Spirit of Maldek


Maldek began to speak through me a few days before Christmas, 2007. when he did, I felt a definite difference in his energy than any others I communicate with. It is powerful, yet steady and assuring. I feel that he is here now because we are at a time in our evolvement when he can lend us some valuable information about his planet, which he holds in place in the pieces that make up the asteroid belt of our solar system.

He has also indicated that there is a connection with the Mushaba Force and his planet from before it was blown up. I will be posting any information that I receive from, or about Maldek on this page.


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Excerpt From  Sept 28, 2010 Wake Up Call Titled Infinite Being!

In that time warp you were on Maldek. Before that time warp, you were infinite beings traveling through the universe, setting up the potential for what came and what is to come. Welcome back to yourselves, dear ones. Weíve been watching with the light left on and you are about to find your way back Home.

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Wake up Call: Maldek Dec 23, 07

 Nancy: Yes, I feel you; what is it you have to say?

 I am Maldek and I come to you from the energy of the Mushaba race. I come so that all may listen and hear the heart of their home; the one that left you so scattered and disengaged from your souls.

 I once was embodied in the planet that you know of as Maldek. I took on that body in order to carry out the promise of the times that would come after the destruction of our planet. Do you remember our lives together? Do you remember how we grew in spirit and found our lives to represent the falling out of that spirit when we found that we could harness the power of one single atom?

 What was it you ask that took us down that road to our destruction? We listened to the ones who came to our planet and we told them that we would create in their image that which they brought. It was as the temptation of the ages that would carry us forth from our boredom of ascended beings, for we thought we had reached our pinnacle of evolution. That is what stopped us from going further and evolving into the unlimitedness that we knew innately was our destiny.

 When we did that, when we listened to the others who came we were at a point in our evolvement where everything was grand and glorious; we didnít have to labor for that which we wanted, we just created it out of the ethers. We favored our leisure and we loved our ability to create anything that we desired.

 That was our downfall, you see, for with that ability also came the sameness of what we could do. We didnít see that in order to perpetuate that we needed to take it further, to utilize what we had learned and what we had achieved and take it to the stars and share it with our family.

 But that, we did not do. Instead we became complacent in our abilities. We became lazy and uncaring about others. This lead to the downfall of our unity and we began to see others in a different light. We took pride in what we could do and in so doing that cast a shadow on all others. With that feeling of ego, we began to fall from our elevation and to slip through the ages into a metaphoric euphoria that had no lasting power, for it was based in servitude to our own ego. You might say that this is the opposite of what you are experiencing on earth right now. We went from a slightly more elevated state of being than you are now, to a falling away from the knowledge that movement is the creator of the universe.