Maldek Clearing Session Testimonials


We just wanted to express our gratitude and appreciation for your great service for us. Thank you sooooo much. We feel that there was a lot of clearing that took place.

Love & Blessings, B & S


My experience with the Time Warp and Maldek Clearing has been both peaceful, and at times quite powerful. As one who has come to a point since the year 2000 to re-member 3 past lives to varying degrees it was a delight to understand more about my life on Maldek and what was carrying over to my present awareness. I know what was presented to me by Nancy and Mushaba were right on, it just resonated so strongly, and as one studying/teaching the "triad" on Maldek I look to my lifetime now and I am now entering my 19th year attending a school based on one key symbol of the EM spectrum, the triad. No wonder it was so easy to understand here while others struggled.

Right away I knew the Nancy/Mushaba clearing was for me and doing as instructed I had additional remarkable experiences. In fact, I came back with a vision of this big stack of "things" I had owned, various uniforms, accessories, clothes, beloved objects and I was intent on putting it all away, sorting it out properly, a new start perhaps, everything in a new order of me. So what a great result, more freedom. Owning and putting away the lifetime(s) on Maldek into personal wisdom has given me a new lightness of being, subtle and growing and right at a time when great change is about to manifest on the side of freedom restored. I have had even more experiences as a result but those are mine and it has been entirely positive.

The soul wants to own all of its outstanding aspects no matter how distant or long ago they are because even that is illusion, and those aspects do indeed carry an invisible force upon us, and this clearing has been a mysterious, subtle, then powerful, and then subtle experience. I expect it is going to continue for some time as I am freed from the harsh fate of Maldek, and yet understand its purpose to bring into more awareness now, and ever more aware of the dark works. No wonder it's so easy for me to sense the intent of the Dark from the gate, and I will never fall victim to them again, and I will perhaps help others one day to become similarly aware.

It's great to know why for some years I have come back from nightly ventures over the years with the word Maldek blazing upon my first thoughts back here in awareness. It was all for the wisdom, and that's true freedom enabling one to live an unlimited life.

Thanks Nancy and Mushaba,



Mushaba Greetings,

I have been having a lot of different experiences going on since the Maldek clearing.  I am always involved in many different spiritual practices so I cannot always pinpoint my experiences to one modality. You know that I was leaving to go on a Healers Cruise on 10-10-10 the day after we completed the initial process.  So of course being out of my home, off of land, on a  ship and over water was one major shift in itself.  Another shift was being around so many people as I live by myself.  Another shift was the food.  All delicious but very different from what I am used to eating at home and the other shift was that we were assigned to the late dining so I was also eating much later than I usually do. 

I think that I was actually able to handle these changes a little better than I would have in the past.  I was able to be around the people for longer periods of time before retreating.  I was able to hold my own light better for a longer period of time before feeling too scattered, for example there were several times that we walked through the Casino on the ship which was full of all kinds of discordant sounds, lights flashing everywhere and lots of cigarette smoke and I was able to shift my focus from one of  distress to one of sharing Light as I walked through the chaos. 

It still was a challenge to get through it.

My bowels were working overtime the whole time I was on the ship.  So perhaps doing a lot of  physical clearing or perhaps just the shift to being more near the water.  As soon as I got back home the old bowel patterns returned.  The one day that we had to be at the beach on the trip it rained and I was disappointed but felt that I handled the disappointment much better than I would have in the past.  The day I got home my shipmate's granddaughter was backing my car out of their  driveway for me because it was a little tricky, and backed right into the wall so now I need to get the rear fender replaced.  I have not had any kind of accident with my car for many years. 

So that was a bit of a bummer and not the most optimal way to end my trip. However, I felt that I handled that better as well and was able to be consoling to the girl who was driving rather than to focus on how upset I was and I did not keep the upset feelings. They just passed through. That is a major shift for me.  Another thing I noticed is that my roommate on the ship and I got along very well.  I do not know her that well.  We have traveled together on different Spiritual trips two other times.  Many people on the trip were having relationship difficulties and some even had major meltdowns with their  roommates on the trip.  Some people in our group also got pretty sick on the trip.

I usually do get sick when traveling and did not this time.

I feel like my left hip has been dislocated and have been focusing on getting it returned to its proper place and balanced on my own but so far have not been successful and may need to see a chiropractor or physical therapist. It is uncomfortable but not unbearable.

Looking back on the first few days while going through the actual process, I felt really spacey.  I had a  lot of difficulty packing for the trip. Could not focus or get clarity about what I needed to take and could not get organized. Once on the boat, I felt really disoriented.  I felt like there was a cloud of old toxic energy around me.  I was very tired and of course could not go to bed as we were in the middle of all of the energy of the process of boarding the ship, meeting the people in our Spiritual Group, leaving the port, etc.  It took me a couple of days before that dense, spiky feeling and exhausting energy was dispersed.  I just kept calling on the Mushaba Force and the Violet Flame etc to clear it, and kept filling myself with more Light and going out on the balcony of the ship into the fresh air and over all of the water. 

Once I got on the ship, I completely forgot about repeating the  process you all sent to me.  I  printed it out and did it here at home sending love and forgiveness to my present day self, my Maldek self and all of the beings involved and the soul of Maldek.  I guess I was complete with it because my guides did not have me repeat it again after that even though I took it with me on the trip. 


I think the  main thing I can say at this point in time is that it seems to be easier to override my negative ego patterns and stay more in a state of balance than I could before the Clearing.  That in itself is really huge and as that gets stronger over time it will make tremendous shifts for me and all of us. YEA!!!!!

So once again I want to thank all of you for your dedication and Service to the Light and for your perseverance in seeking out the cause  of our missing link for  completing our Ascension and being able to assist Humanity and Mother Earth in their Ascension process.   I  know we have completed a wonderful  step in our evolution and have cleared  a Hugh block and opened  incredible and amazing doorways to the Light for  the ascension of the Masses.

Thank you for your help and support and for your Light here on the planet at this time. 



Bless you all,

This is the first day of my life as my Real Self.  I'm so excited.  I feel like I'm in a whirlwind now just spiraling to greater heights.  Must remember to keep grounded! Words can't explain how I feel.

In the mid-eighties I said to someone that all I wanted to do was work with energy.  My prayer has been answered.

I am The Universe

I am on a Mission

Now I can succeed

With the blessings of Mushaba


Love, G