Bushwillows Sacred Sanctuary Presents


A Fireside Chat


A Talk of Great Significance Given by


Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba



There is so much going on during this time of Planetary Ascension. Many are seeking the deeper meanings and purpose for what they have been enduring. During this very personal and intimate talk, Anakhanda will address the many issues we are facing today, answering such questions as: 



Please join us as Mushaba delves deeply into these mysteries, which have already changed the course of human history. Much truth and wisdom will be revealed to not only help us step fully into our soul purposes and potential but to also move into the greater Galactic community.


Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

Grandmaster of the Mushaba Force


Special Guest:

Nancy Tate, of the 'Tree of the Golden Light', Channeled Messages: 'Wake Up Calls', and a spokesperson for the Mushaba Force, will be presenting a Live Channeling!


WHEN:     Saturday November 1, 2008 from 2-5pm

WHERE:  The Home of Deborah & Steve, Bushwillow Sacred Sanctuary 10515       

                  Wheatland Ave. Shadow Hills, CA 91040

COST:      $25.00 – Info: RVSP- 818-780-2473 -Mushaba Center

                  Or 818-353-9500 -Bushwillow Sacred Sanctuary


There will be Crystals, Books, Symbols/Templates available for sale.