A reader emailed me the other day with these comments. I replied as follows. Thank you dear A for your insight and comments.

A: Our African Ancestors are often left out of the spiritual equation but they are central to the movement of this Earth plane. Our role is to bring this Earth people back into alignment with themselves to understand that each race has it’s own karma to deal with, each individual carries the ‘sins or trauma’ of their previous generations and we cannot just walk away from this for it lives within our DNA and is passed on to our children.

The message from our African Ancestors, Gods and Mother/Father Creator indicate that our world is caught up in negativity, which is why Mother Earth is erupting. Our Earth is on a downward spiral and we who are in tune need to awaken earth dwellers that all is not well because each individual in not well, Mother Earth is our mirror. Those of us who are enlightened have a duty to ourselves and to our Earth to live and speak the truth inside our hearts.

Nancy: I feel that you are referring to our original Ancestors on planet earth in Africa, the Mushaba Race. I agree that prayer cannot wipe away the scars in our lives without personal work. However I feel that the Native Americans were more in touch with what the word means than the ones who came to them to teach religion. They found that it had more impact; more people listened to what their message was, through the use of the word prayer. I feel that this is one of the ways that we can bring to harmony all of the various cultures on this planet and still retain the original individuality of each culture. When we speak a language that all understand, no matter what the words are, because it is the energy behind them, then we will be honoring each other and ourselves.

I completely, more than ever, respect and honor the African heritage. I feel that the illuminati knew what power the original Africans had and that is why they forced them into slavery. They knew that by doing that they would set an example on a subliminal level to all people that if they were to express and live their sovereignty that they would be forced into a sub-level of power. In that way it became an example that worked in a way that many people do not see.

Not only that, but they saw the power that the Africans had to live their lives in joy, power and all of the elements that the Mushaba Force contains. The original

Africans lived the Force so grandly, without trying to hide it. That is why they were reduced to what we see today. It is also why they allowed it to happen, and I speak now of the Africans. It is because on a deep soul/ spiritual level they knew that they were here for a reason and that in order for their destiny to be reached they had to follow what came. Certain pieces of information had to be closed off from them in order for this to be accomplished.

Look at what has happened here on earth in order for this to come to the place where we are challenged to touch in again to our sovereignty. How can we deeply appreciate what we are capable of, who we are, unless we experience the opposite, or reduction of who and what we are, if it is not to live it? Now we are coming to the place where we will be able to open up all of the doors that have been closed and live our power once again. In so doing we will recognize our origin with the original Africans, the Mushaba race. From that race came all of the other races here on earth in consumation with the white races, who also came.

Yes, we do have a duty to live and speak our truth. We must do that in peace and love, not in pushing and resistance to the fear. In that way we feel our power from within and that propels us to further movement to the revelation that we are free. Then we live it, no matter what anyone else says or does. That is a Force that is impenetrable. It can go the fullness that is necessary for the release of the imprisonment that we have been experiencing.

As we continue to grow in our power our vibration increases. That gives us the ability to remember who we are and to live our power. We are now in the drivers seat, and nothing can stop us. The way we get there is to live it moment to moment and see the difference it makes in our lives. It takes people who are open to the idea that we are more than we have been living. It takes people who question what is set in stone and then see the truth of what that stone represents. That is when we live our freedom and power forever.