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When you ask Anakhanda Mushaba about his new book” The Book of Mushaba Book 1, he tells you a story of a race of people that have been directly involved in the creation and evolution of man. However, they have remained unknown until now. These beings are called The Mushaba’s,

Mushaba says “This race has also been known throughout history as "The Founders. They live in the Pleiades Star System of the Seven Sister in Alcyone. They originally came from the First Universe into the Andromeda galaxy before moving into the Pleiades by the implosions of nearby black holes”.

In his book, he speaks about The Mushaba’s and the force of freedom and empowerment that they carry as part of their essence and make up. This force is a force of deep and abiding love. It is beyond the strength and power of a mothers love for her new born child. The Mushaba people are a pure and loving people and the Mushaba force is so pure and loving that just having a connection with it is a healing and feeling of awe inspired love. You will be introduced to the race that has influenced many of the wonders that we see on Earth today, as well as their mission and the Force that supports all of this. It is the beginning of an amazing and legendary story that leads into human destiny and the creation of mankind. Mushaba has multiple meanings and besides freedom and empowerment, it also means unity and oneness, divine love, Transformation and Change. They are people of truth, Love, Light and Integrity!



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