Mushaba Platinum Light




Mushaba Platinum Light


Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba



Part 3

Mushaba Greetings!


This means greetings of Freedom and Empowerment, Divine Love and Oneness, Transformation and Change


After Papa Force returned from the first universe I was told before I actually got to see and talk with him, I was told by Creator and Mushaba that Papa is like a God! They said you wouldnít believe heís the same being that left and returned. The plan took on more depth and the strategy was kept secret between Creator, Mushaba and Papa Force. One day I spoke with Papa Force because I was very disappointed because the Council had promised me and my family that we would receive the assistance that we have been asking for, for so many years. We were very happy that finally they will help us. The day came and no assistance. We were given another day and another day and another day and nothing! So I asked Papa to help his family and intervene and help us because we are in trouble and we are falling apart we need help now! Then to my great surprise Papa refused the help! He said No I will not help you. I will not go against the council and be called a renegade just to save my family. I said you are telling me that you will let your family suffer and die before you help them and he said yes!


Now you can imagine what I was feeling. What I went through in my mind. I went off on him and I said a lot of very harsh things to him but basically I asked him what kind of father are you? You are not my father, not the one I knew on earth. You are just as bad as the council and you will let your family die, and your wife suffer before you lift one finger to help? I was livid! I said the hell with the council who do they think they are!


I asked him a few questions. I asked him was he under duress, was the council threatening you not to help your family and used the threat of calling you a renegade to keep you in line? Do you need help because we will do whatever we have to, to save you because that is what family does? Donít let these beings tell you that you have to sit back and watch your family suffer and die and fall apart. He said no, I am just following orders and doing what is right and I am not going to go against the council for people that used to be my family in another life! So you can imagine how I felt. I said no matter what, I will get to the bottom of this because that man is not the father I know.


However, what I didnít know at that time is that he was saying what they wanted to hear and they would scan his thinking to see if he was actually thinking that and not just saying that. All I can say is his training in the first universe paid off big time! Of course later on I found out what was happening and why he said those things to me. I know that it was the most difficult thing he ever had to do besides dying and leaving his family. It hurt him deeply because now his family thought that he no longer cared for them, no longer loved him. We were wrong. The way I found out about the well-laid plans was in a coded message, coded so that I could figure it out, and when I did I was relieved that he was the father that I know and I kept it secret. The council was pleased with him for they thought that they had him 100%.

So as we continue to go back and forth with the council it reached a boiling point with me. I sent a direct message to the council by my brother from planet Mushaba and he presented my statement to the council members. It was a scathing statement and that changed everything!


Basically, I called the council out. I said to them: My family and I do not want anything else to do with you because we do not trust you. We are done with you because many of you are a bunch of liars and evil beings and your actions prove it! We refuse to follow your orders or listen to anything you have to say. If you want to call us renegades go ahead because we are going to tell everyone the truth of who you dark evil convoluted beings are! I also called them a few choice words. It was hot, and as far as we felt, it was war.


Now after that my brother and I on behalf of the Mushaba family asked Creator to remove us from under the authority and jurisdiction of the Council because they were corrupt and we do not in any way trust them and will not do one thing that we are asked by them. After all we are on earth and we have free will and we exercise that free will to be removed from their oversight! Well to our great surprise, Creator granted and approved our request! From that day he was presented our statement, we were removed from under the authority of the council, all councils period and was placed directly under the authority of Creator! Finally in over 40 years, we have our first victory!


Now what I want to make clear here is we never intended to, or desired to show any disrespect for the council but they have been disrespecting us for a very long time with all the broken promises and lies. We spoke our mind and hearts and our truth and we gained a great deal of respect from many beings in the universe for that. We werenít afraid to do what we felt was right. Plus we were not just fighting for ourselves but for all the beings in the universe that were being mistreated by those in authority over them. One of the huge points we tried to make with the councils, and this includes that Mushaba Council as well, for corruption had infiltrated everywhere in the second universe even on the Creatorís council, was that we are sent to do a mission on earth, or any other planet and not given the tools to do the job. What sense does that make! Itís like being given the job to build a house, and they say ok build this house, and you say ok whereís the tools, the hammer, nails wood, cement other help etc. They say we are not going to help you, or give you any tools but we want the house built. Or they keep saying we will send the tools tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. And days become weeks and weeks become months and months become long, hard years. However, the house never gets built.


So once we were under Creators authority and we discussed our case with Creator, he knew that things in this creation are amiss, but he didnít even know the extent of it. When he began his investigation he was totally shocked! It was humbling and at the same time appalling and detestable. It was an unholy alliance between the dark evil beings, and some convoluted beings of light that were wolves in light clothing!


In the next installment, I will explain how the evil almost totally took over the second universe and how they infiltrated the many beings of light, and advanced knowledge. This proved something that I knew for a very long time and that is because a being has spiritual knowledge and power does not automatically mean they are a being of good and love and light. They could very easily use that knowledge for evil and many of them did. I do want you to know that this has been cleaned up in just the past 15 months! But again, that part of the story is yet to come.


In closing let me say a couple things.


1. It took me a long time to begin to share this information publically because of its nature, I wasnít sure if a crowd was going to come to my door and burn me at the stake! Itís a lot to digest but there are many of you reading this who knew within yourself that something wasnít right. We tried to ignore it because we didnít want to believe it to be true. It needs to come forth because the truth is the foundation of existence. Truth is what empowers us and truth will make you stand in your own freedom and empowerment and use discernment coupled with wisdom. It isnít the knowledge that makes you smart or powerful itís the wisdom!

It is not about being negative, which people think because many feel that if you speak the truth that they are not aware of, you are being a negative person. You have to have very thick skin sometimes. There is a point to why it is being shared and that will come to a clear understanding by the time these articles are done.


2. According to what I was told by those beings that are in charge of the earth and the RV included, there is one event that needs to take place and once that does, the RV will be released without hesitation. That event is scheduled to take place this month of December anytime between Sunday Morning and the 15th so lets us all put our positive power on that. I have been told that the certain balance they are looking for is almost complete and should be completed ahead of schedule.