The Creation of Earth and Maldek, Dec (20-30?), 07



Nancy: I would like to record here what came though me last night. What was the information about Tiamat and Maldek?


Tiamat was a planet in this system, and when Nibiru came through and ‘rent it asunder’ it did not completely separate. It was a process of separation that took place over the next 8000 years, in upheavals and attempts to throw off the forbidden intruder. You could say that it was acting in response to repercussions from the blow from Nibiru. There were shudders and explosions from within that threatened the very existence of the planet, till finally the separation was complete. This is when the two pieces of Tiamat became Earth and Maldek.


In the meantime, because the planet had not been rent asunder completely on the initial blow, Nibiru had to go back to the first universe and begin again. It took 2 million years for Nibiru to come back around again. In that 2 million year time period both earth and Maldek had evolved in their own expressions as two separate aspects of the original. The draconian energy from the Pleiades had come to Maldek and had caused warring energies and a weakened state of awareness; that influence was what led to the demise of Maldek.


The influence of the draconians was not only on Maldek it was also affecting Nibiru. Those on Nibiru were not aware that it was their second time around and so seeing the one planet, which they thought to be Tiamat, they were still operating in the innate knowing that they were destined to rent asunder the planet that was in their path. On that second time around Nibiru attacked and destroyed Maldek, and that created the Asteroid Belt.


Through the evolvement of the two pieces of Tiamat, Earth and Maldek had both closely assumed the original size of Tiamat. They had answered the inner call of restoring the original blueprint of the planet, and they did so within themselves. Remember that this is a holographic universe.


At the time of the separation of the two pieces of Tiamat the feminine energy of that planet separated from the masculine, with earth embodying the feminine energy, Gaia. The masculine energy expressed itself in Maldek.


The masculine energy of Tiamat (Maldek) was so powerful in its intent to take care of the feminine that it reached out from the asteroid belt and gradually covered the feminine energy that was prevalent on earth at the time of Lemuria and Atlantis. That is how powerfully protective it is. That is when the energies of the Annunaki came and influenced the ones on earth to the masculine energy.


It is the nature of the masculine to protect and provide for the feminine. It is so strong that it allowed that influence to lead us on earth into the duality, for it was a basis upon which the masculine could follow their innate feelings of power. However without the balance of the feminine, and with the influence of the draconian energies, the masculine energy influenced the people to warring and treachery. The duality energy was well on its way to completely inundating the energy of the planet. It is what led to the destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis.


The feminine energy on earth has been, for the most part, suspended in time, covered up by the veils of forgetfulness. Now that our vibration is reaching that of being able to come forth in balance with ourselves, we have a basis by which we can return to the feminine energy and then meld the two masculine and feminine.


It was a timewarp that took place when Nibiru went back to the first universe to begin again; the whole thing took place as was destined. This is why the second universe came into being. It was all destined, all of it. The precedent of duality had to be established first before the MUshaba Force could come from the first universe into the second. It was a part of the creation of the second universe.


The separation was destined to not be complete with the first blow in order for the idea of oneness to take root in the origins of earth. From that root we could garner that innate memory of oneness in the separation energy, so that we could return to the Oneness from which we came.


The MUshaba Force was the energy that was to come to earth and influence the planet back to the Oneness, by providing a balancing energy that would serve to awaken the feminine in the energy of the planet and therefore in the people. Humanity carries within it the very essence of that which is in Gaia’s body. That is how we assimilated the MUshaba energy. This was the part of the plan that the Annunaki brought, that of the creation of the hu-man in the image of themselves. They were of the essence of the cosmos and they rendered the hu-man a combination of the cosmos and of the earth. They provided the physicality into which the lost souls from Maldek would embody and carry on their destiny.


Maldek will be re-ordered at the time of the planetary unity on earth of the feminine and masculine energies. At that time it will then meld with earth and we will then be fully in the fifth dimensionality, and will go from there as the One planet, the size of Tiamat, from whence we came. This is a part of the complete restoration of our solar system.