August 22nd 2016. | Los Angeles, CA.



“When World's Collide: The Unwritten Truth of the Black Race”                

And its Extraterrestrial Origins and Purpose on Earth







*Is it true that a black race of benevolent beings chose to go into slavery willingly! If so why? What sense does that make?

*Why did the Caucasian race seemingly take on the role of superiority or did they?

*Ever wonder about the true origin of the black race and where it begin? Was it in Africa or somewhere else?

*Learn about the enormous untold contributions made by the Black Race that lead to the growth and evolution of humanity.

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, Author of the bestselling book “Ascended Masters of Color-Ascended Beings of Light” and “Mind Over Illusions” is releasing his latest literary work in late October 2016.  However,


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Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba is an author, Lecturer and teacher of the Mushaba Wisdoms and Spiritual/Metaphysical Teachings. He has written over 10 books and has taught workshops, seminars and practitioner’s training in the various disciplines of the Mushaba Energy. 

Review: This is one amazing story! The information that is contained within theses pages are not found within any written material on earth today! Age old questions have been answered! Everyone regardless of race or belief should read this book!


Additional book Info:


Besides his best selling book “Ascended Masters of Color- Ascended Beings of Light” This new book is most important work to date. It addresses something that humanity has lacked a thorough knowledge of since not only the advent of slavery, but since the beginning of humanity on earth. The real truth historical and otherwise has never been written and shared with all of humanity. Just like most of human history, the truth has not been told and the truth has been manipulated for the controllers of earth and humanity to meet their dark agenda, Both the Black and White races have been victims of this agenda.


For the first time in human history, the truth of who the black race are, where did they come from, and what purpose did they serve by coming into the second universe from the first. It is important for all of humanity to understand the truth so that the human society can heal and move forward into full ascension. Its time for us to be our brothers and our sisters keeper and end this madness of race hatred because of skin color. The truth has never been told before now or why this race of beings choose to go into slavery.


In this book, we will speak about the story of the Mushaba People a little further, and bring some information and clarity as to how the Mushaba Race relates to the history and Creation of this Universe, the Human being and Planet Earth. This is a story that is now time to be told. Humanity is ready to know the truth of their beginning and how this all began. This is about how and where the Mushaba People fit into all this and at the same time, this story of the involvement of the Mushaba People cannot be told without the inclusion of other major players because Mushaba is involved in, with, and through all of them. The story is amazing, and this is a part of human history that will be shared for all time.


There is something of deep design going on behind the black race. It is something that has been taking place since the beginning of the creation of the human when the Annunaki was here mining for gold. This subject of the black race has been something that causes people to shy away from addressing it. It makes so many people feel uncomfortable. It is something that has to come front and center. The time for the black race to be revealed for who and what they are is now. It cannot be ignored or overlooked any longer. The contributions by the black race is something that needs to be acknowledged everywhere on earth.


I am going to tell a story that is real and true. I will go back, way back into the beginning of earth. In fact, I will go back even before the earth was fully formed for the contribution to that by the black race was simply amazing. The truth about why the Black Race has been suppressed, downplayed, overlooked, disrespected, taken into slavery, and treated as the most despised and rejected people on planet earth is now revealed for the first time in depth. For those of you of various ethnicities that desire to know the truth, it is brought forward in these pages in a way that has never been approached before.


This Book is Dedicated to Love and done out of Love! Love for the Truth, Love for the Black Race, Love for all of Humanity!