Bushwillows Retreat




TheMaldion- Ruler of the Good Part of the Dark Word


“A leader hiding in time”


 Who is he?  What Is He?



    Leader of the Beautiful Darkness - Hear the Untold Story


       Presented By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba



 Find out:



 * Why the original word split into light and dark.


*How did Maldion discover the Beautiful Darkness


  *How Maldion became the Leader of the Good Part of the Dark Word


 *Maldion was forced to Hide in Time


  *Maldion comes out of hiding and discovers the Daughter of God


*Maldion Reaches Out


  *Maldion goes to Mushaba


  *The split word becomes one


 *The Platinum Beings




We will have many various crystals, Books, Symbols/Templates Available.



 Saturday September 6 2008 from 2-5pm


Crystals and book sale beginning at 1 pm.


Home of Deborah & Steve, 10515 Wheatland Avenue, Shadow Hills, CA 91040



  Cost: $25.00 – Info: RVSP                818-780-2473         -Mushaba Center