The Maldek - Time Warp Saga


Notice! March 12, 2017: The Maldek Time-Warp Clearing and Healing Session is not being offered anymore. The information is still here in order for you to have the complete picture of what some of those who were on Maldek have chosen to clear from their time there. We are now in the energy when the clearing has been done, or is being cleared in other ways.


Overcome grief, sadness, confusion and depression

Conquer any fears that you may have

Tune into your creative self for inspiration and guidance

Be one with your true and authentic self

Be in control of your future and destiny


Do you have any of the following or know someone that does?


*A fear or phobia that limits you and interferes in your living the life that you have always dreamed of?


*A lack of self-confidence in your ability and potential to move forward in life as well as suffer from low self-esteem?


* Do you feel that you are not in control of your life and future destiny?


* Do you have unexplained feelings of grief, sadness, depression, and confusion?


* A lack of real solid faith, trust and belief in yourself that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to?


* Do you seem to have lost your connection to your true self, to who you truly are?


* How would you like to find out the root cause of various pain or illness?


* Ever meet people for the first time or just see people you never met, and feel this negative energy towards them and don’t understand why?


If there was a way to identify the root cause of these various issues, would you want to know, as well as what to do to remove them not only from your life, but from your Energy field, Cellular memory, and Soul imprint for good?


There is a way to end this. It has to do with what we carry from what we call past lifetimes. We forget that in reality, there isn’t a past present or future, but all that exist is in the now. It is a continuation of the same lifetime. Albert Einstein has stated that, “People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”


That is absolutely the truth! You see, there is information about our soul that we need to understand in as clear a manner as possible. It is because of what has been imprinted upon our soul and cellular memory, and what we carry in our energy field, that the soul keeps perpetuating the same story over and over again.


However, this is another subject all in itself. You see, this is how we carry trauma with us through lifetime after lifetime no matter how long it may have been. It continues to build and cut deep, deep grooves into our soul imprint, our cellular memory and our energy field.


What I wish to share with you is a little information about a discovery that can change all of this for every single person that chooses to embrace this. The fact that you are here on earth is reason enough to go through what will be presented here. It all began with a Planet Called Maldek that was in existence approximately Eight Thousand Million Years Ago! Everyone on earth has had some form of connection and or interaction with planet Maldek and what transpired there so long ago. Allow me to explain and share some information about Maldek, and then share what was discovered, that can bring a final end to all the enslavement that we have been suffering because of the Maldek time-warp experience. 


The understanding of Maldek and the time-warp that it was in is a very powerful awakening for humanity. Understanding this and your role in what happened on Maldek is crucial to you being fully released from guilt, shame, remorse, feeling responsible, feelings of betrayal, that you let some one down, letting God or Creator down, etc.


This information that is being brought forward by Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba and his family along with Nancy Tate is something that humanity has needed to know for a very, very long time. However, humanity had to be ready for it to accept and understand it. It began with Anakhanda Mushaba and his family. This is when all the Maldek trauma and the time-warp began to come forward. A great deal of information started to come forward between Anakhanda and Nancy Tate. The Mushaba Family was looking for answers. They were looking for the same answers that most all of humanity is looking for. The questions that most were asking are “why is it that no matter what I do, nothing seems to work for me? With all the clearing and work that I have been doing for all these years, why hasn’t my situation changed to that which it should be with abundance, peace of mind, success and all the things that my heart desires? “


Anakhanda has been saying for many years that, “There is something far beyond our awareness that is affecting us. It is something that even Spirit is not aware of, or they are simply not saying. The point is if you are not aware of what is affecting you, holding you back and interfering in your life and dreams, then you cannot do anything about it”. All that we all endured over the many years of doing this work on self was simply to get us prepared for the final showdown. We had many, many layers to remove from our being. We had many onion layers, and many of us had very big onions!


What happened on Maldek?


On planet Maldek, many of us had succumbed to the influences of the race called the Draconians. Who is the Draco’s as they are many times called? They are a very, extremely brilliant race of beings that were absolutely brilliant at manipulation. They were so powerful at this that they could take a person who was confident in their truth and had been teaching and speaking their truth for a very long time, and then get them to end up confused, and doubting what they knew to be true. They had a way to flip it all around and get into people’s head and manipulate and control them. Their influence on Maldek was very powerful. It would take far, far too long to tell the entire story of Maldek in even several articles. So therefore, I will be having a book available in the near future about this entire Maldek Time-Warp Saga.


The entire Maldek Saga took place in what is called a time-warp. In general, this is a description of how the time-warp works. Some of my readers already have this from taking part in the Maldek Time-Warp Clearing Session.


When the time-warp came into place and the Maldek experience came about, it brought a new envelope to the second universe. In this envelope were inserted all kinds of experiences and expressions. With this expansion of the envelope came several waves of change that reverberated throughout the time-warp that revolutionized the existence of the beings in it.


As this took place it was responsible for those who were there to lose ground in the presentation of what they had known to be truth before they entered the time warp. It gave potential to the energies of difference such as duality. That is why it is called a time-warp, because it gives potential to anything that is out of sync with the first universe. It creates a field for change that will not be able to withstand the energy of truth infinitely. It has the potential for destruction not only of what is within it, but also of itself.


The time-warp was created for the purpose of bringing a new idea into the Mind of creation in order to be able to ‘see’ the opposite of what Truth is and not at the same time to self-destruct. In other words as long as there is a time-warp there can be varied excursions from ultimate Truth, and still be a road back to Truth. A time warp has the ability and potential for self-destruction as soon as the destined purpose for it has been completed. Once that happens, it is as if it never existed and Truth is once again accessible in all of existence. What remains for all of existence is the increased knowledge gained from the experience from having created that experience while in it.


This is a concept that the intellectual mind will not grasp; however, it doesn’t change the fact that this is what took place that has all of us in humanity out of sync with what we truly desire to be and to do on the level of our heart vision.


Now, because many of us had some interaction with the time-warp and or on Maldek, you have been affected by the events that took place there. Many of the people on earth are those same beings that were once living on Maldek either as a Maldekian, A Mushaba Being, A Draconian, or a visitor from another star system. We have all come back together on earth to release and to move above and beyond where we left off on Maldek before the destruction. There was a promise made by the Mushaba Force that we would be given a new place with a new potential to evolve far beyond what we did on Maldek. The people of Maldek were 5th dimensional. However, there is more than one level of the 5th dimension. Many times those who reach the 5th dimension feel that they have reached the all knowing but that is not the truth. There are several more levels to this dimension.


This has a great deal to do with why we are not able to manifest at will as we are created to do by nature. You see, the Draco/reptilians know about this part of our souls that is locked up and has been since Maldek was destroyed. So they are able to take advantage of that and add to that feeling of betrayal that we all had to ourselves and to the Creator. That is their part in this, in our finding it so difficult to manifest what we want. They feed on it and in so doing perpetrate it in their actions.


Now the other part of this: You and all those who were part of the movement by the Mushaba beings to try and help the Maldekians then felt so inadequate and responsible for what happened. You hold a deep dark place in your beingness, also in the feeling of betrayal not only to the Force, but to the Maldekians. You my dears have held that firmly in place, as do the others who were involved, including me. This is why many of us, and our families have been having a hard time manifesting, no matter how we try, what we do, and the positivety that we hold throughout it all. That innermost feeling of betrayal overcomes all of the love and positivety.


Those from Maldek were given this planet earth to come to, for it most resembled Maldek and had the same atmosphere that had been on Maldek. Indeed each were once half of the original planet known as Tiamat. There was also an energy of intent that was seeded into the planet, and with this came the untold story of what happened and the opportunity to go through the historical precedence of their former lives and on up to the point at which it was all abruptly ended. This was humanity’s chance to take it beyond the old and on into the eventual realization of that which they had prophesied.


This was our part in the genetic memory that we would carry forth with us into amnesia on earth and on into the coming awakening that is being prepared for now.


There is an ongoing prevalence on earth among the people to see what is before their eyes and to mistake it for all there is. This is, to a great extent, responsible for what we manifest in our lives. There is also the element that is prevalent, seeing is believing, and even though many say that they have risen above that, it is so deeply ingrained in our fields that we do not even realize that it is the governing element that seeks to control us. It is what took place on Maldek and what is still in place for many people.


As this statement that is considered truth to so many is seeded in our fear from the destruction and total annihilation of Maldek, there is a part of us that still feels that it is floating around out there in the universe looking for answers and not finding them. That part of our souls is still in ‘rawness’ from what happened and it is that part of us that is keeping the lock on what is there ready for us to let go of the imprisonment of that part of our souls. When the research is done, which we have done, and the answers reveal that part of us that is still injured and lost, then the release of that turmoil within can take place. This is why we bring you the Maldek Time-Warp Clearing and Healing Session!




Maldek Time-Warp Clearing and Healing Session!


When this session is performed on your behalf with your involvement, there is a matter of freedom that is to be addressed within you and as that is done, then you will feel a new freedom in your heart and you will likely experience a tearful time and a feeling of not being at home in your body. This will only last for a short time, and then you will have allowed the doors to that imprisonment to open and the Mushaba energy within you to speak to your genes, your cells, and your atoms. That will bring upon you the regaining of your memory of who you truly are through and through, and completely allow you the freedom to emerge as the light being you are.


What will take place then is the absolute welcome into your heart and soul of the ultimate knowledge of what you experienced on Maldek. Then from this will come your ability to forgive what you considered to be your ultimate blasphemy toward your Creator, God, or Spirit Everlasting. You will then be able to go forth in that freedom that you have held back for so long. As that takes place, then the reversal of the fear and self-intimidation will come and all of humanity will be able to hear the truth and to be clear on what you are capable of in the name of love. With this session also comes what is known as your freedom number. It will represent the vibration that will suit or match the person while they were on Maldek in the time-warp and what you experienced there. It is your freedom number, freedom from the enslavement that you have been under since it happened.


This will assist you so that you will no longer hold on to the feeling that you betrayed the ultimate within yourselves and all of existence. You will see the truth and realize that the truth shall set you free.


The Maldek Clearing will involve the combination of the expertise of Nancy Tate and the Mushaba Power of Five. Nancy Tate’s role is to tune into who you were and what your role was during your time on Maldek. She will provide information that will assist the Power of five in conduction clearing tailor made for you and your experience. The Time Warp Closing Session will involve Nancy Tate and the Mushaba Power of Five as they tune into your field after the Maldek clearing. Nancy will, tune in to see what info comes forward that could assist in the closing of the time warp for any individual. They will see what and how the time warp is affecting you. The power of five will then proceed to do an intensive to assist in closing the time warp for you. You will have personal involvement in this closing. You will be sent information for what you can do to empower yourself.

You will have personal involvement in this clearing. You will be sent information for what you can do to empower yourself.



The Maldek Clearing Session is very deep, very intensive. It goes not only to the soul, but the Soul Blueprint, the DNA and the Cellular memory.

This session is the foundation for clearing away the connections and the residue to the Maldek Trauma from its destruction and the destruction of its people. It changes the message currently being transmitted by your soul, which is one of annihilation and failure, regret and blame. It is this very message that has kept anyone from experiencing the life that they desire on all levels of their being. On an unconscious level, we feel blame, regret, fear, and many emotions so we unconsciously sabotage ourselves. This prevents us from living the life that we truly desire. This is the reason why no matter how long or how much effort, focus and manifestation you have put into creating the life you want, it hasn’t happened. This clearing is far more important for taking care of that once and for all than can be explained. The big issue here is that we have been completely unconscious to what has been controlling our lives. We have seen it appear as many things. However, no matter what we did it did not clear it. This is because we never got to the clarity of understanding the root issue. That core issue is and always has been Maldek.



Combined as a part if the session is The Time-Warp Clearing Session, which is very deep, very intensive. It goes to the final core of clearing the entire experience of Maldek. It goes into the time warp and into the awakening of the Centrioles within your being. The Centrioles are what is now being discovered by science as something new that they did not know was there. Ron Hall has brought the Centrioles to our attention as he is doing intensive study on the subject. They say that it offers more potential than the DNA!


This is something that also stems from Planet Maldek. On planet Maldek, it was called Centrioles. It is the earth version of that energy which was put asleep before the destruction of the planet. It has been set to reawaken within humanity when they have reached the right frequency in their evolvement. The centriole is the same energetic imprint, or identity as what is being seen as the sixth sense of duality. This session is to assist in reawakening the Centrioles and closing the time warp to Maldek. Once the time warp has been closed, the Maldek experience ceases to exist in your energy field and is removed from your cellular memory. You always retain the evolvement gained from any experience.