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                                       Michael Jackson          

                                                Beyond A Man

 When you ask Anakhanda Mushaba about his new book” Michael Jackson, Beyond A Man, he tells you a story of a man that the world thought they knew. He speaks about Michael’s journey that most are not aware of and how this journey is changing the world.

Mushaba says “Michael is beyond an Icon. He is beyond the King of Pop. He was a messenger from God to bring the message of love and healing for the world, to save our most precious entity, that of Mother Earth.” Mushaba also said “When Michael spoke the words “We are the World”, he wasn’t just singing a song, he was delivering a message of peace and unity for all people to come together as one, as brothers and sisters”.

In his book, he speaks about Michael’s deep spiritual roots and his connection to Mother Earth and to creation itself. Michael was uncannily plugged in to the frequency of love, healing and service. Michael loved everybody and his heart was so pure and so loving that just being around him, was a healing and feeling of awe inspired love. Michael carried an electrical, spiritual energy that electrifies anyone who watches him. Mushaba explains how when this energy enters the people it is contagious as it connects people as one everywhere in the world from the streets of Los Angeles to the prisons of the Philippines. Mushaba says that this book will be a teaching tool for all people to get to know the man, the human being, the father, the brother, the son and the messenger of love and healing in a way that the world has never known. His reach into the hearts and souls of people is like none other and even from the other side of life; he is still healing the world.

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