Mushaba Platinum Light




Mushaba Platinum Light


Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba



Part 4

Mushaba Greetings!


This means greetings of Freedom and Empowerment, Divine Love and Oneness, Transformation and Change



After being under the authority, we began to have a lot of communication with other beings in higher dimensions. We began to communicate directly with Prince Tudor who is the Son of the All That Is and the very first beings to come into creation before the beginning of the beginning. Then as we continued to communicate with other beings such as The Golden Knights, The Cha Order, The Highest of the Highest, The Highest of the Highest of Light, The Watchers and others, we finally stumbled upon being able to communicate with The All That Is!


We were first communicating with him through his son Prince Tudor. Then we started communicating with All That Is directly! Now according to the protocols of the Universe, this was not supposed to happen. The All That Is heard our plea and got directly involved in what was going on. Before I go further, let me explain who the All That Is, is. The All That Is, is not a part of creation. The All That Is, is the one that began creation for he is from the energy and realm of existence. Existence has always been here and does not have a beginning; it just always was. The All That Is came from the realm of existence behind the vortex of energy that feeds the Well that feeds everything that we knew. The Well is what feeds all of Creation. The All That Is has never gotten involved in creation. Once creation was set up, and many beings were in charge of many aspects of creation, he stayed out of creation matters and attended to matters in his realm of existence.


The problem that transpired in the 2nd universe is that the leaders that were given the responsibility to serve all the beings under their care got complacent. They helped the positions of power so long that they felt that they owned it, and that no one else deserved to have the positions that they hold. They didn’t have to answer to anyone, including Creator, because in the beginning it was truly about light, love, truth and integrity. They were loving and trusted leaders. Then as billions of years went by they were so comfortable in their place, and they weren’t on their watch. The dark evil beings continue to evolve and gain knowledge and expertise of technology that was far advanced than anything else in the universe. The dark beings never stopped working to take over the 2nd universe. They began to find very clever ways to infiltrate some of the leaders of the light. These leaders were told of a very old legend from the realm of existence that should never have been knowledge available in this universe.


The legend stated that there were two beings of existence that have left the realm of existence and came into creation. No one, not even the Council of Beings in the Well or the All That Is, know who those beings were for it was to be helped as a closely guarded secret for many reasons. These beings would live and create as a part of creation until such time they were ready to begin their mission, which was to appear at the right time to help keep all of creation on the right trajectory toward evolvement. It was known by the beings of existence that there would come a time where the creation would lose its proper trajectory toward evolvement and that the balance of power in the universe would fall onto the hands of the dark evil beings. These two beings of existence would bring it all back and many of these leaders would lose their positions of power. They would no longer rule.


So these beings incarnated and became a part of creation, and they showed up 15 months ago! So the dark beings that had very persuasive powers got many leaders of the light to listen to them. They taught them little tricks and things to do so that they can maintain their positions of power. Then it got out of hand and many of the leaders of the light became very convoluted in their thinking and actions. They had gotten touched, corrupted by darkness and they started working right along with the darkness under the understanding that what they were doing was whatever they had to, to maintain their positions of power. They never really saw what the dark evil beings were doing. They were so interested in themselves and staying in control that the darkness just consumed them, and they got so far into it that they were trapped. They were also under threat by the evil beings that they would tell the truth of their involvement if they didn’t comply with their demands.


So as time went on those convoluted beings of light did many things to sabotage the light and the evolvement of the entire second universe, including themselves! They would pass information on to the dark leaders so they could sabotage the plans of the good beings of light. The question that some of you might think to ask is How did the dark evil beings know about the legend from the realm of existence?”


Here is the story and please follow me very closely here because things in the creation are not what we on earth who are veiled think they are. We have to remember that we were being manipulated by dark evil minded beings on earth. A lot of the information that we were receiving was convoluted and some missing pieces that look like swiss cheese! We never truly got the entire picture. So we were taught that the color black was bad and evil and we should avoid it at all cost. We were taught that white was good and pure and we should always trust that. We have been manipulated for a very long time, even far before the days of slavery in Africa. A lot of great and powerful information is available in my book  “When Worlds Collide”-The Truth about the Black Race and its Extraterrestrial Origins


Now, as I said in part 2 of my articles, we are fastly becoming ready to fully move into the galactic community in the universe. There is so much to learn and to know about the universe, the various races and planets, and what is going on with our galactic neighbors. There are beings in creation that are known as Amoral beings. Let’s be clear here so there will be no confusion; these beings are not immoral but Amoral.


Amoral means: lacking a moral sense, unconcerned with the rightness or wrongness of something. Basically they are unprincipled and without any particular scruples. Many of these Amoral beings are beings of very high and very advanced knowledge far beyond many other beings in this creation. So the dark leaders went to these beings to get information from them. They also received a lot of very advanced technology and knowledge that they should not have had. So, for many millions of years, they were preparing, and slowly taking over the 2nd universe to make it a strong hold for evil. These amoral beings just kept giving them whatever they asked for. They gave these dark, evil and convoluted beings knowledge on how to get around the protocols of this universe, which is how they were able to get around Creator.


This created a very serious problem for Creator and he ask the All That Is for intervention, and he agreed! The initial analysis of the evil and corruption in the second universe was almost unthinkable and unbelievable how far and wide it had progressed.


Now enters the mighty power of the All That Is!


We will cover that in the next part!


You are all dearly LOVED