Question  From a Person who Received a Maldek Clearing

This Posting is For all of You Who Have Received the Clearing


This question keeps coming up, what
happened between 'us', our 'group'
On Maldek, before it's destruction?
Can you answer that for me?


Mushaba: What she is referring to is all of the Mushaba beings who were on Maldek leading up to the destruction and at the time of it. I will tell you this and it is that there was a lot of controversy taking place between all of you for this was an untried situation, and because it was so foreign many of you had adverse ideas about how to handle it the best way.

It was an opportunity for the varying ideas to be explored and dealt with. It was an opportunity for all of you to come together in the Oneness that was being tested in the project. As you all came together and found that the differing ideas were valid in their own right, they didn't blend well in some cases and so some of the ideas had to be put aside. This brought about the discordance that was prevalent for some time.

As it became increasingly evident that the situation was building to a dangerous crescendo, you all then realized that you had better come to a harmonic decision in this and you began to mend your ways with each other and see what could be done to try and change what was beginning to happen as far as the power that the Dracos had over the Maldekians, and even a few of the Mushaba beings.

This came too late as you all realize, at least too late in order to stop the destruction. However, it was a valuable experience in being able to come to terms with what the situation had become and to see the things to watch out for in future endeavors. It truly was a poignant timewarp, and very successful in that respect. Overall it served it's purpose and now you are all living the proof of that in being able to come to the clearing of the energy of that timewarp and go on from there in the ways that I see you all going. It is a 'sight for sore eyes' to see all of you so able to go beyond what happened there and see the new way, clearly and with love and power in the freedom of the Force.

My hat is off to you all. Congratulations!