy, and declaring the enemy gone. You shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever; and we will be you and we will be whole, and all of creation will sit by our side and rejoice.

So my dears, and myselves, we are preparing for the coming home of the angels, and we are readying the home we reside in for your arrival. It is a grand and glorious garden, and we stir the pot of love and plenty to keep the energy flowing. For this is our hour and this is the day of coming together of the promises we made to each other. All the pieces of ourselves will be in harmony, and the rest of the world will see the scarcity of the other side of the coin. Then they too will remember and come back to home and rejoice along with all of us. It will be sweet, and it will be fair, and we’ll ride the train all together to infinity.

I bid you a fine day in heaven, and accompany you in your dreams of plenty and peace and love for all. Good day and good travels in the realms of the One. I am Diaclosities, and I salute you.


Morning Wakeup Call Diaclosities, November 22, 2002


Good morning, I am Diaclosities, and I bring you a message of truth and daring in the world of the in between. This is a world that is comprised of the often-shattered dreams of you on earth in the reality that you exist in. The often-shattered dreams are the ones that were ill bred in the first place; the ones that bore no fruit of the Spirit, as you might say.

In this world lies the truth of the ages of time and space, for here is the culmination of all the vast array of unwise decisions, according to your perspectives. Here we are again at the world of vagaries. Remember how I’ve told you of the choices you make and how they form your world? Well these are the cast off parts of those choices. Once they are formed and made manifest as a possibility, then they are either chosen as a reality of your perception, or relegated to this world of non-useful choices.

Everything you have intent for, and investigate within your mind has been created in one form or another. When you decide to go a certain way and express in that way, that leaves the other possibilities behind. This is what happens to them, they get relegated to this place.

So what happens from here, from this point, you wonder? I tell you that there is no destruction of this energy. It remains here until there is thought and intent for another manifestation of like energy. Then it is drawn forward by that like energy and changed to another manifestation for choice. There is recycling, on a grand scale. Did you think that recycling is a new concept? It is as ancient as is creation.

There is another point I would like to make while we are sort of on the subject. And that is that there is a whole wide array of manifestations in your realty that gets changed because of other’s perceptions. This happens while they are in your reality; they do not get relegated to another reality. This comes about through the semblance of energies of the host of the intent, and the eventual recipient of the manifested intent. It does not have the opportunity to float around until it gets to the other reality; someone latches on to it and manifests it in their reality. This is called simultaneous reality confirmation in our level. This is another form of recycling, but on a scale that represents the similarities of you humans.

You work together so well at times; that it is almost as though you are one in thought and deed. This represents the soul groups that work closely together, and mimic each other’s thoughts at times. There are times when these events happen on differing sides of the globe. Yet so strong are your soul ties that this sort of co-operative intent can happen, and very often does.

We are seeing that sort of thing taking place right now on your earth. Because of that there are goings on within your species that seem as a mirror to each other. It is so; that is the energy behind the similar activities that are keeping the various energies going. That is the way it has been forever on your planet reality. There is something that can happen when the people as a whole start to manifest not only the original intent that is manifested by choice, but by the manifestation of the cast-off intent energy that is picked up by another and utilized as manifestation. This can be, and is starting to be a simultaneous manifestation. That is, that someone on one side of the globe will make a choice; the other intent energy will be picked up and the original energy that is being manifested will be reflected in the intent of the other person by the manifestation of the intent he puts into it. This is the result of the instant communication of the two people, through the energy grid.

This is how peace can happen on your planet. One person with a strong intent for peace can send that energy through the grid, and someone on the other side of the globe can pick up the discarded intent energy, which may be for less than peace, and recognize the potential of the discarded energy for the peace he feels in his heart. Then he will pick it up and not choose the other intent energy he had been toying with, the other choice he could have made. And on it goes, around the globe, till all of the intent energy is for peace.

This is how it works my brothers and sisters. This is how a peaceful planet is born in the free choice realm. We in this other reality of earth are watching your progress and cheering, for we see that more and more people are manifesting the intent energy for peace. When your reality reaches a certain degree of peaceful manifestation, then our reality will meld with yours, and the oneness will be complete between our two realms.

What a homecoming we will have! You will find a strength that has heretofore been unequaled in the history of the planet. For this is the first time this particular manifestation has come round here. We have the potential to be human beings in our Lightbody status walking around on earth. And it shall be done; and it shall be manifest.

I go now to my seat of watching and cheer you on in your ministrations of the reality choices you make. Remember, for every choice you make, there is a counter-choice. So kiss that leftover choice good by and God speed to another choice of peace.


Morning Wakeup Call Diaclosities, November 29, 2002


There is a time and place for everything, and this is it! Hello, I am Diaclosities, and I am here this morning to wish you a continuing pleasurable holiday in the annals of the passage of the Spirit of the occasion.

I have been observing all of you in your reality, and I have seen the differences come about through the years. First on this holiday there was the interaction between the settlers and the people who were native to the land. Surely you know now how far, yet no distance at all, you have come from that first day. On that day there was a gathering of people who wanted to bring peace to the land and live harmoniously in the tracts that were drawn between the peoples. Then, through the years, this became a time to gather and find the differences between what you have and what you used to not have. This is the theme of the day today. Now is the time when the thanks is for the shortages you have, as compared to what you will be having in the future, and what you once had.

I foresee that in the next few years there will be a different energy to the holiday. There will be an energy of thankfulness for the beauty that is with you at the time. What is the difference, you are saying. I say that the difference lies in the absence of any other time but the present moment. There will be no comparison in the times surrounding the present moment, for that will be the only moment in which you live. This is, of course, within the realm of your perception. It will be as you create it to be. You are headed for a time when you will regard the advent of time in a different way. This will come about through the further evolvement of your realm to the dimension of timelessness.

Your celebrations then will take on a different nature. They will be filled with the glory of the wonders you behold in your lives. They will not center around the commercialism that has proven to be such a valuable tool to the position you are in now. Yes, I see the promotion of buy, buy, buy that so many of you scorn, as a means to an end. It has provided you with a fullness of perception of the potential of the celebration.

What is the energy behind all that shopping and all that intake of food? Is it not to recognize and display the abundance that you wish for yourself? Is it not the example you give to yourselves and each other of the success you have in bringing about a life that is perfect? Does it not represent that you love, and are loved?

We here in the other realm of your existence have already come to the energy that I foresee for you. Oh, you may create a world that looks on the outside different than we live in now, but on the inside you will find that energy of love and abundance that has been with you all along, and bring it forth in the manifestation of the day. You see, there is nothing new under the sun, only the manifestation of the same energy in new form.

So my dears, I wish for you the happiest of holidays and wishes for the abundance that you strive for. It is all within you right now, so what I see is for you to find that, and bring it forward in manifestation. You are on a course that represents that on your world. It is time to look at those things that you consider so despicable and perceive them as gifts you have brought to yourselves, as a whole species, and realize the potential they hold for the other side of the coin. There is a cloud with a silver lining, and it is the very essence of who you are. The cloud is the Spirit that lives within, and it not only has a silver lining, it also has an essence of finest gold. Allow full reign to that cloud, and watch it change form from the being it represents now to the being that is all complete in everything that is possible in the moment and forever, for they are one in the same.

I leave you now on this traditional day of abundance and giving in the love that lives in the hearts of all. Remember the inner truth of the outer perceptions. Know that you are whole in the moment and the thankfulness in constant within your being. That brings the reality of your deepest desire to the manifestation of your destiny.

Blessings to you all!


Morning Wakeup Call: Diaclosities, January 07, 2003


I greet you on this day of days, and I bring to you a story of past recollections and present fantasies. I am Diaclosities, and I welcome you to my energy.

Once there was a queen who ruled her kingdom with an iron hand. She gave out nothing without expecting something in return, two-fold. This caused her to have an upset within her digestive system, so she was continually monitoring her physician for his abilities to administer to her woes.

One day she called him to her bedside and followed her usual routine of complaint. He whereupon declared that she would have to ease her disdain for her people, or she would continue to suffer the consequences. She of course merely grumbled and made her excuses that she was not to blame for the state she was in. In fact, she told the doctor that it was the fault of the people in the land that she was ill.

No one could convince her otherwise, for she listened to no one; no one, that is. Except her little niece, who was a sweet and precocious lass indeed. So the doctor took the lass aside and told her of her aunt’s malaise. He told her that perhaps she could meet with the Queen and talk some sense into her.

The girl summoned the doctor to her side and said, “I would like to help, but what do I know about health?

“You know a great deal, my friend,” the doctor said, “For you are so young and healthy yourself, and so brilliant in the ways to get through to the Queen. Surely you can come up with some wisdom to assist the Queen to the restoration of her well-being.”

Well the lass thought on it a minute, and asked of her inner self what the answer is. You see, she has still of an age when she trusted the word she received from that inner voice. The voice said that the queen must laugh and sing, and that would help her to get well. So the niece went to the aunt’s bedside and started singing a song of love and joy and merriment. She urged the queen to join in if she cared to, but the queen merely turned her head and whispered, “I can’t; I’ve forgotten how.”

The niece then told her aunt a funny story and giggled all the way through it. This would surely give the queen a laugh or two. But alas, the queen merely yawned and turned away once more.

“Do you not find my story amusing?” asked the niece, “I made it up especially for you.”

“You would do better to tell me of the goings on in the village and how the people are treating me with no respect,” Relied the Queen.

The lass sighed with acceptance of the queen’s ways. She would no longer be able to get through to her as long as the queen wasn’t willing to meet her part way. A single tear slid down the girl’s cheek. She wasn’t aware of the fact till the queen reached up and brushed it off with a tender touch.

Oh my, this was out of character for the queen; the lass had never seen the Queen even offer a kind word to anyone, much less a loving gesture. What is the story here? Then she had an inspiration. She rose from her aunt’s side and announced on her way out the door, “I’ll be back in a flash, just wait right there, and you’ll see the surprise I have for you.”

The queen didn’t know what to think of this sudden turn of events. This was the niece she loved and the light in her life; now she is gone and so mysteriously.

Soon the niece was back, and she held her hands behind her back, and sported a huge grin on her face. She idled over to the bed and whispered in the Queen’s ear. “I have something for you, but you have to guess what it is.”

The queen said that she was too tired; why must she play this game to get what she wants.

The lass just giggled and waited for the first guess. She winked at the wall, and then at the bedpost, for her delight in this game was evident to her aunt.

The Queen sighed and gave in to this fancy. “Oh, all right,” she began, “I say it is a rooster!” She gawfed at her guess, for it just flung itself from her as if the rooster itself was trying to get free.

The lass erupted in a torrent of giggles, for so surprised and delighted was she. “Oh no, my sweet aunt; it is not a rooster, but you’re close,” she replied.

“Very well then I shall have another try at it, then!” The aunt was beginning to enjoy this game, despite herself. “I say it is a pair of pajamas!” As soon as the words were out of her mouth there came a loud guffaw from her throat, and she couldn’t help the laughter that followed.

With this turn of events, the niece was delightedly giggling and holding her side from the effort. Surely her aunt would now find the answer, on this her last guess. “One more guess, dear aunt, and it had better be a good one!” she exclaimed as the aunt wiped the tears from her eyes, and composed herself.

“Okay, my dear, this is my last guess, and I’m going to get it right this time.” The queen wrinkled up her face as if in fierce effort, to think of an outlandish answer. Alas none came; she could not muster a word or thought of what it must be. My mind is blank. Why is that, she wondered? I must continue this game, or I will surely die.

“I cannot come up with another!” she wailed to the niece, “Why has that happened to me?”

“Dear aunt, don’t be afraid. Just clear your mind and remember the other two answers, and how they gave you such thrill.” The niece screwed up her face and spurted forth, “Oh that rooster! He was so funny; he just burst forth and gave us such delight! And how about those pajamas, weren’t they adorable with the little flap in the back that let down?”

The aunt remembered and brought to her mind the other two answers and the laughter they brought. With the memory she felt a new giggle come forth, and she wiped at the tears of silliness as they spilled across her face. Soon the two were laughing uproariously, and rolling on the bed together as two schoolmates at a pajama party. The niece managed to utter the words that made a difference and slowed the merriment down for an instant.

“You have one more wish. What is behind my back?”

The queen gasped for breath, and out shot the words, “It has to be an elephant, for an elephant is the only thing that cannot fit in this room!”

Well, let me tell you, those words held magic, for then the door opened and in strode an elephant big as you please. It stood behind the lass’s back and held on to her hands with its trunk.

The queen froze. It can’t be; where did this beast come from? Surely it must be my imagination, for there are no elephants in my kingdom. She uttered the words, “You are not here, for you cannot be. I have declared it so!”

The elephant remained. The lass snuck a look behind her and saw nothing. She wondered at the words her aunt gave forth. “Why do you say there is no elephant behind me? You guessed that there was an elephant, and now you say there is, though it cannot be.”

“My dear miss,” the queen answered, “You cannot see what I see behind you? I an seeing an elephant plain as day. Look again!”

The niece looked and sure enough, this time she saw the elephant, or at least the suggestion of it. “Why is this game turning into real?” she asked her aunt. “Is it that we can create that which we believe in, even if someone else doesn’t quite believe?”

I am seeing what I am seeing, and if you can’t see it, then you must be the daft one, my dear,” offered the queen. “I will rise from my bed now, for I feel ever so much better. In fact I feel so good, I could dance a jig around you while I join you in that song you wanted to sing. I feel like a child again, and I love the way you look and the way I feel.”

She sprang from her bed and offered herself to the lass as she started to sing. The song was sweet and melancholy, and the dance at first was slow and graceful. Then it speeded up, and they danced all over the room. The song was merry, and the movements were gay. The air was filled with the love and the joy that spilled over and into the hall.

Suddenly, the queen stopped in mid twirl and announced, “I don’t see the elephant. Where did he go? I lost the elephant, and I didn’t even name him.”

A voice rang forth from everywhere in the room, and the voice was melodic and pure. This voice came from the corners and the ceiling and the bed where the queen had lain. “I am the voice of the past and the future, and I am here to tell you that you are able to bring forth all that you want and perceive as long as you have lightness in your heart and youth in your countenance. You are the keeper of the treasures of your heart, and if you wanted an elephant, then you shall have it. Then when you wanted the dance and the song, you had that as well. The elephant disappeared for you no longer held it in your thought. You see there is an order to all, and there will come a time when this will be the way of it, if you so choose. There will be instant manifestation, and there will be a return from whence it came when the use is over. You are an example of the wonders that can come from the allowance of the fantasy into reality. Go forth into your kingdom, and find the release to overcome the trials that you set before you. This will bring you not only a lightness of heart and step, but it will release the people in your kingdom to live and work in harmony throughout the rest of your long lives. I leave you now with the promise you bring to your self.” And the voice was gone.

My friends, this tale was a lesson in the future that is coming, and the way you can find it working for you. There is a great deal of comfort that can be derived from thinking and acting in the innocence of a child. We here is this dimension of earth have found that to be a beautiful place of perception.

I leave you now to your thoughts and your fantasies; may they be as productive as the elephants in your lives.


Morning Wakeup Call: Diaclosities, January 14, 2003


Good morning; I am going to tell you a story of a wonderful time in the history of man. I am Diaclosities, and I am telling you a tale of my life in the other dimension of the time you live in now.

There is a king who sits on a throne in the kingdom of Plenty. This kingdom of Plenty is a land where there is no strife and no wars between neighbors and any of the people who live on the earth. There is love and peace between each and every one of the people, and this has been so since time began.

Sounds too good to be true, you say. Well I would tend to agree, if I resided on the level that you are accustomed to. You see, in my realm of consciousness, we live the utopia that all of you in your realm dream of. We live the hopes and dreams of your loves and promises to each other. We are the manifestation of your other world where those beautiful thoughts congregate and live themselves out. We are the realm from which you can draw and realize your fullest joy. Your doing so, does not deplete our energy, for this energy is self-perpetuating.

But, I get away from my story. This king, who lived in the land of Plenty, gave himself a great deal of opportunity to grow in the Light of God. This kept him from seeing the other side of the spectrum, and falling from the Grace in which he thrived. He did not know the other side, therefore did not ever experience it. This was a life of wonder and delight for he never knew shame or discontent. He never found anything to be lacking, for there was always abundance at his feet.

One day he awoke to a different kind of energy. He began to feel a wave of energy that was foreign to him. He could not recognize, nor describe the energy, for he had no basis on which to compare it. This was an energy that did not please the senses, as he was accustomed to. This energy had a jarring effect, and left him rather unsettled. Of course, he had no words for this feeling he was experiencing, because it was a new feeling, and not a part of his usual reality.

This feeling carried over through the rest of the morning, till the beauty of the day’s events took hold and erased the feeling from his beingness. He spent the rest of the day in bliss and loving thoughts and manifestation. Soon the shadows lengthened into evening and the sun set beneath the horizon. The colors decorated the sky and brightened up the farewell that the beauty of existence brought to every day. When the king retired, he slept well and long, till, at the break of dawn, the sun peeked into his morning window and kissed his eyes open.

This is a day that will bring me much joy, was his first thought, and then, in crept another wave of disquietude. Oh, no, where did that come from? I seem to remember this from yesterday. I wonder what is happening to my perfect world, and the beauty I’ve always experienced, were his thoughts as he lay waiting for the feeling to subside.

He decided to make the feeling go away by thinking of the beautiful life he lived in the beautiful realm he had always known. This worked, and he jumped from his bed to begin another day filled with the peace that comes from knowing the love of God, and trusting in the everlasting beauty of the Almighty. He made his breakfast and climbed into his clothes that sparkled with the jewels that adorned the collar and cuffs. He loved the food that was always there at his beck and call, instantly. There were times when he made the food, just for the pleasure of the creative process. This morning, though, he had other things in his plan.

After the meal was all cleared away, he went out into the village and summoned the people milling around the square to his side. “My friends, I wish to tell you of an odd occurrence that has greeted me in the last two mornings.” He told them of the feelings that were so foreign. Have any of you felt anything like this?

The people gathered round in murmuring, and announced that there was nothing like that that had happened. Then out from behind a tree came a person meek and reluctant to come forth. He had an air about him that seemed to be resistant to what he truly was about. The others beckoned for him to come forward, and then at their bidding he joined them.

“What is your business here; we do not recognize your dear face?” the king asked of the stranger.

“I have come from my home, which seems far, far away.” Said the man. “I do not know where I am, but it feels welcoming to me. It is a feeling I have dreamt of often, and only fleetingly been able to experience. I feel that I must be in a dream.”

Some of the people giggled because of the truth of the man’s supposition. They realized this man was indeed a stranger to this land. Then they started to wonder, why is this man here, and what is going to happen now that he is here?

The king read their thoughts and realized as always that he shared their thoughts. This man is a stranger, yet he feels so welcome and somehow familiar. Then a strange thing happened; into the square popped another stranger. This time it was a female, a young lady of fair skin and hair. Her manner was hesitant and a bit reluctant as the man’s had been. What is happening here, wondered the people in unison; is there an invasion going on of our utopia?

Just then a loud but gentle voice permeated everyone’s beingness. “These are the beginnings of the people we have been telling you about in the tales of the coming times. These are the people who will be realizing their dreams, and bringing them into their realities. You will be experiencing a coming together of the realms of forgiveness and separation. These two realms will be evolving to the destiny that has been foretold in the annals of your tales of the Divine order of the Saints of love and compassion. You are experiencing the beginnings of the ascension process of all of the realms of existence that Mother Earth is expressing. It is a time of joy, and a time of assimilation for all of the inhabitants of the earth and her people. The feelings your king experienced the past two mornings were the residual from the realm that these two experienced from the other realm. They brought this last bit of fear reality with them to be assimilated into the realm of complete love and compassion, in order for the process to be complete. The bringing of the residual is for the purpose of transmutation and cohesion from one realm to the other. It is a joining that is taking place, so that the transition will be complete and lasting. The faint wave of discomfort that your king felt has been transmuted into love, and will no longer be of discomfort, only in the memory that serves to enhance the experience of the present reality.”

The voice paused for a moment, as the thoughts of the people formed another question; then it continued, “This is the culmination of all the years that the people in the other reality have been depositing their dreams for safekeeping. They are coming to collect on their deposits. Do you not see that there is a slight familiarity to these people?”

They all looked at the strangers once more, this time with a different eye, an eye of knowing. Then they gasped. This is Mary, sweet Mary from around the corner in the house of beautiful pink marble. You seemed different somehow a stranger. Now you are familiar, yet there is a newness about you.” They turned to look at the man; “You are Charlie who lives in the small cottage with the ivy growing up and around the door. Why do you seem a stranger, yet we know you very well?”

The voice brought the answer to their knowingness, “These two are now complete in their beingness. The dreams of the strangers, which are manifest in Mary and Charlie have joined with the originators; you might say, the creators of their beingness. It is a beautiful thing to behold, for this means that the coming together is starting, and soon all of the earth will be enjoying its ascension status, and there will be complete peace and harmony in the fullness of the expression that is God. Your utopia will be richer that ever, and the experience of that richness will be so much grander than you have ever experienced. This is the destiny for which you were born; and you are living it. From this day forward you will find a deeper meaning to the life you have been living, for the completeness is being realized, and the God within is coming together to the home that has been promised since time began. Welcome to the beginning of the reunion; welcome Home.”

Now, I Diaclosities am here to tell you that this is not a fairy tale that lives only in fantasy land. This is reality growing into itself, and the fullness of it’s destiny. This is going to happen my friends, and we here in this realm, which you have created, are looking forward joyously to the homecoming.

And so it is; and so it shall be; and so we proclaim, forever. Blessed be!


Morning Wakeup Call: Diaclosities, January 16, 2003


Good morning this is Diaclosities, and I wish to tell you of an element of society that is bringing down the auspices of governing forces all around the globe. This element is that of the coming together of all the common people of that society, and the strengthening of their resolve to take back the power and might that they have given over to the strength takers of the world.

I am in a society that has made use of the dreams of the people and the desires that bore those dreams. We live those dreams for you, and we keep their energy going and fruitful till the time when you declare you are ready to make them your reality. When this happens, it will be a grand homecoming that will take place. You will meet with this other aspect of yourselves, and you will feel the strength that comes from the enmeshing.

My friends, I will continue to be the ambassador of all of humanity through this one for as long as the avenue exists. You see, the aspects that you allowed to become the elements of another society of reality are playing the roles that you would have played had you not thought that your dreams are just that, merely dreams that have no bearing on reality. Now I am showing you that there is a whole other element to your reality that can be joined with the one you live; and in that joining would be the unity of the two in the oneness that would bring your dreams into a manifestation of your reality.

Another important part of this is that if your dreams that are being played out in our reality do not suit your present desires and intent, then you can change those elements that are undesirable. You can do that with the authority that comes from the recognition that you are the creators of your experience. You can even do that before the unity takes place, for you see, it is your thoughts and intent that provide the energy for the way in which we carry out our lives, for we are but another aspect of your consciousness and your soul. The result of your decision to live your dreams that we are living will be for you to realize the new fullness you feel, and a new strength in the carrying out of your dreams. You will not harm us in the doing, but the coming together will further enhance us in the unitedness we will feel with you, in the oneness that is inherent in our beingness.

Will I be Diaclosities? Only if you desire to use that name, or rather, the name you have assigned to yourself in this other reality. You may upon that joining, have a whisper from within to change your name to the one you have assigned to this other aspect of your self. In other words, if Hercules were to have decided (or were to decide, for he is still alive in one realm of time) to change his reality and live his dreams, he would have merged his present reality with that of mine and he may have recognized the name he used in his dream life, and desired it above the name Hercules. Does this sound familiar at all? Have you known people; are you perhaps one, who have had an inspiration to change your name to another? Perhaps, then that was brought about by the realization of a dream fulfilled, which changed your life.

I bring you yet another part of this reality; and that is of the nature of the dreams from which this reality was formed. When you have a dream that reflects the degree of thought that has come about through a true desire from within, rather than a desire that is the result of an outside influence, primarily, then the dream world that is created is strong and sure. However, if the dream is not from your innate desire for the manifestation of what would be truly for your benefit, then the reality of the dream is suspended in what we here refer to as the abundance closet, and the dream never comes into manifestation to be lived. For you see, there is no true substance to the dream, no purity of intent, for it is filled with the scattering of desire from various sources without the strength of the singularity of Spirit to identify it as supreme. When a thought, or feeling of desire does not come from the purity of a direct line from the source, it does not have clarity of intent; therefore manifestation does not occur on any level that does not have the strength for creation.

Our reality is created for the sole purpose of the realization, in your present reality, of the dreams you brought forward that were not to be realized at that time. There was purpose in their coming forward and being born at the time they did. This was to establish an energy upon which those dreams could at some other time be realized. Because there are other people who are involved in dreams, sometimes the dream’s manifestation time must come at a later date than the onset of its creation in thought. It is also the influence of other events that determine the Divine timing of the manifestation of the dream. Once again, you are seeing the wonderful way that the oneness is represented in the carrying forth of the life you live.

So, my friends, we are holding the light for your dreams, and assuring their success for the coming together of all the pieces when the time is appropriate, and all the pieces are in place. Even if you have for the time discarded the dream, and maybe replaced it with another, it all becomes fruit for the realization of that dream, in its fullness. When you pick it up again, and run with it, you will find that the pieces are all there and the final picture is one that suits your life so well that it seems to be a marriage made in heaven. Well, it is my dears, for this it truly a union of love and compassion and the joy of creation in the energy of the Divine will.

I leave you now with perhaps a newfound element of the reality that you create, even in the abstract of your lives. Carry forth in the treasure of the dreams you add to and create, for you are enriching our lives and adding to the enjoyment you will have in yours once we are experiencing in the oneness that is the true reality of life.

Blessings are being created and showered upon your souls.


Morning Wakeup Call: Diaclosities, January 21, 2003


It is s fine morning for a story of old. It is a fine morning for a story of today. There is no difference in this story, except that the names are changed, though not the entities.

Good morning, I am Diaclosities, and I am going to tell you of a person who ran away with a sweetheart, and ended up alone. This man was a man of loyalty to his country, and he took great pride in his ability to go to great lengths to show that loyalty.

One day he took a walk down the lane where he lived, and came upon a lovely lady who was sunning herself in the bright morning light. She wore a large hat with flowers decorating the brim. Her eyes, shaded from the sun, were as blue as the sky on a cloudless day. She moved with the grace and ease of a gazelle as she stood to greet him.

This fine lady gave him her hand, and they strode along in the garden that bordered the land where the King lived. This land was the finest in the kingdom, and the trees and bushes that lined the streets were majestic and full in their lushness. The birds and the butterflies found a great home in this garden; and the squirrels and chipmunks busied themselves on the branches and along the floor beneath the canopy of leaves.

The man took the lady into his arms and told her of his love for her, and she in return swore of her love for him. They spent many mornings walking in the garden and professing their love for each other. One day the man proposed marriage to the lady, and she agreed to the finest wedding the kingdom had ever seen. In fact, the man was a good friend to the king, for he grew up in a time when there was no division between the classes, and all were equal. So he went to visit the king, and asked if they could be wed in the beautiful garden, with the king in attendance.

The king, being a fair-minded man, agreed heartily. He offered to assign his court priest to the ceremony, and to provide the wedding feast in a fine regalia of fancy dishes. And the court musicians would play the wedding march, and the quests could dance the night away as the wedding couple stole away to their honeymoon in the castle on the shore of the sea.

The man was overjoyed with the generosity of the king, and vowed to name their first born after his friend. He knew that there would be at least one child, for his dreams had told him so. This was a fine day indeed, and he hurried home to tell his intended of the wonderful news. She waited by the door as he strode up the walk, and she was delighted when he told her of their good fortune. They started making plans for the day of their wedding, and the sun quickly came to rest on that day.

In the morning when the sun was far up on the horizon, a knock came on the man’s door. He arose and peered out at the stranger who stood with a parcel in his hand. “Is this for me?” asked the man. “I have not ordered anything.”

“This is for the young lady who will be living here after the wedding. It was sent by the little old lady at the edge of town. It is fragile and must be attended to immediately, for it could be damaged if not handled with care.” With that the deliverer turned and was gone.

The man placed the parcel carefully on the table, and turned to call for his sweetheart. The phone was slow in being answered, for he in his haste fumbled with the twisting of the handle, and had to try twice. When the connection was made, the lady smiled in her voice and agreed to come right over.

“This is a fine young breed of prairie dog that is in this parcel!” she exclaimed. Oh, I know who sent this to me. It is my old and decrepit grandmother, who never had a word for me except to tell me how irresponsible I was not to have stayed with her and taken care of her every whim. I would have gladly stayed and taken care of her, had she needed that. But she is lazy and can take care of herself just fine if she has to. And I would have had no life but for the time I spent toiling for her. She is not decrepit, even though that is what she would have you think.” The lady sat and cried a tear for the loving life she could have had with her grandmother. “We could have been so happy if she was of a different frame of mind.”

The man was upset for the sorrow his lady felt. What could he do to bring back the smile upon her face? And what of this prairie dog? She held it, forgotten, till its squirming caught her attention.

“Oh; I forgot about this little creature. He is a darling one who needs a home and someone to care for him. He shall live in our backyard and have all the holes he likes to nest in and carry home food for his winters. And he shall find himself a mate and bring her home to this place where we can all share in our happiness.

“But why a creature such as this?” the man asked. “And why now, when you are going to have a home with me?”

“This is a gift of freedom.” She replied. “It represents that my grandmother has set me free from my responsibility to her. She told me a story once about a family of prairies dogs who came to live in her back yard and took over the whole place. Soon she could not go out without stepping in one of their holes. She feared breaking her leg and being laid up for the rest of her life. One day a handsome stranger came along and saw the awful mess her yard was in. He offered to rid her place of all the menacing creatures, if he would allow him to live in the shed out back, and feed him two meals a day.” The lady paused and snuggled the creature to her face.

“My grandmother agreed, for she felt helpless against the invasion of the prairie dogs. She allowed the man to set up a bed she had stored in the shed, and gave him linens to use. Then she set an extra place at her table. Soon the man was busily going around the yard filling in holes and digging up others to expose the nests of the creatures. As she watched his business, she became sorrowful at the destruction of the homes of the animals. She began to feel that this was not right, that they should be allowed to remain in at least part of the area where they had made their home. So she told the man to stop for a moment while she explained her plan. She instructed him to put a fence around the back yard where they liked to spend most of their time, and to work on restoring the front and sides of the yard for her use. She decided this was most fair, and eased her conscience.”

The fair lady’s fiancé stopped her in her story. “What has this to do with the creature you hold in your hands?”

“I will tell you. The story is almost over,” she answered. “Well, one day soon after the man came and started to restore her yard, she noticed a devilish grin on his face. She asked what he was up to, and he answered that he had come to like her very much, and wanted to make her his wife. You see, she was just a young woman at the time, and had not married as yet. She considered the proposal, and decided she liked this man enough, so she agreed to give her hand in marriage. They were wed soon after, and the town folk gave them a party to celebrate.

Within a year’s time there was a small mouth to feed, and this resulted in a degree of trouble in their home, for the man had not counted on this. He thought that there would be no wee ones, and was not helpful in the care of this daughter. Of course my grandmother was most distraught over this, and she became bitter and worn with the care of the child and the home. For you see, the husband and father soon left them, and was never seen again.

Well, the wee one was a most happy child, and soon grew into a lovely young lady. So fetching was she that there were plenty of men who came to woo her. When one of them suited her fancy, she agreed to marry, and make a home for them in the other part of the town where he lived.” She handed the prairie dog to her fiancé. “That was my mother and father. They lived a good life, and I was born after two years had passed. When I was eighteen both of my parents were killed in an accident, and my grandmother asked me to live with her. This I did for two years, and I discovered that there was no use in staying, for my grandmother had given up, and was taking my life away in service to her. So I moved out and found a place to my liking.

Now I am here, and this prairie dog is my legacy from a woman who would like me to come back. She has a story for me, and she wants me to come and hear it. I think it is time to return and allow her to release me from my sorrow with her. She has a gift for me that will make all the difference in the world for our happiness. She told me once that this would happen, and I laughed at her further attempt to keep me there. I must go back and see what it is that she wants.”

Her fiancé was perplexed. What will happen? This does not make sense. “Perhaps I should go with you. Do you think the trip will be too long?” He referred to his fear that she would not return to him.

“Oh no; I shall return in a month and we shall have the wonderful wedding that we have planned.” So she left that day, leaving the prairie dog with him. He never saw her again. He kept the prairie dog, and it found its home in the backyard. The man came to the realization that he was not going to have the happy life that he had envisioned and planned, so he settled into his life with the detachment from joy that comes from a loss of a dream. Still, the prairie dog dug on. He filled his life with the wonderful things a prairie dogs life affords. He found a mate and soon there were little pups all over the place. After a while the whole yard was one big prairie dog heaven, and the man found a pathway that lead to the road through which he could come and go. He went to town, and visited with his friends, and they never spoke of the lady who left and never came back. His world was surrounded by the chatter of the prairie dogs; and they soon became his life. He stopped going out and devoted his life to their cause. He opened more ground by chopping some trees, and took down some fences.

Soon he became weak and took less care with his garden for food. He cared not about himself, just so that the prairie dogs were cared for. One day he did not rise from his bed. He had expired and no one knew for days. When they found him they found a diary he’d kept. It spoke of his love and how she’d gone. He knew that if he tended her prairie dogs, that some day she would return, for hadn’t that happened with the grandmother? All he had to do was wait, and she would be back. So he tended the gift she had been given, and expected her to return for the gift. She would see that he had taken good care of the gift, and she would smile upon his life and they would live forever in the bliss they had felt for each other.

Alas, my friends. Do you see the folly in this reasoning? I know this has been a long story, and I will say that I have tried to make it appealing. For the tale and the moral is very subtle and very profound, when you get it. In its simplicity, there is great freedom, and a semblance of lightheartedness, when you find it. I bring you this energy of love and trust so that you may build on it in your own way.


I am Diaclosities, and I bid you a fine good day.


Morning Wakeup Call: Diaclosities, Feburary 7, 2003


Wake up my dear ones, and wipe the sleep from your eyes. I have something to tell you that will knock your socks off! I am Diaclosities, and I am going to tell you what I see in your future. 

As you know, I am living in the reality in which all your dreams are manifested. This is the reality of the best there is for all of you. This is where you deposit your dreams for safe keeping, to be able to manifest them at the appropriate time, if your intent matches your reality. 

I am seeing the miracles that come from the dedication to the truth. I am living in the energy of decided reality and the peacefulness that comes from being able to know God in all you do and say. There is an event happening right now here that rivals any that has come to pass on earth before. We here are reveling in the good fortune to be visited by beings from the cosmos, and we are sharing an intimacy that is beyond what we thought could happen. 

Our government is the best it’s ever been, and the systems of governance represent the people as was originally ordained. The financial systems of the world are running smoothly, and in a manner that benefits everyone equally. There is still some cleaning up that is being accomplished, and this is being carried out with the care and precision that brings about perfection. 

Our recovery from the chaos that you have experienced is full and being completed in a safe and orderly manner. There is an order to the systematic putting in place of the premises of pure governance. When this is implemented, the whole runs in a manner that represents the order of the cosmos. 

Putting together the practices of the Divine is to reach deep inside and supply the inherent guidance through intuitive messages to your self. We here in this reality are living in the manifestation of that guidance. We are telling you that there is a sliver lining around every cloud, and it is here for you to bring into your reality. What happens when you achieve that reality? Do we just go away and cease to exist? Oh no, we still live the perfection, only in the fullness of who you and we are; it is a melding that takes place. Some times you fall from that perfection for a time; that does not mean that you have nothing to come back to at any moment. We are always here for you; that is the Divinity. 

Now more of what we are holding in truth for you. There is a coming together of the forces of nature with the results of a healthier atmosphere in which you live. You are cleaning up the air with the technologies that have been given you from your brothers in the cosmos. It is almost instantaneous in its speed of completion. Your soil, as well is being reborn to its original rich quality, teeming with the life of micro-organisms that establish the balance that is necessary for healthy crops and vegetation around the globe. All of the eco-system is being restored to it original perfection. 

Peace has been declared, my friends, and brothers and sisters around the globe are meeting and declaring their delight that they no longer have to carry a weight of hate and prejudice against each other. Now is the time for the sharing of the diversity of the wealth that is contained within the cultures. It is a beauty that is spreading across the globe in a manner that is mind-boggling. We are experiencing the togetherness of one heart to another, one race eating at the same table with another, and sharing the same stories of love and compassion in their own distinct interpretation. We see the coming together of the oneness that is all. 

I remind you, my friends; this is not mere speculation, or a relating of a far off distant dream based only in wishes. This is actually being experienced by all of you. This is the substance of your inspirations and the powder by which you can bring it into your present reality. You are the creators of this reality, and you supply the fuel by which we exist. Remember, we are you in the epitome of your expectations and intentions for your life. 

Now we get to the nuts and bolts. How do you do it? I say you accomplish this by first knowing it can be done; you can have that which you desire and intend for your life. Hold on to that dream, see it in your lives and feel how it feels when you think of it. Then follow your intuitive urges, moment by moment. Never mind if the urge a few moments ago told you to follow a certain direction, if the urge this moment points you in a different course; then follow that new course, for it represents that something somewhere in the course of events someone turned a different direction and caused everything to shift. 

 Remember that word. Shift? Yes, that is the beginning of the light going on, isn’t it? Perhaps now you are beginning to understand the term “shift” that has been bouncing off so many lightworkers tongues these past years. The shift happens when all the pieces are in place, in a vibratory balance and at a level where one more decision or action or nuance of energy being put in place brings you all to the point of no return; the point called zero where you all go into that higher dimension and stay there. It is called ascension, my friends, and you are headed for that place in time and space that you have created in the cause of re-awakening to the angels that you are. 

So, my friends, I have given you something to ponder, something to put into play as you go about your daily meanderings. As you serf through the internet and sign your names on the various petitions, and come across those that do not ring your bell, then pay attention to that my friends, for there is purpose in that turnaround; and it is all Holy. Continue in the light with which you sift through the nuances of life and find the actions and attitudes that most bring a feeling of peace and well-being into your countenance, for there is the land of the most Divine and strong energy that can bring you to the melding of our realities. You are us and we are you, and forever may the twain meet in heaven right here on earth. 

We love you and hold you in our strength and dreams of love and compassion for all that is. Blessings to you all!


Morning Wakeup Call: Diaclosities, Feburary 10, 2003


Wake up, my friends; there is a great day ahead for you to mold into the day of your dreams. Good morning, I am Diaclosities; and I am going to tell you about an incident in your world that will make a great deal of difference on your planet in the times to come. 

Yesterday there were people all over the globe praying for peace and for the enactment of various particles of justice and mercy in the smooth operation of your world. My friends, this in its energy has potential to change the face of the activities on the planet. It is an ongoing attempt to bring the people of the world to the realization that there is more to this living process than fighting with one another. There is a higher order of living than finding the manifestation of the emotions of war, fear, and competition in the state of mind of the whole. 

Continuing into today the reverberation rings round the globe with the momentum of those who carry the thoughts of peace forward from the ceremony into theirs steps through the minutes and hours. This is how powerfully the prayers for peace permeated the energies surrounding the planet. 

For us in this realm of your intent, we felt a genuine melding for some moments with many of you as your hearts rang true in purity and harmony for the peace that resonated in your hearts. You are living fellows of peace, you live it in your daily lives, and you chose to stay with those who are struggling to maintain a degree of peace from which to spring into the steadiness of peace that represents a being rather than a doing for achievement of that peace. This is where the answer lies my friends, in being peace, in living peace in your lives. 

I will tell you now that there has been a difference in the development of the activities that have resulted from yesterday’s prayers. Certain people in the US have been running on pure adrenalin in the direction that their fear propels them. Out the window goes clarity and good judgment when that is the state of the psyche. Down the drain runs the ability to come forth in the strength of love that brings forth the purity of intuitive guidance. For this group of people this has not been a way of life for them, for their guidance comes from a sense of fear and mis-guided loyalty to the world of illusion. 

My message today is to BE who you are to the greatest degree. This is the fodder by which you will achieve the greatness of your potential. This is what brings peace into your world, through the inner chambers of your beingness. There will be calculations that will prove this; this will come from the activities of yesterday. The impact of the prayers for peace will show in the instruments which monitored the energy of the planet at the time of the prayers, and afterward. 

Slowly science is catching up with itself in the potential that lives in our world in this realm of the manifestation of your dreams. We here already know the results of these measurements. We know the difference it made for hundreds of thousands of people to express their prayers for peace all around the globe. Even in the hearts of those who knew of the activities and merely gave them a single thought of unitedness, even this contributed to the whole, and made a difference. 

My friends, we are having a party here in this realm for all of you who tune in to the resonance of peace here and there and everywhere, for it was not only on this planet that the prayers were expressed. You see, within the realms of heaven prayer is a state of being. So, there is the reinforcement of prayers on earth, and the enactment of them for you. Heaven supports everything you do in the name of the God you are. And, my friends, everything you do is in the name of the God that you are, for as you know all that you are and do is in purpose to achieve the godliness in every moment that you are in the realm of the most glorious. 

These last few steps that you take in the time to come are the “saying good-by” to the old expressions on the planet, and the “welcoming to the moment” of the new expression which is the forerunner of the times of infinity that lie ahead. 

So go on in your lives in the promise that brings you to the alter of the blessed, and know that you are Holy and in the Divine love of the Creator.  


Morning Wakeup Call: Diaclosities, Feburary 14, 2003


Good morning I am Diaclosities once again, and I bring you some news from beyond the portals of energy that surround the earth. These portals supply the means by which visitors from the cosmos may enter the earth’s atmosphere and come to the surface of the planet. 

When these portals are open, there is a part of the picture that contains the energies of the past visitors. This is the way of the cosmos and all that is, that wherever an energy expression has been, a portion, or imprint of it remains. 

When another energy visitor comes through the portal it meshes with that former energy and becomes the totality of the energies. This is a moment of happenstance, and changes as the visitor continues through the portal and other imprints. 

I am telling you this for the purpose of preparing you for the information that I am about to impart to you. There is a certain incidence of power that is responsible for the outcome of many possible cases of identity. With the coming of the visitors there will be a presentation made that will interpret itself in various ways, according to the individual encounter of the visitor. 

This is the ability of the visitor from the cosmos, for earth is a unique creature, and the rest of the cosmos is more in tune with the sameness of the all. The visitor is a hologram, and therefore is the identity that any one puts on him. This is the case simultaneously. In other words, if it is his intent, he can be one likeness to a certain individual, and another to a different person. So too, it is with the animal kingdom, depending on the degree of intellect that animal has. The powers of reason and the ability to recognize certain numbers of sounds and other stimuli is the determining factor. 

This information will be important for you to know when the visitors begin to make themselves known to the masses, for this is going to happen. When you start to see the various beings coming forth to reveal themselves, you will be seeing them as you project to them your expectations of how they will look. Even if you have repeatedly denied that they exist, deep within you are aware that not only do they exist, but you are indeed one of them. 

So, my friends, when the occurrence comes about and the visitors filter among the people, welcome them for they bring you a great deal of love and assistance in the times to come. They will be coming to show the world that there is indeed life all around in this cosmos. They will begin to be the emissaries of light from out there in Heaven right here on earth. Those of you who have acknowledged your status as emissaries of light here on earth will join them in spreading the light in the manner that carries across the globe the truth of what is right there before your eyes. 

When this takes place my friends, there will be a consolidation of some of the aspects of yourselves that will empty, in a manner of speaking, various portions of the realms of brotherhood. This I speak of is my realm, as well as the various others that you have created. This is not exactly an emptying, but a merging, because those parts of you that separated your realities will regain some of the memory imprint that you left behind in other time frames and because of the natural law of nature, these aspects will meld back into the oneness of origin. This may not be for any longer than an instant, for the effect may not be lasting as yet. When the memory imprint is regained in a manner that retains the imprint long enough to become a conscious awareness, then the transition will be complete, and the awakening will take place. 

So, you see, my friends, how this visitation by your cosmic family can begin the opening of your awareness? This is a step toward the eventual total awareness of who you are. From that moment of conscious awareness before you slip back into the amnesia, you will begin the passage through the portals of time and energy deposits that give you the perspective to build on the opening that you will be experiencing. It is the relativity that is in place here. When you see these visitors you will relate to them as parts of your beingness, and the moment will be a coming home that can start the whole process of remembering who you are. 

My friends, I tell you this, and I rejoice in the telling; for it means that there is soon to be revealed the completeness of your selves. There will be those of you who are not going to be comforted by this. There are those who will deny that they are seeing visitors from off planet. There are those who will not see at all, for those minds and beingness will be closed. All is perfect, and purposed in this occurrence. The Divinity is present in all of it, and the way is Holy and filled with love and compassion. It is a grand and glorious future you have, and I am pleased to be a part of that future, for no matter the outcome, there will always be a me and a you. We are one and we are us and it is all blessings for one and all. 

Go in love and joy this day and always. Till we meet again, I bid you good day.  


Morning Wakeup Call: Diaclosities, Feburary 24, 2003


Good morning, I am Diaclosities, and I wish to bring you a tale of the once wonderful idea of democracy. This is an idea that lived in the hearts and minds of many around the world, and that got compromised in the course of the establishment of a new government in the United States. 

Many men in those days gave credence to the aspect of Divine order in the land of the free. They did not see the troubles that would come over the running of the new confederacy, and the travails that would plague the nation in the years to come. They were so full of the ideals of the present governing form that had been set up, that they did not see that the parties were being compromised, even from the onset. This was an idea that was not conceived of in their estimation of the perfection of the documents that had been drafted and signed into law by the people and for the people. 

Soon, the auspices of the land began being altered to suit the egos of a certain few. The changes were so subtle as to not even be seen by the general consensus of the governing body, but the change was there. It was represented in the gentle, nuances of idealism within the pages of the Declaration of Independence that were altered to read just slightly askew from the original draft. These changes were in place when the document was signed. They happened between the time of the drawing up of the ideals, and the time of the final draft to be approved and signed by the ones who affixed their signatures to the document that was to shape American government for the next two hundred odd years. 

Now, my friends, you are seeing a start to the dissecting of this document, and the drafting of the original, to advise the people of the changes that have taken place, even from the one that was signed. To this day, the declaration itself has been altered by amendments that have taken the rights of people out of their hands, and diminished them to a mere shadow of what they were intended. 

This too is true of the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. There is not one of the original documents of state that has been left in its original purity. There has been adulteration of all of them from day one; and this is going to be turned around very shortly. The people will see that this anarchal way of governing has been a gradual disintegration of the way of life that they were taught was in place since the day that history made a turn in the direction of democracy in the new land that was to bring freedom to the people who journeyed across the water to a new promise they brought to themselves. 

We here in our realm have kept that promise strong and true. We have kept the ideals of that dream sure and secure. It has grown right along with the dreams that have lived in the minds and hearts of all of the citizens of the world. Yes, this has been a concept of governing that has lived in the hearts of all those who live in one form of government or another. They look to the original promise of the ideal of democracy, and they try to apply it to their way of governing. They are feeling the repercussions of the adultery of the governing system that is in place now in the United States. They realize that the original energy of the democracy is no longer even recognizable in the land of the free, for it has been established that there is no land of the free, except in the fantasies that so many hold in their minds for what is the illusionary aspect of their lives. 

Here you are seeing an illusion within and illusion. You are seeing the way the wool has been pulled over the eyes of so many; and the fraud has been perpetrated by the blind desire for their dream to be as is represented in the history that is taught. There are those who see the reality of the system, but they feel hopeless to change it. That is they have, until now. Those who have been asleep are now joining the many who have openly joined the cause to protest the atrocities that have been wrought, and are voicing their demands that the Divine energy of the governing practices be brought back, and the imperial practices of the few be forever abolished from the land. 

We here in this realm of your foremost dreams and desires are holding that energy for which you so long. There are a number of you who are beginning to reach deep within and take that power back that you relinquished. You are seeing that it is up to you to establish that coming together of the Divinity in motion that is the ideal on which this country was started. You are seeing that it starts at home, right in your own beingness. It must be a cleaning that begins in the vessel that houses the very epitome of the cause of freedom and peace. There is no other place in which to manifest the rights of Divinity than in the heart and soul of the one who intends it for himself. There is no other formula for success, and more and more of you are realizing, and putting into action that very premise that will bring that energy to the way of life on the planet that you so love. 

We are holding that candle for you. We are keeping it bright; and we are looking forward to the coming home of all the parts of us that represent the unity of the masses. There is no greater beauty than to see the harmonic unity that happens when each individual takes his place in line and sings that tone of freedom and peace within his own beingness. She is the representation of all that is Holy, and he gives his all to the cause that brings unity to the beingness of herself, and to the people who are the citizenry of the great planet Earth. 

We offer blessings; and we welcome you to yourselves in glory.  


Morning Wakeup Call: Diaclosities, Feburary 26, 2003


It is a fine morning indeed, and it is a morning filled with the magic of the understatement of change. I am Diaclosities, and I am here to bring you a wonderful bit of news. This news will take you to the heights of pleasure and tell you that there is indeed hope for the world and for the ongoing saga of peace and plenty in the land. 

Today you will not hear of in your media the meeting that will take place in the halls of the venerable leaders of the world. You will not hear of it till the results of that meeting have come into existence. There is a time that bears watching that will come to the front and produce the results that will be born on this day. 

You have dropped the seeds in fertile ground; these seeds are the ones that are being fertilized right now with the light of truth that emanates from Heaven. You have reached deep within and found the seeds that have lain dormant for so long. These are the seeds that you have nurtured and fed to keep sure and strong in their potential. I speak of the seeds of the Divinity that lies deep in your beingness. 

Today the world leaders meet with the idea that they will leave the halls at the end of the session with an agreement that will bring the whole issue of war to a close. This issue is one that hides the real energy that propels it forward in the minds of a few. It has been covered and disguised with the craftiness that comes from a direction that seeks to persuade away from the truth. 

I am seeing and living the results of this venture today. This is my reality; that is why I can see what this meeting has brought about. I can see all the pieces of the puzzle that acted in accord to bring about the epitome of the actions they take today. In order to achieve success in this meeting, the whole scenario has already been performed in our realm; it but needs to be brought forward into the realm that you reside in today. 

I will tell you of one of the aspects of this successful agreement. That is that all come to the meeting in full openness, and prepared to lay all their cards on the table, in respect to the degree with which they are involved in the storage of the weapons in their own country. With this openness they also will reveal what they know about the other countries’ stockpile of weaponry, and how they achieved the stockpile. In this way, there will be no room for secrecy as to the numbers of weapons and the originating source of all of them. This will take place in an atmosphere of non-judgment, without the finger-pointing that caused defensiveness. 

Another part of the openness is that there is no room for half-truths and keeping of information in the name of protection. This is a matter of the well-being, indeed the very survival of the planet, and there can be no secrets and no surprises at a later time. Every person in attendance will come to the table with a directive to reveal all the aspects and representations that they brought to any meetings with the opposing parties in question, for there have been those members who have assisted in a back room manner. 

What we are seeing here is a complete resolution of the issues that are the motivating force behind the engine that brings war onto the battleground. Wars are started with the atmosphere of mis-guidedness and mis-appropriation of motivation. There is no room for reason when it comes to preparing for war. There is no backing down when it comes to ego and the defense of it. Too many wars have been followed to a deathly end in the defense of ego. This time, this is the very issue that is being dissected. 

The members of the world tribunal have prepared well for this meeting. They are gathering in the atmosphere of complete trust of each other, and the unburdening of the information that has weighed heavily on their minds and hearts through this whole era of high tech war and government. There is no room for further manipulations and conspired ways to subvert the people. This is the time in which the truth of the Divinity will come forward and drive the issue home to God, and will be blessed and sent back to the people. Peace will come about from this meeting, as a result of the coming forward by all of you in your demonstrations for the peace that will save this planet and allow the peaceful co-existence of brother and sister through eternity. 

So I say to you, my friends, that today is a day for rejoicing. Give your fellow humans all over the globe the energy to come forward in their hearts and minds with the truth of their beingness, and to pass on to the whole of humanity, from which these leaders can draw to assure that they leave no leaf unturned and no stone unrevealed. For this is the day when giants fall, and the meek shall inherit the earth. 

I give you blessings, and I sing for you a song of freedom and peace throughout the land. 


Morning Wakeup Call Diaclosities,  March 04, 2003


It is a good morning to take a break from the wild side of life. It is a good morning to go on a journey to the ends of the earth and back. Hello, my friends, I am Diaclosities, and I wish to take you through the realms of antiquity to the present day. I will be your guide in this journey and I will be living it as I take you. 

This is a condensation, for time and space does not allow the fullness of the trip. Our journey starts with a place on earth called the Highest Atoll of the Himalayas. It is a bleak, yet beautiful spot on which there are a number of people who sojourn for their annual feast to the Gods. They climb to the top of the mountain, and they bring along the feast of carefully chosen foods, walnuts from the trees in the valley, cherries that have been dried and preserved specially for this trip, flowers of the yak tree that hold significance in the property of forgetfulness, dried figs for the appeasement of the Gods in the rite of fertility, and several flasks of wine made from currants and honey. These items are used in ceremony, and are believed to be the reason that they continue to thrive in the majesty that they enjoy every year. 

This is the start of the journey into the antiquity of ceremony throughout the land. There is always a ritual that interferes with the darkness that seeks to descend on the lives of the people. This darkness is dispelled from the people during the ceremony and given to the Gods to make Light, and return to them in the form of prosperity and well being in the coming year. 

When the people of the earth continue on their evolvement they continue to bring ceremony into their lives. They climb the mountains, and sojourn into the deserts, bringing their ritual apparatus with them. They find within them the ancient memory of all the ceremonies that have ever been played out, and they keep the energy going in order to perpetuate the aspect of dark into light, and all there is in between. 

Through all of history on this planet there has been ceremony in all parts of the world. In Burma the people use the eye of the yak; in Peru they use the wonders of the kingdom of the yew; in Afghanistan they employ the wonderful stand of walnut trees that throw their nuts to the ground for the use of sacrifice. There are as many ways to show the respect for the abilities of the Gods as there are tribes on the earth. 

As the world evolved to a higher standing in the frequency, there came a lessening of the ceremony. The sophistication of man steered them away from the tribal beliefs. The intellect of man was above all that; the primitive way of life had been left behind. So too, had the simplicity of the standards by which the people lived their lives. Now there was no room for that simplicity, for a new technological way of life had emerged. Now there were machines, and ways to build things that involved the presence of the intellect to figure out how to gain for themselves the things that would make their life abundant and wonderful. 

So the world changed, and the outcome of the technology sent them all over the globe. People from Afghanistan were mingling with people from Argentina; and people from Spain were bringing their culture to the people in the northeast corner of North America. There was a melding of the different cultures, and the unique quality of them all was being lost and compromised; except for a few holders of the flame of each particular tribe of people. These few shamans, medicine men and women, keepers of the wisdom, all kept sacred the teachings of the old ones for the preservation of the people of the world. They knew the value of the old ways, for they were steeped in the energy of the Gods, and the Gods brought to this world the ancient wisdom of the one true God of all there is. This was wisdom that was timeless; it came from the Fathers of Creation, and their Fathers and Mothers before. It was always there, and the ancient ones knew that it would always be there, for it was truth; and truth is for all time. 

Now we come full circle. We have come to a time when there is no room for ceremony in many circles. Within these circles there is only room for what the intellect can bring forth. In other circles there is only a truth of the power gained from all the others who have relinquished their power over to them. That leaves a number of people who have either kept their power, and cherish it, or who have taken back that which they realize can only be used by them in the pursuit of the gifts that their Creator can give them. In these numbers lies the promise for the people of the world. For within these people is the potential for the spreading of the power of the One. There is a great deal of energy of flux surrounding all that is now; indeed it makes up all that is. When the forces of darkness are shed from the beingness of anyone those forces are attracted and pulled to the same energy, therefore perpetrating and sating the thirst for the same. This is what is happening in the world today. There is the achieving of balance that is necessary in order for the evolvement of the people to continue to the point which the ancient teachings have prophesied. 

The people of the world are beginning to come back to the advent of ceremony. They are finding the ancient memory that kept their lives on an even keel for so long. They are finding that they can take the technological advances that are present, and employ the use of ceremony to keep the aspect of the Holiness of the God of all, the Creator, in everything that happens in this world. More and more the people are waking up to the reality that there is nothing that is worthy of their attention without the reality of the Divine. Without the acknowledgement and interaction with the love of the Creator, there can be no sense to the ways of the world. As they shed their darkness, they shine their light even brighter, and reach out to more people, so that they may see the light that lives within them selves, for that light reaches out and meets with another’s, and shines forth for even more to see. And the beat goes on! 

So here we are in my realm of existence, seeing all that you go through to create your lives through your choices. We have been created in this realm from all your dreams and thoughts of success in the Divinity of God. We keep the light burning strong and sure for you when ever you reinforce your desire and intent for the best that God can give. That is our purpose, for we are you in manifestation of the Highest. Ceremony is our fuel, and intent is the energy that creates, sets the blueprint for creation. Ceremony is the fuel that keeps it going. When you gave ceremony in those ancient days, this is where the results were deposited. We have been around since you have, for the intent for the life of the Highest has been around since you first set foot on this desolate planet, and proceeded to create the home that you once called the Garden of Eden. What you are doing now is bringing the two or more realms together, so that we may all live as one. Ceremony still exists in the hearts and minds of all of you. It just has a different face, and a different feel, but it is there. Look for it, and recognize the energy behind all the little things you do. See how ceremony is still strong in your everyday lives, and see how it is born out in the yearly events that comprise a great deal of your energy and your beliefs. 

I leave you now to your day, and your contemplation of the ceremony that is present in your life. It is a grand new awakening that is coming to your existence, and I am with you all the way. 


Salu, and blessings to you all. 


Morning Wakeup Call Diaclosities,  March 11, 2003


Wake up, my friends, it is time to check your clocks and see if it is time to go to work, or stay and enjoy the day in the sunshine and the warm morning air. Even if you can grab only a minute to stop and breath deep in the hush of the new day, it is a pause that will carry you through the day and around the bend of the next. 

Good morning I am Diaclosities, and I wish to bring to you a recipe for being in the moment at all times. First it is essential to realize that there is no other time than right now, this moment. Once you have that firmly planted in your consciousness, then the rest is gravy. The way to accomplish that is to renew that knowing everytime you find yourself faltering from that stand. 

Have you sat and daydreamed about what you will be doing next week, next year? Next time you do that, catch yourself and change that focus to the moment. What is this moment bringing you; and what about that do you like? Ask yourself these questions, and more. What would you like to be doing with the moment; and how would that change your life. Answer with the first thing that comes to mind; let it be spontaneous. 

Then do something with that thought; carry it to new heights, and see where your mind takes it. Do this with feeling; pay attention to how your body responds to the thought. Pay attention to how you feel with the thought. Give yourself the opportunity to expand on the moment and see where it takes you; do this in conjunction with your feelings. This is the way to tune in to the true nature of your desires and intentions for your life. 

If you find through this that you would have to change your life in order to accommodate your dream, then go about projecting how it would feel to do that. How does it feel to enter into a new way of making a living, one that makes your heart sing? When you find that you’d rather live in a different place, feel how it would be to relocate there, and greet the morning with the verve and enthusiasm of being exactly where you were meant to be. Don’t think about how you would do it; just feel how it is to be there. The means by which to change your life will come when the ball is set in motion. First, be clear as to what it is you really want, even if it is to stay exactly where you are right now, doing exactly what you’re doing. In that case, you can still benefit by fully experiencing the moment, and reveling in the perfection of it. 

It can be very renewing to take that moment at the start of every day; call it your moment from yourself, to really tune in and re-invigorate yourself and your place in life. If you realize that you would be more productive and more happy if you could change your life, then know that to be true; and that you can do that. Give yourself permission, even if you don’t act on it right away. In the act of allowance you have opened a door, and announced to yourself that you can do it, and it can be in the time of your choosing. This is a partnership with your higher self and God. This is the way to heaven on earth, to give yourself the permission to be who you are and live your ecstasy. 

Be easy on yourself in the doing. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the process of change, if that is what you choose, or enhancement or appreciation of what is, if you love where you are. There is a whole gamut of wonders that you can bring into the moments of your life. Realizing the fullness of each of these in the moment is the secret to the fullness of that moment. This is how you can bend time, my friends. You can make one moment last for a day, an hour, or an eternity in your mind. That is what you do in relation to cosmic time. Why not do that in relation to earth time? 

My friends, I have given you a peek into the expansiveness of time, and into the possibility of creating your world as you most want it to be. It is not an impossibility to make a world for yourself that represents the love that lives inside. This is the ultimate dream, to create a life that bespeaks the love and joy that peacefully emanates from the inside out. You can bring that to yourself by living it one moment at a time, and honoring the voice that speaks the wisdom that lives within. This is how our realm was created, and how it perpetuates itself. So you see, it works! 

You are my bright shining stars, and you give us pause to rejoice, for without your promise, we would drift away into oblivion. You make us what we are by your dreams and realities of what is possible and what makes you heart sing in prayer and jubilation. We love you and thank you as we send a shower of blessings upon you. 




 Morning Wakeup Call Diaclosities,  March 13, 2003


It is a morning for the showdown of the century. It is a morning in which the trials and tribulations of the world come together and reveal themselves to be only a bunch of fluff. This is a day in which all the cards are out on the table, and the people are given a chance to see for themselves what some of the leaders are prepared to do.

Hello, I am Diaclosities, and I am bringing you a bunch of particulars with which you can draw your own conclusions. As we see it here in our realm, there are a couple of choices here, and they are to find the truth behind what is being presented to the world, and to allow yourself to be told what you are seeing.

There is little relevance to the truth when you are being told what is right before your eyes. When this is the instance, then you are influenced as to what you see. It is human nature to allow an outside view to color that which is being shown. I’m not saying that you have a wrong perspective, just that it is influenced to some degree by the law of relativity.

Now, I present to you the challenge of seeing it in the purity of your own perspective. This is the continuum by which you can be a free thinker. To see something, and feel an openness about it can change the way you have formerly thought about it. That is turn can change the way it may affect you, and the world as well. This is a formula by which many turns of events have come about. Free thinking, and honoring your viewpoint are valuable elements of a world that grows and changes to a higher degree.

Now my friends, there is another premise by which I present these words, and that is that there is nothing new under the sun. This is true in its innocence, however, when you bring a different viewpoint into a situation, you have created anew; you have brought a fresh, new approach to a circumstance. And that is the fuel by which the change can come about. Bring that attitude to any situation, and you have opened the door for the next degree of understanding and evolution.

In preparedness for the coming events on your planet, I suggest that you first come to a situation with an openness that a child would bring. This is a powerful way to see the situation in its simplicity. It is also a way to see it for its Divinity. Consider that there are no new things, and that the experiences you have are just reruns of the same. Does that appeal to you? Now consider that each moment brings a fresh new way to be, or to relate. How does that appeal? Is it excitement, or does it challenge you unwillingly? What would be the outcome of relating in a fun way? Would you laugh and carry on in a sense of ease and joy; or would you find the situation threatening to your intelligence?

This is the gauge by which you can assess your ability to tap into the degree of innocence with which you approach life. It is the gauge by which you can measure your assent to Heaven, and the full knowledge of who you are. On this day, I encourage you to find the degree that brings you comfort, and then go out and stretch it to a degree that stimulates you to greater heights. Feel the tingling in your heart, and your solar plexus as you move forward in the new direction you’ve chosen. Pay attention to how your body feels; and then pay attention to how you perceive the world. Has it changed? Are you still seeing the world through others’ eyes, or have you brought a fresh, new perspective to what is in front of you?

My friends, you are in a stage of your development where the world is wide open and running. This is your perfect opportunity to make a difference in the world. One pebble can make a difference with the whole beach. All it takes is for one person to walk along and step on that pebble to say that, what to some is a sandy beach, is a pebbled beach. If you are that pebble, and the rest of the world is sand, then what do you suppose would happen if one of those grains of sand experienced your pebbleness? Would it feel small, or would it feel that there is some growing it could do to be as big as you?

I leave you with that thought my friends. I love you all, and I see for you a bright honest future with the wind at your back and the sun in your eyes lighting your way to the Lord.


Morning Wakeup Call Diaclosities, March 18, 2003


This is a morning to call in the sunshine and tweak the troubles away. There is no stronger energy than the energy of the total, complete knowingness of the soul and spirit. There is only one time to be who you are, and that is right now, this moment; and this moment is the moment of the truth as we see it, and as it is.

Good morning, I am Diaclosities, and I am telling you that there is an in between place in all that is real, and that is where you reside in your consciousness. That in between place is the place where all the possibilities are manifest and thought of in your mind.

The mind is a powerful aspect; it is all-knowing and all-seeing. There is only one mind, and that is all of existence. It is divided up in perspective by all of existence in individuality; and that is the way of expression. It is through the mind that we all live and breath in the totality of our beingness. It is how we communicate with each other; it is the means through which we manifest our intent. The mind is our slave and our captor at the same time. It is our mode of expression, and our repository of information.

When we say we our losing our minds, we lose the ability to tap into it at any given moment. We do not really lose it; it loses us, our consciousness. There is a fine line between being able to get the truth from our subconscious and being able to tell reality from fantasy. When we are in the state that does not ring true to the perspective of others, we can be considered insane by them. We can be looked at as crazy, and out of our mind.

In reality there is no such thing as being out of our mind, for it is always with us. We can cut ourselves off from the mind through our thoughts; that is how we cut ourselves of from our real selves. That is what some people do in their everyday lives, and they are not considered crazy, by societies’ standards. They are maybe eccentric, or a bit strange, but they are still able to keep touch with reality. This is the trouble with so many these days; they are not in touch with the reality that the present society embraces. So they say that they are insane.

In fact, my friends, they are not insane, and there is no trouble here. This is all in perfect order. There is no insanity in the big picture. Where the Creator is concerned, there is nothing apart from him, and when anyone considers someone who is different from them, or society’s idea of sanity, then they are branded insane and not capable of living in society. This may be a truism, according to societies standards, but what of the standards set up by those with whom the insane live? Are they to be branded different for all their lives? What if society changes, and over the centuries becomes what is now considered insane? Are they then wrong in their ability to relate to the Creator, or to others? I think not, for they are now the normal way of being.

I hear you all now, wondering where I am going with this, and why go there in the first place. This is supposed to be a message of love and unity and peace, not an exploration of the sanity of people. Well, my dear friends; look around you. Have you seen anyone who does not fit into this category of reasoning and thought lately? Is there anyone who comes to mind who maybe you consider to be a bit off the wall, and lacking in common sense and the ability to reason in society today? I challenge you to see them in a different light. Can you perhaps switch the roles of the accepted parts of society and relate them in a different way? What if the roles were reversed, and the people whom you considered to be unusual were the ones who were leaders of the people? What then? Would you be able to find God in the society then? Would there be a sense to the society and the issues that are met with in that society? I’m not suggesting that you change the way society is; I’m merely suggesting that you change your perspective for a few moments. Do you think maybe that will give you a clearer picture of how society works and how God works in that society?

There is no judgment here, only a broader perspective of how it is in the world. Perhaps this could give you a clearer base upon which to place the premise you bring to the operation of the ways of the world. There is no greater means by which to present the fullness of something than to present it in its entirety. There is a full range of light to dark within that fullness of perspective, even when you regard something as being fully in the light, you will always find a shadow cast by the relativity that happens when you introduce a second aspect into the picture. It is still Light and perfect, now it is more fully experienced than before.

When you use that absence of judgment, you are viewing from a purer state of mind. This is the place from which wisdom can spring, and miracles can happen. This is the state of perfection in which our minds can take us to the promise of our beingness to the fullest of our being.

Having said all that, you can now put it all aside, and come back to the original thought in all this, and know it to be relevant, and as real as any other thought you’ve had while in this exercise. Is this not a measure of the mind’s capability? Is it not a measure of the capability of God? When you use your mind in this way, you are bringing yourself to the outer reaches of the limitations you have placed on your mind. You can go further, and find the freedom that going beyond the borders brings you. I recommend that you play with this. Have a bit of fun with stretching your mind to the limits, and then a bit further, before bringing it back to the present perspective. You may find that the present perspective is no longer quite the same, but freer, more satisfying.

I leave you now with that thought my friends, and with the possibility that because you already know me through these messages, you have already stretched your mind beyond their former boundaries. I ‘d wager that you feel stronger, more with it since meeting me, and paying any heed to my messages. I do not take the credit for that, it is with you, and us, and All There is, God.

Adios, and so long, till next time!


Morning Wakeup Call Diaclosities,  March 25, 2003


Good morning to you I am Diaclosities and I bring you some news of a cosmic event that is happening at this moment. Remember that I am of your realm of perfect manifestation of dreams. This is what you can experience through the choices you make.

Way up in the heavens there is an assembly of angels; these angels give and protect your right to free choice. Within this assembly there is one who you all know as Uriel. He is the one with which we work the most, for he is the one who is the guardian of all that is of business on the earth. He is the one who guards the practical side of commerce and industry. He writes the songs for the manifestation of the highest order of practicality. Of course this is all accomplished in the highest of Spiritual practice. There is no room in this realm for slip-shod circumstances. That sort of energy is accomplished and left behind in other realms before the final result rises to this dimension. Think of the pleats of folds in a hand held fan; this is the way it is within the area of dimension; the levels rise and fall folding upon one another and expanding away in it’s flexibility, while always being one.

This event that I speak of is the manifestation of the energies of war. There is a certain degree of that energy that is being transmitted into this realm. This is the echo of the memory of war. When this happens, for the memory is so great, there is a cleansing that takes place within the energies of the beings which have come to this state of dimensionality. There is a coming and going at first in this instance. The being is ready for the purity of spiritual accomplishment, for he has shed himself of all the fear-based energies that kept him form rising to this dimension. Still there is the residual of the energy of war within his system, even though the outer effects are no longer expressed. This is what we call outer manifestation residual cleansing. It is accomplished so as not to bring any possibility of effect to this person’s life. He is done with it, and he needs no further assistance from it in which to learn his life lessons. This is where Uriel comes in. He brings with his coming a degree of cleansing in the form of beautiful flower essence and a peacefulness that glides through the aura with a fine tooth comb of energy that mixes with the beings intent and releases the strain of sorrow that whispers through the aura. This in turn upon release allows itself to be transmuted into sweet music, and it is no more associated with the energetic memory of war.

At this time, there are a number of beings who are coming to this realm. They have given of themselves to the cause of war, and have survived to this realm where they are undergoing this release. Life as you know it is but a mere speck of the potential for life, and what actually happens in all of existence. When you have reached this realm, you will have seen and experienced many of these other aspects of life as it can be.

These people as they come to this dimension from the battlefields have already, before they took their places in line for their country, attained a state of being that was close to the attributes that they had chosen for this lifetime. They are the ones who were born into this lifetime to accomplish just that which brought them here. They are celebrating their good fortune to have made it to the epitome of their purpose, and to have as well, accomplished the steps that brought them here. Within their other life lessons in this life, were the stepping-stones to lead them to this accomplishment. Not all of the ones who left their lifeblood on the battlefield are here is this realm. Theirs was a purpose to leave some of their accomplishments undone in order to serve others in the life that they had to their life lessons. This in itself was an accomplishment, and with one more lifetime, and one more accomplishment in that life, they can reach this realm, depending on the choice they make.

I realize that this message maybe is stretching your perceptions a bit further than you want to take them. However I do so for the purpose of your understanding of what this war is about on your planet. The ones who give their lives are in joy and bliss right now for the great wonders that they have performed. They have their own flag flying over them at this time, and they are holding the flag and smiling at their glory. They have taken a great part in the manifestation of the freeing of the great planet that they have served throughout its history. They are in a beautiful light of the Creator, and they are beaming that light to the hearts and minds of everyone who walks into the line of battle.

I say to you now that there is no greater glory than to see the Light of God in everything that you do. That is the epitome of living your lives to their fullest. And it can mean merely seeing the beauty in the smallest blossom on a tree, or the tiniest speck of gold in the eyes of a child as he opens them for the first time.

Weep for your dearly departed and allow the mourning to cleanse the ache from your heart. Then smile on the knowledge that your loved one is in peace and joy, and allow the light from his beingness to shine forth and warm you to joy once again. We love you from here and we look forward to the passage of time to your hearts and souls till we see you in front of us, for this is the realm you will live in some day; it is your inheritance that you build for yourselves in your life.


Adios, and good day.


Morning Wakeup Call Diaclosities, April 3, 2003


Good morning my friends, I am going to tell you of an instance when the world was round and flat at the same time. I am Diaclosities, and I am wriggling in a sea of splendor and make believe. 

Long ago in the annals of the time of early man there was a group of scientists who studied the wherefores of several species of animals. These were animals that procreated through their sense of smell. When the time came to mate they gathered together to perform the ritual that would serve to procreate through the nostrils. This male life force was breathed in and deposited in the place within where the female life force was cradled. When the gestation period was over, the birth occurred in the same area as is usual. 

This caused a great deal of inquisitiveness within the scientific world. Many of the theories born from this knowledge were of an extraterrestrial origin of the species. There was a reason behind this, and that is that then there was general knowledge within the scientific community that there had been extraterrestrial interaction with earth. All that has been covered up and forgotten, till recently, that is. 

Within the present scientific community there is growing evidence, therefore belief in the presence not only now, but throughout time, of extraterrestrial involvement with earth. This is a piece of information that certain parties have been suppressing for quite some time. Soon, this will change, and the general public will not only be told about it, but will then begin to remember different contacts that they have had with visitors from off planet. 

The aforementioned incident of study was only one in a whole series that has been catalogued and stored in various places around the globe. When the time comes for the revealing of the information, there will be a mass exodus of information from these hiding places. It will change the way you live and operate on this planet forever. No longer will the mysteries of the cosmos plague the human spirit, but the memories that have long lain dormant will come streaming forth from the relativity that the human brain will have to the information. 

This is one of the reasons that the visitors from your cosmic neighborhood are coming and infiltrating the globe. They are here to assist in the opening that will take place in the near future. We here in this realm have seen the results of this change, and you would be absolutely astounded by what you are about to be re-discovering. All of these types of things that are about to happen, indeed have started to happen in small ways, will start to awaken your memories of who you are, and fill in the blanks succinctly and with promise for the future that you’ll know will be yours. 

When this begins to happen, there will still be those factions on the earth that will attempt to throw a monkey wrench into the project of bringing these things into the open, however, their attempts will be thwarted and put down as merely interference in the natural progression of life on earth in an awakened state. Once you have begun to tap into the true nature of things, there will be no backing down from the insatiable appetite for further knowledge of truth. 

Watch for the signs; in all likelihood, the biggest change will come through the free energy devices to begin with. Those things that bear the most credibility to the concepts that are present within the perceptions of man will be the first to be accepted, then as your perceptions are stretched to include the unknown , there will be further unheard of knowledge and verification of that knowledge. After a time, there will be coming forward certain instances of knowing without needing outside verification. There will be a recognition with a total knowing from inside. That is when the excitement in this realm grows, for we see that is a close step to the eventual melding of all the realms you aspire to into this one, for so many of you. 

This is a pivotal time in your history, for it is a time of opening to the true nature of yourselves. It is a time we see of beauty and promise to the direct involvement of all that is. We look forward to the time when we are more than just a faint dream that you sometimes have that gives you something to aspire to. We will live the dream with you, and go on to loftier dreams. That will be our way of evolvement, for our growth depends on the growth you make. We are the product of your growth, and when we see your progress in this world, we see the promise that you give us through yourselves. And it is grand, my friends, for you are grand! 

I leave you now to your day, which is steeped in promise for a whole new world. 


Morning Wakeup Call Diaclosities, April 10, 2003


It is a morning for a wonderful adventure, so let’s get started. It is going to be a beautiful day, and there is much to do and much to see along the way. Hello, I am Diaclosities, and I want to share something with you. This is the estimable conditioning of the soul when the defenses are down. 

There is no greater call to action than the innocence in which an idea is formed. When you have an idea, it is at first exciting and challenging to form it, and see it grow in it’s potential. Shall we see what we can come up with from one single idea? It is a fine way to spur yourself forward in a day’s activities, and come to the end with a sense of purpose and satisfaction in the doing.  

The idea for the day is to move into the limelight with a course set for the ultimate journey through your town. First you venture out of your house, and walk down the street where you live. There are people out in their yards watering their lawns, or weeding the flower gardens lining the fence. Saunter up to the neighbor and greet them with a smile and a kind word. This is the start of the beautiful day, and the opening for a transformative exchange that can either change the relationship, or open a new one. 

This smile is the trigger that evokes a response. It is the catalyst from which the inner workings of the moment can breed either a warming of the heart, or a defensiveness that reflects a past grievance with life. You have the power in this situation to change the history of this person, and your own. Though a small degree of change is represented here, it is a giant representation of a world opportunity for change. 

Take the same principle that is employed with the neighbor, and apply it to the neighbors on the other side of the globe. Does this not create a tiny spark of hope that there will be an opening for a peaceful journey? This is the energy that moves mountains; it is the energy that creates bonds that are lasting and pure. All it takes is the sincerity that springs from a pure heart and a simple smile of love and sharing. How can there be anything but peace when a moment such as this is created. Realize that I did not take you beyond that first moment of relating. That is the moment of creation. Stop the moment at that second and see the perfection. Now create another in the image of that perfection. What happens is that the defensiveness melts away in the energy of relating, for the pure energy of the moment remains as the first, a simple pure exchange born from love of one’s fellow man. 

This is the energy in which a lifetime can be born, when the moments are kept pure. There are so many ways in which this purity can be expressed; it is endless. It is when the impurity of fear is brought into the moment that the energy is changed, and the perfection takes on a different feel. How does it feel to be in the purity of the love of the moment? Now how does it feel to bring into that moment fear of some kind? Jarring, is the word I get from you. It is an interruption of the flow of the moment of love. 

Now, I remind you that there is new opportunity to bring back the perfection of purity in the next moment. It is right there for you to experience and create the perfection of the purity of love. It is all-forgiving, for each moment is born anew in its perfection. This is the promise that Spirit gives us. This is the plan for the coming of the ages of golden opportunities, and you can begin right now to bring that into being. There is no magic time by which you can gauge the triumph of good over evil, it is all the same, and it is all in transition with every moment that goes by. There is infinite opportunity to bring the purity into your existence, just by living the purity of the moment. 

This is how my realm was created, and how it is perpetuated. We live those moments in their entirety. It is grand and it is beautiful. It is the ultimate heaven, right here on earth. It is the realm you aspire to, and it is the realm that is always there for you, for you create it with your dreams and your thoughts of perfection. When we see one of you coming down the street to our fence, we say welcome home and offer you that smile and kind word that cements the friendship that lasts forever. 

Good day, and good dreams for the moment is filled with the promise of today. Go in peace and good will. 


Morning Wakeup Call Diaclosities, April 22, 2003


There is a time when it is appropriate to sing a song of love, and there is a time when it is appropriate to sing a song of lasting joy. That is all of the time, for there is only one time, and it is now, this moment. Good morning I am Diaclosities, and I come to you through the energies of the everlasting peace of the moment.

When you find a time of peace you can suspend that time and know that it is forever. You can go to the end of the rainbow and discover the pot of gold, knowing that it is in your heart and in your soul. All you need do is find the strength to claim it and walk in its Light.

There is an old proverb that speaks of the lustiness of the forgotten word. It speaks of the coming together of the sights and sounds of the previous incarnation, and the wherewithal of the totality of the cause. Within that proverb lies the awareness that there is no greater knowing than that of the moment, for that is where the purity of the existence is.

I once came upon a brother who spoke of the word that he perceived to be the word of God. Within this word were the indications that God was to be feared and revered all at the same time. This set up a dichotomy by which all of mankind has lived for so long. That is changing, for now we see that there is nothing to fear with God, that the fear is of our own making in our forgetfulness.

I tell you now that there is nothing more Holy than the word that you use in praise of God, or of yourself in the image of God. Find that stillness that lives within, and know that in that stillness lies the potential for the greatness that waits to be expressed. We live that greatness in our realm, and this is the realm in which you deposit all your grandest dreams, therefore you see the potential that you create, and may live at any moment.

I leave you now, and see you in your perfection going through the moments of your day in love and creation. You are the Holy word, and you are the Sons of God.


Morning Wakeup Call Diaclosities, April 25, 2003


It’s a wonderful day to count your blessings, and it’s a wonderful day to know who you are and why you’re here. Good morning, I am Diaclosities, and I wish to speak with you of the wonders of the universe that is within your own field of dreams.

This is a time of gathering bounty to the throne. I am going to let you know that there is plenty of bounty out there, and you are about to be gathering some of it to your lives and your abundance issues. When the prosperity comes to your doorstep you will gather it in and then ask yourself, “What will I do with this new abundance? Shall I spend it on lots of toys, or shall I use it to help the world become a better place?”

I make a proposal to you. Consider that they are one and the same. Suppose that the toys you buy are the toys that make you feel happy and free. Are you really happy, or are you escaping into a fairyland of fun for a short time before you return to the real world? When you make decisions to do things and go places to give yourself pleasure, is it not a return to the real world that you once lived? I speak of the world where life was all about play and fun and ease in living. That is the real world, and you can live it in this one just by recognizing that the way to pure joy and contentment is through the energy of fun and play. I do not speak of the play that has to involve all the expensive toys that you can buy. These are just means by which you can carry out the fun and innocence that you already have in your life. When your life is made up of that kind of energy, then whatever you do is bringing you contentment and joy.

I was once a warrior on earth who felt that to be fierce and enjoy life meant that I must always be serious and strong. I thought that to serve life and my God I must keep a generous heart and walk this world in patience and sacrifice. So I did that, but I wasn’t content. I lived just outside the world of fun and pleasure, for I had to continually find moments in which to enjoy myself to counteract the seriousness by which I lived. One day, I used the authority of my strength, and I defeated a supposed enemy. When I appeared before my contender, he announced that I was to report to the commander and receive my next assignment. There was no praise, nor no thanks for a job well done. Where was the merit in what I had done? Why was I not proud of the deed I had perpetrated in the name of my duty? I felt completely alone, and in search of a purpose.

In the next days I searched and I avoided the commander. I could not position myself in a place that brought me no purpose and joy of a job well done. What had I done after all, but take the life of one of the people who shared this earth with me? I was forced to look at my life, as I hid from the authority whom I had served. Where was my authority now, and where had it ever been? Was I to go on in this life living someone else’s authority, and never finding my own? No wonder the snippets of joy I found never left me happy or content. I did not live my life in that joy, but captured bits of it and tried to make them something they were not. I had it backward, and I didn’t even see that.

So I decided to change my life. This was a huge planet, and I knew that I could hide from the commander and never have to face him again. I would go far away and find my place in this world where I could live in peace and contentment. I would be free of the tyranny that beset me, and I would die a happy man. This might have worked had I not been in hiding. In running from my plight, which by the way I had chosen, I only put off the authority with which I could live my life. I was still under the influence of another. They eventually caught up with me, and brought me back to face their authority.

I survived that day, my friends, and I spent the rest of my life in their prison. I lay in my cell till the age of ninety-one, and then one day I had a revelation. I could be content right where I am. I had asked God to bring me peace and contentment. What I finally realized was that he had brought it to me the day I was born. I just hadn’t reached out and grabbed it. If I had claimed my contentment, my life would have been so much different. So, for the next two years in my cell I was content and at peace. My life became rich beyond compare. Before, I had been in rags; and the food that they brought me was meager and tasteless. The other inmates spent their time avoiding me, or prodding me to disruption.

Now, at ninety-one, I was a changed man. I began to express my newfound joy, and play at life. I welcomed the rags and tasteless food, and the jibes from the inmates. Soon I was given new clothing. The food that was brought was bountiful and delicious. The inmates gathered round me and shared their stories with me. They laughed with me and united with me against the tyranny that had kept us captive. Oh, we didn’t rebel against the imprisonment; we embraced it. We released the idea that it was anyone else’s decision to keep us there. We decided to stay and have a good time with each other. Some of the inmates held out for their victimization for a while longer than others, but eventually they too came around. They could not hold out against the pure nature of their souls. When I left that cell two years later, I left a happy, peaceful man, purely content with my life and the riches it gave me. I was buried in finery and splendor, and all the families of the inmates gathered to send me off with a celebration for my joy.

I tell you this, that there is no greater joy than to discover the freedom of being who you are in the confines of anywhere you choose to be. Once you have seen that there are no confines when it comes to your true self, then the world opens up to you, and you experience the joy of just being who you are. There is nothing else that can bring that to you, for you already have it. All you need do is claim it and live it to it’s fullest. All the rest is just window dressing, and not necessary for contentment at all.

Ain’t life grand, and ain’t love wonderful! Love yourself and where you are right now, and you will find the joy and contentment that gives you everlasting life. Go in playfulness and joy; be in peace.


Morning Wakeup Call Diaclosities, April 25, 2003


It’s a wonderful day to count your blessings, and it’s a wonderful day to know who you are and why you’re here. Good morning, I am Diaclosities, and I wish to speak with you of the wonders of the universe that is within your own field of dreams.

This is a time of gathering bounty to the throne. I am going to let you know that there is plenty of bounty out there, and you are about to be gathering some of it to your lives and your abundance issues. When the prosperity comes to your doorstep you will gather it in and then ask yourself, “What will I do with this new abundance? Shall I spend it on lots of toys, or shall I use it to help the world become a better place?”

I make a proposal to you. Consider that they are one and the same. Suppose that the toys you buy are the toys that make you feel happy and free. Are you really happy, or are you escaping into a fairyland of fun for a short time before you return to the real world? When you make decisions to do things and go places to give yourself pleasure, is it not a return to the real world that you once lived? I speak of the world where life was all about play and fun and ease in living. That is the real world, and you can live it in this one just by recognizing that the way to pure joy and contentment is through the energy of fun and play. I do not speak of the play that has to involve all the expensive toys that you can buy. These are just means by which you can carry out the fun and innocence that you already have in your life. When your life is made up of that kind of energy, then whatever you do is bringing you contentment and joy.

I was once a warrior on earth who felt that to be fierce and enjoy life meant that I must always be serious and strong. I thought that to serve life and my God I must keep a generous heart and walk this world in patience and sacrifice. So I did that, but I wasn’t content. I lived just outside the world of fun and pleasure, for I had to continually find moments in which to enjoy myself to counteract the seriousness by which I lived. One day, I used the authority of my strength, and I defeated a supposed enemy. When I appeared before my contender, he announced that I was to report to the commander and receive my next assignment. There was no praise, nor no thanks for a job well done. Where was the merit in what I had done? Why was I not proud of the deed I had perpetrated in the name of my duty? I felt completely alone, and in search of a purpose.

In the next days I searched and I avoided the commander. I could not position myself in a place that brought me no purpose and joy of a job well done. What had I done after all, but take the life of one of the people who shared this earth with me? I was forced to look at my life, as I hid from the authority whom I had served. Where was my authority now, and where had it ever been? Was I to go on in this life living someone else’s authority, and never finding my own? No wonder the snippets of joy I found never left me happy or content. I did not live my life in that joy, but captured bits of it and tried to make them something they were not. I had it backward, and I didn’t even see that.

So I decided to change my life. This was a huge planet, and I knew that I could hide from the commander and never have to face him again. I would go far away and find my place in this world where I could live in peace and contentment. I would be free of the tyranny that beset me, and I would die a happy man. This might have worked had I not been in hiding. In running from my plight, which by the way I had chosen, I only put off the authority with which I could live my life. I was still under the influence of another. They eventually caught up with me, and brought me back to face their authority.

I survived that day, my friends, and I spent the rest of my life in their prison. I lay in my cell till the age of ninety-one, and then one day I had a revelation. I could be content right where I am. I had asked God to bring me peace and contentment. What I finally realized was that he had brought it to me the day I was born. I just hadn’t reached out and grabbed it. If I had claimed my contentment, my life would have been so much different. So, for the next two years in my cell I was content and at peace. My life became rich beyond compare. Before, I had been in rags; and the food that they brought me was meager and tasteless. The other inmates spent their time avoiding me, or prodding me to disruption.

Now, at ninety-one, I was a changed man. I began to express my newfound joy, and play at life. I welcomed the rags and tasteless food, and the jibes from the inmates. Soon I was given new clothing. The food that was brought was bountiful and delicious. The inmates gathered round me and shared their stories with me. They laughed with me and united with me against the tyranny that had kept us captive. Oh, we didn’t rebel against the imprisonment; we embraced it. We released the idea that it was anyone else’s decision to keep us there. We decided to stay and have a good time with each other. Some of the inmates held out for their victimization for a while longer than others, but eventually they too came around. They could not hold out against the pure nature of their souls. When I left that cell two years later, I left a happy, peaceful man, purely content with my life and the riches it gave me. I was buried in finery and splendor, and all the families of the inmates gathered to send me off with a celebration for my joy.

I tell you this, that there is no greater joy than to discover the freedom of being who you are in the confines of anywhere you choose to be. Once you have seen that there are no confines when it comes to your true self, then the world opens up to you, and you experience the joy of just being who you are. There is nothing else that can bring that to you, for you already have it. All you need do is claim it and live it to it’s fullest. All the rest is just window dressing, and not necessary for contentment at all.

Ain’t life grand, and ain’t love wonderful! Love yourself and where you are right now, and you will find the joy and contentment that gives you everlasting life. Go in playfulness and joy; be in peace.



Morning Wakeup Call Diaclosities, April 28, 2003


Good morning, my friends, I am Diaclosities, and I would like to tell you of an incident that happened while you were away over the weekend. There is a great deal of energy that is coming about as a result of this happening, and I am telling you that there will be a repercussion because of it.

In the world of political upheaval there has been a coup that has taken place. This coup is one of minor significance in and of itself, however, the magnitude that it will produce for the world is significant indeed. There was an upturning of events in a corner of the Dominican Republic, and in this event lies the hatred that is felt by certain parties for those who would see them impeached and rousted out of office for good. Within this happening lies the energy for the rest of the world’s political fray.

I am not usually the one to report and speak of such things, however there is a continuing establishment of activities that is taking place in other parts of the world that focus’s on one area of interest; therefore I have stepped forward to report this incident. As I stated before, this holds a significant energy of the potential for the rest of the world.

When there is a rising of power among the elite of a people, there is always someone who will try to usurp that power. This has been the case since time began. When the ones who convince the people that theirs is the better way to be governed, then the trust is set up for the truthfulness of governance, and the influence of the people is felt by those who govern. This has been the backdrop by which some of the governing bodies have managed to gain a foothold, and eventually strong-arm the people into submission through fear.

I say this to you, that there is no greater power than to see a peoples turn into themselves and find the strength that lives there in order to take back their power from those who have taken it from them. In losing touch with their own responsibility to their lives, they have the people slowly give their power over to the ones who promise to take care of the matters at hand. These are the leaders whom the people have chosen to represent their interests, after all, so why wouldn’t they have their best interests at heart?

This is where the people loose their hold on their own lives. This has happened gradually, and with the cunning of the leaders who understand the ways of nature, and have molded their own agenda around that knowledge. This is why it is imperative that you understand how this works, so that you can take back your power, and create your world in the image that you would have in Paradise.

When a peoples put their lives in the hands of a group that is set up to serve them in the running of the government, they do so from the standpoint of trusting in the leader of their supremacy to have their best interests at heart. This represents that they look upon this group as being in the image of God. God is the ultimate overseer of their trust. This is not necessarily a conscious acknowledgement of trust, but one of subconsciousness. It is showing that they do not trust their own authority, and must give it to another that they have placed in their stead. 

I am suggesting to you now that it is time to take back your own authority and exercise the responsibility you have for your lives, and share that responsibility with the others who stand in determination to create a world that works for all of you. You can do this within the framework of electing a governing body that will represent your interests. You can still be the overseers of that trust, and keep an active voice in the running of the government. There is no pleasure in a person’s life but that is backed by the authority in which he creates that pleasure. This is the kind of knowledge by which our realm has been created. We in this realm have realized our authority, and have known that it is the reflection of the God within. We have given ourselves to that authority, and have remained strong and sure in our responsibility to ourselves, and our loved ones.

So, I say to you now, take a hint from this little corner on your globe and see the dynamic by which you can create a life for yourselves by taking back your authority, and using the responsibility that is your inherent right to create the kind of life in which you intend to live with your fellow man. It is a mutually satisfying world that can be created, and it is within your power to take your lives back in peace and compassion. This is the way in which your lives can be filled with the love and joy that shines forth from your beingness. It is the love that moves mountains and redirects rivers of passion into the semblance of nourishment that God intended.

I leave you this morn with these thoughts to ponder and find your truth in. You are powerful beings, and you know that the way to the Light is from within. That is where the trueness of your being lives; and that is where the manifestation of your beauty begins. Go in blessed Holiness.


Morning Wakeup Call Diaclosities, June 3, 2003


Good morning to you all! I am Diaclosities, and I welcome you to the day. In our world we are seeing the roses and the sunrise as they touch each other with their light. We are seeing the life of choice and reverence mellow together and become one. We are seeing the tides as they push against the shores and kiss the sands with their cool lift of spirit. It is a grand way to start the day!

Now we are living the promise that we brought to ourselves, in the glow of the full moon. It is a grand life, and it is yours for the claiming; for you are we, and we are you in potential. We hold the promise that you make to yourselves, and we caress the memory that you have of us.

When you get here in this realm, and you walk the shores and byways that we are walking, you will feel a familiarity. You will recognize the energy from your dreams. You will know that you have been here before for a second and a lifetime. You will know that you were destined to be here, for it was told in all that you planned and dreamed. It will be as putting on a glove and walking in the footsteps that yesterday you put in the sands of time.

My dear friends, there is a saying that we have here, and that is, “You are never over the hill here, just over the trials and tribulations.” This is the way of it here. This is no ordinary realm in which we live. This is where the dreams of yesterday are played out, refined and delivered to the moments of our lives. This is also where the changes can come about with ease and joy.

You are just a mere millimeter away from living this realm. You will find when you are here that it seems but a second ago you were still mired in the muck that you struggled in, that is the swiftness with which the transformation is made. You will become that which you know you are from one moment to the next. It is called the shift by many in your present realm. Yes, that is the word that promises this realm. That is the reality for which you are striving. I say to you that there is a time when you set aside the striving, and just know that you are here. Feel it, go to the inner reaches of your beingness and recognize the breath of lightness. There you are; there you were all along.

 Find the lightness by which you now live your life. Find that it is not loaded down with all the “have to’s” and “shoulds” that you lived within in your preceding realm. Find the freedom of the moment, and live that freedom fully and joyfully. The results will show themselves in some of the faces that the “shoulds” and “have to’s” would bring about. The difference being that they came about in the joy in which you saw them born, the knowing that gave them birth.

My dear ones, you are soon to see the birthplace of the changes that come about in this realm. There is to be a starting point through which you will see and experience the hope for the blessed life. This is going to be brought forward in the material world, and then you will feel it in your hearts and in your souls. It will help to lift your heart up beyond the confines in which it has fallen through the years of oppression that you have agreed to experience. It has all been in purpose, and it has all been fruitful for this realm; for you come to this realm as fully realized beings. This is the beginning of the rise from the influences of the ones who have sought to bring to you the opposite of the energies in which you were created. They have done well, my dear ones, and some have lost their vision in the murkiness that they created. They are so powerful! You are so powerful!                      The Light is prevailing, for it always does.

This is why you all knew that you could immerse yourselves in this play and come out on the other side in the lightness with which you entered the corridors of time and space. You knew that your world would be fuller; you knew that you would be a grander you. You knew that in the end of the performance you would all gather and congratulate each other on a job well done. You just didn’t know the degree by which this was to be. This is the serenade I give you, my friends. This is the song that sings it all. It is a grand and wonderful realm that awaits your coming, and you are just on the threshold.

Now I say to you farewell, for this communication. I am never away from you, for I am right by your side in the mirror of the realm in which you now reside. You are my twin as all who live here are twins of all of you. We reserve your spaces here and preserve your dreams. Coming home will be as a song and a prayer of thanksgiving. Sing it loud and clear, for it is your song. Blessings to you!


Morning Wakeup Call Diaclosities, June 5, 2003


Good morning my friends I am Diaclosities, and I wish to tell you a story about a boy and a girl who found themselves in the midst of a chaotic endeavor. This was an endeavor that they both knew they would probably find themselves in for the last time, so they really paid attention to the points of it that made them feel good. When they did something that made them feel good, they wrote it down in a diary, of sorts. Then when they found themselves not enjoying the feeling, they disregarded it, telling themselves that there was nothing to that, and that they really were feeling good about it.

Then they wrote that good feeling thought that came forth from that. This was the way they carried this endeavor out to the end. Then when they finished, they referred to the paper that recorded their experience. They found that there were so many different ways in which they had done the same thing, in many different ways, that it all seemed to be the same. Yet it lasted for over a week. This endeavor was to play a game of chance, relying on the circumstances around them to provide the stimulus.

I will outline the procedure of this game, so that you may choose to play it if you wish. On any day, with yourself or with another, for it matters not how many play this game, take any event that happens from the outside of your home and follow it to the end of where it takes you. Then record in your diary the feelings that you had along the way. In this way you will have to pay attention, be very present to yourself, as you go along. Remember, that if you do not feel good about something that is happening, record it as a good feeling; that which you interpret as the opposite of the not-good feeling you have. What this does is to show you how you can turn your feelings around and experience that which can give you a joyful, happy life, no matter what the circumstances are around you.

When this game was first thought of, it was as a result of two people doing this quite automatically. They decided that they were going to play the game of life deliberately and not bring troubling feelings into their life. So they became aware for a whole day of all the feelings they had. This was quite a challenge, for they realized through this that they went through life for the most part in a stupor, just sort of reacting and not being aware of their feelings, or actions that resulted from them. They knew that this was the reason that they were so miserable, because they had just been allowing life and other people and circumstances to run their life.

So they played this game, and they found that after about a month of playing this game regularly, it became second nature to them, and their lives were changing. They began to see life as a wonderful pastime, and they were having a great many more happy feelings than not-happy feelings, turned around. They are now living in this realm that I live in, for they have found this wonderful valuable tool to the achievement of the destiny of their life, lived in purpose and created with deliberateness for the joy of life. Playing this simple wonderful game is a tool that you can bring to your life that can be earth shaking in its scope. You can make the earth change under your feet, and watch the blooms of your life spring forth and multiply just by playing and being present in that play.

I encourage you to the play and the game. I will be monitoring you and enjoying the show, for I see in many of you that you are already engaged in a similar pastime. This will streamline it and give you a view of yourself that will prove to be most rewarding and revealing. I wish for you happy games and happy feelings, for they are there, around every bend and behind every shadow. Bring them out into the light, and watch them transform. Your life can be everything you desire when you live it in the present awareness that this game can bring you. This is my gift to you this day; enjoy it and make good use of it, for you are wonderful party people! Happy trails!


Morning Wakeup Call Diaclosities, June 13, 2003


This is a morning to soften the lines on your face. It is a morning to smooth the passages of time, and find the lost youth of yesterday. For now is the time when time begins to march backward, and all of you will know a new freshness when you allow it to come in.

Hello, I am Diaclosities, and I tell you of the potential that you live within right now. This is a legacy that you left yourselves when you left your successive lives and came into this one. This is the time when you have chosen to come into the changeability of the time between the worlds. This is it, my friends; this is the time that spans the two worlds of duality and amnesia, and that of the awakening to the fullness of who you are.

In my world, which we hold in security for you, there is something happening that is grand in its scope. We are holding an energy that whispers to you of its grandness. We are telling you what it is like here; and we are seeing into your potential future, for we are living the grandest of it. And we are showing you in your dreams how it can be for you. Oh, there are choices still, and you have created them with your thoughts. We have seen those as well, and we are living the promise of the grandest ones.

Would you like a preview? I will give some hints at random. Beverly in Cincinnati; if you go to the part of your city that represents higher education and enroll in the fine arts section of that university, you will meet someone who will offer you a beautiful opportunity. Roulfe in Ottawa, when you get up in the morning of the second day from today, the phone may ring. If so, when you answer it, listen very well, for it could bring you an idea for your next venture. Mr. Adolph Crison, tell your daughter that you love her, and that you would like to see her. Bonnie, you are about to find a lucky penny; give that penny to the next person who comes along, and tell them that you like something about them (their hair, clothes, smile, etc). Rudy in Choctaw, go about your business and you will find it suffocating; take a different turn that you have been contemplating, and you will find an open door that leads to the gold. And finally, Missy in South Bend, you will benefit from telling your boss that you are going for a vacation; this is the time for you to make your move.

You see, my friends, there are choices that you make, for all kinds of reasons. These choices are not always the ones that take you toward a grandness. They sometimes take you further along the comfort zone, or into a mess that you didn’t see coming because you had your blinders on. When you make decisions that take you to the gold, you have made them by listening to that still quiet voice inside that allowed you to step forward in strength and confidence. Even though the choice may have revealed a bit of fear, when the choice came to you in strength and solidity, it came to you in truth. Trust that voice, that feeling, that knowingness, even in the face of wondering whether it will actually work for you. When the fear arises, face it squarely and ask it what it is telling you. What does the fear represent? When you’ve gotten beyond that, then you’ve discovered the other reason for making the choice. It’s a way of clearing out the garbage; it’s a way of moving forward lighter and freer.

Have fun along the way, and know that whatever you choose, it does not have to be forever. Any choice that you make will be a learning experience. It can be the thing that gets you from point A to point G without even skirting the points in between. You’re that much further ahead, and you took the chance to get there. Play with your ideas. See where they lead you in your mind. Know that you are at the wheel, and it is your life that you lead.

I am on my way to a picnic; anyone wish to join me? There’s blueberry pie, and fried chicken, potato salad, green salad, watermelon, and cool lemonade. You notice I mention the pie first; yum-m! Have a great day; see you in the next turn of the wheel!


 Morning Wakeup Call Diaclosities, June 18, 2003


Good morning my dear ones. How is this day looking for you so far? Is there a plan in the works whereby you will be coming into the place of divine guidance, or are you going to just go about your day as you feel? I am Diaclosities, and I am here to tell you that there is really no difference.

Yes, my dear friends, they are really one and the same. Your inner guidance is manifested by your feelings. When you make a decision and the result is wonderful, how did you feel when you made the decision to begin with? This is something you may want to pay attention to, for it is the feelings that speak for the soul. Never mind what your mind says, if it differs from the feelings, for the mind would be controlled by the ego, which is coming from fear. You can address the ego, and assure it that the action you are taking because of your feelings will lead you to heaven on earth. Then when that proves to be true, your ego will sit up and take notice.

Your ego is a helpful part of you; now it is time to thank it for all the assistance it has been to create the life you’ve had. While you’re at it, you can now tell it that you will be pleased to bring it into the new paradigm, and invite it to become a gentle partner with you. Now it will assume a different role, and be an equal partner, sharing in the glory. So the process begins; you retrain your ego to become that willing and eager partner who will share in the wonderful things that you do. It will supply much of the enthusiasm; indeed it already is assuming that role. It will revel in the triumphs of joy that are pervading your life and will continue to. This is a wonderful hand in hand road that you travel now with your ego. Start thinking of your ego in different terms. Instead of the enemy and one to overcome, think of it as your friend and compatriot with whom you will have many splendid adventures. Think of it as your lover who will always be there for you, and you for it. Think of it as your partner in this life experience in all ways, and you will sail through life, assisting it to the glory that you experience.

When you have started doing this; then watch your life change. Watch the events of your life become more deliberate and easier. Watch the people around you change and become more loving and agreeable. Watch the numbers of friends come and go in their relationship to your newfound freedom of expression. Your relationships will change because you will change in your relationship with your ego. Tell your ego that you love it, over and over again. Instill the trust of your ego, and you will trust yourself more. Remember that your ego is not separate from you, and now along with the uniting of the spirit comes the uniting of the whole, in concept as well as reality.

I bring you this message this morning so that you may find another way to find your reality in this dimension that I share with all of your realized dreams. There is actually a midway place to this dimension in which lives a myriad display of potential dreams come true. They are all put there by all of you. You actually have a choice, in most cases of the ultimate reality that you intend for your lives. And they are all in that midway point to this dimension. This has been created from your changeability, and it is fluid, as is your lifestream. Making friends with and helping it to become one with you in intent will assist you to find the perfect dream reality to bring to this dimension.

And one more thing, my friends; it doesn’t end here! No, this is the stepping off place into infinity, and you take this energy with you wherever you go, whatever dimension you visit, you are always in this dimension for it is the vehicle by which you travel. We are the Merkaba for your life pattern. Yes, that is true; now perhaps you understand a little more about dimensions. They are all within you. You are huge, and expandable. You are beyond your wildest dreams, for you never get on the other side of who you are; it is impossible for you never reach infinity. There is no other side to it; there is no end of it, and the beginning of something else. All is part of the One, and goes on forever. So, if you think you don’t have time to incorporate your ego fully, we’ll wait for you; it will be but a second, a moment in time. And then, voila, there you are completely integrated and loving it! Start by loving it now, in your mind and heart, and before you know it, it will be so. And as the great beloved magnetic master Kryon says.

And so it is!  


Morning Wakeup Call Diaclosities, June 19, 2003


Good morning my friends, I am here to tell you of a time when the world was young and so were you. I am Diaclosities, and I was here in my glory as one you knew as Hercules. I roamed the soils of my homeland and walked in the shoes of a warrior of the mighty. I placed myself in danger everyday and every night. I continued to plague the wicked and the insensitive, and I did it in the name of God.

As I stormed into battle after battle, I carried my sword of truth high, and I fought proudly and in mighty defense of the God I defended with my last breath. This was the truth I carried throughout many of my lives, and when I came to the end of those lives, that is how I died. When I reached the other side, I saw how I had misrepresented the idea of God, and continued the myth throughout many lives. So strong was my conviction in life that you must have a foe to prove your might and your testimony, that I did not allow the real strength of truth to come forth in it’s gentleness of purpose.

Oh, I was a gentle man in many ways, and a gentle woman as well, in those lives in which I adorned my vestiges of battle. When not in combat, I assumed a role of love and tenderness. This only intensified the role of warrior, for I saw the fullness of purpose and the identity of the love I felt for all of humanity by fighting the fiercest battle in defense of the love of humanity. I did not see that the battles were in defense of me, and my ideas of the value of life and the way it is lived.

My role as the defender of the weak only encouraged them to more weakness. My battles against the tyrannical only kept that idea of tyranny alive for those who felt victimized by them. My wars on the wicked and the evil ones only served to keep them in purpose for as long as there was a defender to come up against them. This was the illusion that I helped to perpetuate. This was the ground from which I employed my sense of worth.

Then one day I came upon a tiny spider. This spider hopped upon my sword and just sat there proud and arrogant in its stance. I, being a mighty warrior, was not afraid. I looked at the tiny spider and I dared it to move. It remained steadfast and unmoving. I shook the sword and tried to alter its position; it moved not an inch. I twirled the sword and thrust it into the ground. Still the spider remained where it had first alighted. I bent to see it more clearly. What was it about this spider that fascinated me so? Why had it taken my attention so mightily? As I drew nearer in my gaze at the spider, its little head turned and its eyes gazed into mine. I was held spellbound. Those eyes were as deep and as huge as all outdoors. I could not remove my gaze from them, for they held me transfixed. I saw such beauty in those eyes, such utter stillness and love. I could not move; I could not speak. I remained stooped over, staring into the eyes of eternity for what seemed to be forever.

You see, I felt that in the instant that I was thus occupied it was forever. This is how it is in the annals of time. I went somewhere that day in that stare. I went home to the place of my origin, and I saw myself for who I really was. I saw God, and I saw all of creation. It changed my life, and it happened in that one instant of time. But right there on that spot on earth, beside the sword that shivered in the light, that spider took me to eternity and back. I learned something that day. I learned that it matters not the size of the warrior, the breadth of his skill and daring, or the battles he wins on the blood-soaked soil. The battles he wins inside himself are the battles with his own darkness. These are the battles he wins with himself, and these are the peacemakers that bring him closer to who he really is, and the Creator who gave him life.

I stopped in my fight for the oppressed long enough to see that I was the oppressed, and I was creating that with my fighting. That is when I stopped fighting, my friends. I put down my sword and picked up my shovel and started creating life, rather than taking it. I created food for the hungry and the oppressed. I fed the armies of angry ones and found that their anger was from hunger. That hunger came from the emptiness inside that was represented in their vacated spirit. From that point on, as I walked the fields of battle it was with a treasure trove of food and love.

That was the turning point in my life; the one that set me on a course for this place where I am now. Oh, I found a great many ways to experience this life after that one. Nevermore did I take another’s life in battle, or in any other way. When I found my way to this place within I did so through love of myself and of all that is.

I will see you soon, as you gaze into the eyes of your spider, and see eternity. I will gaze at you from the other side of those eyes and you will see the God I see, for He is within all of us. We all see each other as we see ourselves, and we see God in all of it.

I go now and encourage you to not step on any spider, but to thank it for being around. It may be your spider and your window to eternity.


Morning Wakeup Call Diaclosities, October 27, 2003


Good morning my dear ones! I am standing on the crest of a hill looking down into a town much like yours. There is a faint moon on the horizon, and it is accompanied by another of lesser size. It is coming to light the way to a brand new day, and when it shows its colors, it will set itself past the horizon and go on to other places and other horizons. This is the future from which I speak. And this is the time that is in store for you, if you chose.

My friends, I Diaclosities, speak to you from the area of the potential for your coming world. When you see this new moon coming to you in the glow of the sun, you will think at first that you see a reflection of the moon that you have gazed so lovingly and longingly to for so long. This is a new companion for this old and venerable moon. This is the companion that was once in line with the other, and has come back to reign with her friend and shine through life with all of you.

You will know of this coming before it happens. You will be pleased to anticipate her arrival. This will be as a homecoming for those of you who remember that she once graced the fair skies of home. You will receive a newsbreak that will herald her return, and glory the path that she takes.

This is but one of the features of this new world that you will enjoy. When the sun comes up in the morning, it will bring with it a light to shine with another that will accompany the orbit that transcends the universe. This orbit I speak of is an energetic one. There is a connection that this new sun will make with the universe, and that is to make the connection with the All That Is a very strong one indeed .It will hold the energy of grounding with the All That Is and it will transcend any interference that may come the way of the present sun in it’s transition to the stewardship of the new energy for this solar system.

This is a new way of being on planet earth that you will have the choice to make. In this choice I give you the possibility of how you will receive these new heavenly bodies. I see for some of you that the choice will be a difficult one. That is the one that takes more time to accept than others. I see that this choice in potential holds the least amount of energy, and that is represented as being the least likely choice that will be made. The most powerful choice I see is the one in which I reside. I know you haven’t heard from me for a time, so I am now holding court with the others at my side. When I say this, I say it quite figuratively, for there is much being done these days in the realm in which you live and the one to which many of you aspire. I am taking a diversionary path to show you what your choices of today may create for you in the future.

One other thing I wish to bring to your attention is the idea of living within the earth and in the beautiful cities that are within your planet now. There are those who will come to the surface and welcome those who recognize them. At first not all who walk the surface will see these ones, for they are still in an energy that does not recognize their frequency. This too shall pass. There will come a time when there will be communities on the surface as well as within the earth, and then they will all share the same level of Divinity. The new communities on the surface will be adjusted to suit the consciousness of those who will reside there. The cities will be fantastic places to live and work with the concept of divinity. There will be great places of commerce and wonderful places of learning and worship and sharing of all kinds. The societies will support the ideas that create them, and the messages of love and joy will be present in manifestation in every aspect of life.

This is but a small portion of what I see in potential for all of you. This will be, as it is now, a changing world that will grow to reflect the growth of all of you. I live in the potential of the perfection of your energies, and I hold that potential for you to tap into and change, forever evolving to another plane another idea. In that way I change and evolve, for I am your manifestation. At the same time that I dream of you, you are taking that dream that you live, and bringing it into manifestation for your potential. That is the circle of life, and you are I, as I AM you in potential.

So, my dear ones; get ready for the ride and hang on, for it is going to be a long one, and filled with wonder. You will one day see me and see that I AM you and that you have achieved that perfection, and then I will slip away, and you will reach out, only to find that I AM that illusory part of you that is ever ahead and at the same time right there with you. I suggest that you see the event that is coming to your living rooms and doorsteps as being there NOW, and welcome the truth of the day to your reality. This is the moment that is in potential, and the next will be history. Live it NOW to the fullest!

I bid you good day and fare thee well for NOW.



Morning Wakeup Call Diaclosities, December 16, 2003


Today is a day to while the time away and fix the little things that come your way. It is a time to rejoice that they are little things and don’t mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. This is the day when all the vagaries of life are put in a perspective that shouts to the rooftops that all is well with the world, and life is grand in its daily ministrations of love and compassion in the events that represent the divinity of mankind.

Good morning! I am Diaclosities back for a visit with you, and a sharing of hearts that helps to get through the day. Take the instance of oppression that has been felt by so many; this is a matter of judging the events surrounding the oppression as not to be to the advantage. In some cases this may be looked upon in another way and can be seen as a gift in disguise. For instance, when a person is kept from doing a particular thing, and the ones doing the oppressing are seemingly friends, then one has but to look at the oppression and ask if this is indeed a protection from oneself, therefore changing the energy and rendering it to be an invaluable gift that reaps the reward of a turnaround point in the life of that person, which results in a circumstance of fortune.

This is taking place in many instances right now in your world. This is the energy in which enemies are rendered neutral, or at best, friends, after all. It is all in the perception, and the underlying current of common perception. This is the triad that reaps the rewards for all of humanity. This is the level at which the rewards of Heaven are seen and understood. When you hear of world events that have profound effect on humanity, then you look back and see the same energy of events in history, and see how in the broader spectrum this energy played itself out to the benefit of mankind.

This is a large part of this plan that has been implemented on earth these last few millennia. This is the outcome of careful planning and steadfast monitoring along the way. There is nothing in this plan that has not been set into a strategic assemblage of energetic gatherings of intent and purpose. When the energies of this intent play out to the culmination of the plan, then you will all look back and exclaim, “How wonderfully this all played out, for there is so much that would not have come about so splendidly were it not for the misunderstood!”

My dear friends, this is not to say that there is not mischief taking place right now. This is not to say that the indignation of the masses is inappropriate, not at all. This is to say that the parts of the play are set up perfectly, and the resulting energies are working to complete the scenarios of change, and Heaven is even closer to your awareness than it’s been ever in this plan. When it reaches critical mass, then you will all see the playout before your eyes, and the realm in which I live will be yours and you will join me in the celebration.

This leads me to another point that I wish to bring to this communication. When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for our leaders to take a seat that assumes the responsibilities of tyrant and usurper of the laws of man, then there is a larger purpose in this measure. This is a grand set up for the forces of light to come into the fray and bring an amount of light to the proceedings that otherwise would not be received and acted upon. This is the magnet that influences the energies of change. This is what is taking place in your world right now. Have you noticed that there is much change taking place not only in the world picture, but on a personal level as well? My dear ones, hold on, for this is a ride that will take you into the final stretch and give you the advantage of riding the waves of energy that bring you to the beaches of ascension and the culmination of all that has come before. These are incredible days of transmutation, and when the ones of the change take their places in line to receive the benefits, there will be no limits, no situations that have effect on the outcome. All will be equal, for it will be in the eyes of the Creator that you are scrutinized, and there is no judgment and no limit.

So take the initiative, and find the Heaven in all of the events of the world. Take this knowledge into your hearts as you address the events of the day, and know that your leadership unto yourself will make the difference in your world. This is a time when you will find the peace that you so strive for by standing outside of the fray and loving what you see, at the same time as you are participating as your inner voice directs.

The peace warriors are at the gate, and they are you and they are I; and we are all the same in purpose. Love the journey, and come back home to the trueness that lives in your heart.


Wakeup Call Diaclosities, September 29, 2004


There is something I would like to address my dear ones, and it is that there is not enough play in this world. There is not enough joyfulness, or frolicking. When you bring a degree of frivolity to your life, you give yourself not only a longer life, but you also give more of that energy to others around you.

I AM Diaclosities, and I can no longer stand by and remain silent, for I give myself to you when I see that there is a slippage from the path that takes you to the world of the dimension where all is Light and full of peace and joy.

It is so wonderful to be speaking with you again in this manner. I AM taking this opportunity to come to you to tell you how it was when you were more full of joy. Remember when there was always a grin on your face as you awoke in the morning? Yes, that is the way it was, for I remember. I remember when you whistled a happy tune most of the time, and when you weren’t whistling, you were humming, or outright singing.

Yes, my friends, you were a happy lot, and when you lived your life this way it made all of the world a joyful place to live. It made the flowers nod and blush in your direction, and it made the trees sway and dip to the sounds of the rhythmic tones of your happiness. The birds joined in your chorus, and the animals leapt from their lairs to listen and join in.

Now I hear you lamenting this report I am giving you. You don’t remember your lives ever being that way. My dears, that is because it is yet to happen, in your estimation of time. You see, this is your future I’m tuning into, and since you are learning to remember that time is simultaneous, you could say that I am seeing how it will be at some time in the future.

Now I ask you, what is to keep you from bringing that future into your present time? How is it that you should even consider not joining with this promise that you give to yourselves? Wouldn’t you like that to be your Now moment? You can do that, you know, by just living it now. If you don’t, my friends, you will be pushing that future on further and further ahead of you. It will not be your future, unless it is first your Now. I ask you, why would you not do that now? Why would you not see that there is no time like the present?

Examine that phrase for a moment…there is no time like the present. Isn’t that so? The past is just that, and the future has not happened yet, so the only time is the present, and you don’t usually think of time in terms of the present, for in your estimation, time can only be measured in terms of then, not Now.

My friends, when I was on your earth as Hercules, I was completely immersed in what I was doing at the time. I gave my every moment to the now concept of being. Oh yes, I did acknowledge the past and the future, but only as they related to the present. They were tools for me to measure the present. It was as if using those tools gave me the .00-factor that made the present more real to me. I gave myself completely to every moment, and brought the past into it as a way to measure the future, and vice versa.

You may want to play with that for a while. See where it takes you, and remember that this is a game. See if it makes you laugh or sing. See if it lifts your heart and shows you a different perspective on what you are doing and where you are in the moment. This could be a happy time in your life, if you give it your attention and find the joy in it. It is there, you know, for you put it there with your innate sense of knowingness and the ability to implement it in your world.

That is what creates your ability to transcend the lower dimensions and live in the dimensions where I reside. It is so wonderful to be able to communicate with you like this, for it means that you have all expressed a desire to be here and it is strong enough for me to have heard the call. You know what that means! It means that you are on the threshold of accomplishing that which you desire, and your intention is clear. So, just step into it and live it. That is the way you bring your present, past and future into the Oneness that it is.

Okay, my friends, that is my visit for the day. I invite you to come into my lair and see what my bag of tricks looks like. You may see a turtle lying on his back and giggling profusely over the tickle of the ant that is scurrying back and forth over his belly. Or you may feel the dainty flower petal as its velvety softness brushes your cheek every time the breeze stirs it to motion as it lays against your skin. Whatever it is, it is there to tantalize and titillate the senses, so lets get started. The first one into the pool of joy is a rotten egg, and it smells oh so good, because where I am there are no foul experiences. A rose by any other name would be a rotten egg.


Wake up Call: Diaclosities, October 01, 2004


My dear and wonderful friends, I am Diaclosities again, and I wish to bring you some news of the dimension that you have all just created. It is a dimension that before last night did not exist, except in the minds of all of you. Your intent was so strong and clear that in the work that you have done, and the clearness of that work you have created a new paradigm that will steer you through the next days, weeks and months with an amazing speed and agility.

I am now visiting this new dimension that you have created. I will share with you how it is to me. With the intent that was established last night this dimension was squeezed from the one you resided in before last night, and the one you were aspiring to. You, through your collective energies, created a reality that carries with it an amount of love that thus far has not been available to the ones who are living in the dark reality that is of their making.

This love energy is being imparted to those ones on a steady and continuous basis, and with this love there can now be a clearing of the shadows of government on your planet, and also there can be a showering down upon all of those who live in the darkness the light that can set them free of the shadows.

When these ones are enveloped in the light then they will be able to find their way through that tunnel that Enki spoke of. They can find their way into the light, and therefore see their own light that has been staring down upon them and beckoning them to look into their eyes and see the real one there.

As I wander through this reality that you have created I see many faces. I see those faces with a smile and with the look of “haste to hell” washed from their faces. I see a wonderful expression of wonderment for some, and remembrance for others lighting up their countenances.

Do you know what this means, my dear friends? It means that there is now a dimension available for these ones to readily claim as theirs. It is a stairway to the truth from which they came. It is a roadmap by which they can remove themselves from the self-imposed prison that they have found to be a one-way door. They seemed to have thrown away the key, however that key landed in the hands of The Source, and he gave it to all of you. Last night you accepted that key, and with the love that prompted that acceptance, you have unlocked the secret to their freedom.

There are those last night who heard the call to look to the light. There are those who were wandering around in a daze of anguish and resentment, who saw from the corner of their eyes a glimmer of hope for a better way. Those are the ones who are there now, in this new dimension of reality. They heard and they answered for they were searching, though they knew not what for.

With this new dimension in the works, there is more potential for a life with all the love and light that is The All. You have laid the foundation, and with those who have answered the call and stepped out of the darkness the walls of light and the rooms of love are secure and constant through the knowingness from all of you that it is so. You didn’t even know what you did. Now you do, with this knowledge just think of what you can do now. You have the power to go on in this light and produce the infinite in love creations.

It is a fine, fine place from which I bring you this message this morning. I stand in a pool of light that reflects back the smiles of each of you. As one of you thinks of last night and then recalls the love that was garnered then, I see your smiling countenance and I smile back at the grandeur. I see the love in every particle of light here, and I see the formation of the rewards of the return to love for these ones.

I see one of them at the side of St Germain and he is crying tears of joy. I see another who is at the table with Sananda with a feast before him fit for a king. I see another in the arms of Enki, and he knows that he is his brother. I see another who is laughing and playing with the children he long ago left behind, and it is a sight to behold.

I am overjoyed to see all these ones shedding their blankets of darkness and stepping into the light of eternal truth. My dear ones, you do not have to wait till tomorrow or the next day to know that what you do every moment is created in truth in the next. For here is the proof that I am giving you this moment. Tune in and I will take you by the hand and we will walk together through this new dimension of truth and promise of a grand new day for everyone.

I go now and join all those who are streaming forth into this new reality; the moment is sweet my friends. Thank you and bless you all for this gift to humanity.


Wakeup Call Diaclosities, October 05, 2004


There is a great deal of controversy going on surrounding the elements of nature and the effects it has on the masses. Some think that Mother Nature is responding to the clearing out and revolting in her way. Others think that the illuminati are using their devices to control and manipulate the weather. Still others think that it is a result of the global warming, and that when the atmosphere neutralizes, then we will return to some kind of normalcy. What if I were to tell you that it is all of the above, and yet none of it?

Good morning my friends, I AM Diaclosities, and I come to you once more, for in this particular segment of your evolution process you call me in as a wave on the beach reaches to a different level as the tide ebbs and wanes.

Allow me to explain further. As the energy of evolution wave through the All That Is, it brings with it certain elements of integration potential. With that it also brings with it a certain amount of backward motion, for there is nothing that is not in sequence with another. That is a result of the unity of all; nothing is unaffected by what the All is affected by.

With this in mind consider that this is a time of going to the lengths that have only been explored in previous times by the ones who are shadows of the ones now. This brings with it certain influences, and with those comes a degree of light that reveals the backward motion of the whole.

In this backward motion is the ability to amass great things through the revelation of that motion, which could be considered memory. This memory gives one the impression that it is already gone, in the past, as you all call it. In actuality, there is no time, as we have been telling you, and in that respect, there is much to consider when understanding the aspects of timelessness and the evolutionary process.

This is a time in our history when there is much taking place that is bringing the elements of time all together. It may not seem so to many, however when you look to the events that are taking place, do they not mimic those of your history?

This is because it is history repeating itself, with different faces and differing details of the same events energy. It is being played out again for the purpose of perpetuating the course of history and bringing it all to a common completion. This is what evolution is my friends. It is all about bringing all of the events of manifestation to a new completion, to break the pattern that keeps the progression of time from continuing throughout eternity.

My friends, you are in a position now to change the eventual outcome of this memory. You are already surpassing the potential that has not been explored before. This is new ground you walk on, and on that new ground you are making fresh prints in the sand.

One of the results of that is the new dimension I spoke of a few days ago. With this new dimension there is proof that you are creating a different completion. You have decided to step outside the box and find a new way to carry on. You are in the flow of creating a new potential outcome.

With the weather taking it’s path at this time, it is as a result of all this repatterning. There are certain ways that you all respond to these changes, and earth has her way. She could not take the measures she is taking without the influence of the ones who would seek to carry on their part in this process. Without the specified ingredients to this mixture, there would not be the expected results.

So you see my friends, there is something taking place here that requires all of the intent energy to come together and take the steps that will bring this to the intended completion. When I use the word completion, I do so with the idea that it is but one of the phases and expressions of The Source Creator, and in that expression there is an expected flow of experience, which evolves into another and another throughout eternity.

The earth changes that are taking place are but one aspect of this evolutionary time. As we progress into this phase more, you will see that with that progression there are many who will be given the go ahead to take their plan to the limit and then surpass it, for it is all part of the plan. Without the individual expressions of this phase, there would be a falling back into the old paradigm, and we would be readying ourselves for the same old go-round.

What you did in the past few days is to submit your intent to the forward moving of this new paradigm, and declared that you will forevermore bring your intent into the creation of the new age. In doing this you agreed to the events that must be played out in order for this to occur.

I would like to re-assure you that there is no extinction in this plan. Mankind shall and is surely a forever species, just as is All That Is. You will surpass all previous time for you have already gone beyond the backward wave idea. You have taken the plunge and declared it yours. You have committed to the idea that you are headed for total unity and that you will achieve it while on earth. That means that rather than just an idea it is now a reality. It is just a matter of playing it out and living it, in whatever fashion that deems it a part of the whole experience.

Every one of you has agreed to play your part, and in this you are seeing the result in the weather occurrences and earth changes, as well as the events of mankind where it would seem that all plugs have been pulled and all rules put aside. What you are living now is the fullness of the possibilities that can be thought, and it is a challenge to all of you.

My suggestion to you is to hold tight in the light and know that when the dust settles you will all be standing in your light loving one another and embracing All That Is. I will hold your hands and whisper of the days when it all started, this new change. We will reminisce and remind each other of the promises we made back when it was dark. We will love the light where we are and know that we have created a new paradigm in which we can live and create in perfection throughout eternity.

This is our new gift to ourselves and All That Is. We are blessed for it, and in love we do prevail. Take this to your heart and know that it is the strength that will take you through the times ahead, for you are the strength and the bearers of the gifts.


Wakeup Call Diaclosities, August 12, 2005


On this day I shall bring you a word about the state of things in the world, and especially the USA. I AM Diaclosities, and I have not been here for so very long. With the times as they are, and with all of you so close to seeing me and my realm, I have come to tell you how it looks here at this time.

As some of you may not know, I AM from your future, the future of your ascension into the 5th-7th realms. I represent the creation that you have amasses through your ministrations of the ascended energies. When I first came to you through this one, I was seeing that you would all come into this realm in a way that afforded a minimum of challenge.

What has changed since then is that due to the step-up of the ministrations of the group your refer to and the illuminati, there has also been a stepping-up of the light energies. What this means is that there is a closer coming of the lightbody status that you are achieving.

When you see an acceleration of the activities that come from the dark energies, you are seeing a match for the light. You are seeing that this all works as a whole, for that is the nature of the Divine. You see that it is a constant, and when the rate of elevation of vibration changes on the one hand, so does it on the other to keep the balance.

As you lightworkers increase in numbers and those numbers increase in vibratory rate, so does the activity of the darkness increase. This brings all of the chaos that you are seeing and experiencing. As these activities increase, so do the levels of light vibration rise, for there is less of the lower vibration to slow the rate.

This brings me to the present moment. With the things that are taking place within all of the world, there is an increase in what seems to be ridiculousness. Some of you find the activities outrageous; some find them unbelievable. Some of you look at the reports from the alternative press and ask, how could these things be happening and we are not hearing of them from somewhere in the mainstream?

This is the nature of what is taking place. The dimensional shifts that are taking place right now are combining realms within each other and then they flow out of and back into each other in a wave that confuses. This is the nature of this interplay of dimensions. It is a time of integration, and this can confound and confuse even the lightest of earth beings.

It isn’t that what you expect, or conceive of is or isn’t taking place. It is that it takes place and it shifts from dimensions to dimension. At some time in earth time it will all equalize and catch up with each other, and then you will see the resultant activity come to balance and then you will see the results of all that shifting.

What I AM to report to you now as to the future from which I come, is that you have come from that era of earth time to one that leaves all that behind, and clears the way for the even-tone realms to ‘house’ you. That is to say, it is as when you come out of a cacophony of noise into a field of flowers with mountains all around, and you hear the utter sound of silence. You stand and look around and it seems that suddenly your ears are not working; you hear nothing, nada.

This can be quite disconcerting to you, and as you are about to think that you must be going crazy, or that you would like to run from the silence, you hear a sound, maybe a bird, or a leaf fluttering in the breeze. You hear one sound, and you think about it, what is it? Is it coming from you, you wonder; did you imagine it, or was it real?

Then when you are convinced that it wasn’t real, you hear another, then another, till you are tuning into to a sweet melody of life. It is mellow, and it is soft. It tickles your fancy and it soothes the furrowed brow. You begin to move and to vibrate with the sound, for it is rhythmic. You find yourself swaying to the waves of sound as they pick up and infiltrate your being.

Then as you dance, you find yourself singing to the music. You lift your voice to the heavens and you know that you speak with Spirit. You know the language is upon you of the sounds of love. You vibrate with the feelings that emanate forth from the plants and rocks and mountaintops.

You recognize the voice of love from all of life, and you know that you are one with all of life. You hear a voice and you know it comes from another who has happened upon this field. You look around and you begin to see people, one by one materialize around you.

You see a friend, the one you were standing with a moment ago. You see another and she looks so familiar. Then you know she is your sister, or your mother. People keep coming to your vision, and soon you recognize the place where you stood or sat but a moment ago. You see that they were there with you, or passing by as they are now. Then you see the houses, the streets and the automobiles as you did when you were in the last moment before the silence.

You realize that you have transcended time and though only a moment has passed, you are in the same place and the same time, yet it is all different. You have gone from the same time of chaos to the time of utter peace, and yet your surroundings look the same.

They don’t feel the same, though, and with this realization, you tune in to what it does feel like. It feels even; it feels light; it feels like there is not a care in the world, and you are right. There is not a care in the world, for you are in heaven, heaven on earth. And you are in your ascended state. You have attained your lightbody, and you are in total bliss.

You think about how it was a moment ago when the world was different. By now you cannot even bring to mind how it was different. You know it was not peaceful like this, and yet you cannot feel how it was, for it is no longer a part of who you are and what you are experiencing.

You look around again and you see the smiles on all the faces, for they too are in the same state. They wonder at this new way of being, and they know that they are in heaven, just as you are. They know that when they take their next step it will be as if they walk on a cloud, and it is.

My dear one, this is where you will find yourself the moment you come to the realm I AM in. You will feel what I feel and you will know that I have been holding your space for you.

Welcome to my world. When you see me and feel my loving embrace, you will be in the realm for which I have prepared a place for all there is.


Welcome Home.