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Mushaba Platinum Light


Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba  



Part 2

Mushaba Greetings!


This means greetings of Freedom and Empowerment, Divine Love and Oneness, Transformation and Change.


We of humanity are well on our way to becoming a part of the greater Galactic Community in the Universe. We have not been giving the information of what has and is taking place in the 2nd universe, and as a part of the galactic community, we need to be brought up to speed so that we are not unaware of what is happening and have to play catch up. Things that should be common knowledge to us, right now may seem far out of our reach. We shouldnít arrive to the galactic community, as we are unaware of the most common happenings in the universe! Also in truth, this knowledge will help make us wiser, smarter and more discerning to everything we approach. Look at our earth; how many people have you witnessed that seem to be just a wonderful person and then they are discovered and the truth comes out? Look at what is going on right now when so many of peopleís beloved celebrities and people of notoriety are being exposed for who they truly are. Itís the same in all of the 2nd universe. As Above, So Below!


Now, as I was saying in my last article, there were a lot of major, major shifts taking place in the universe. Things were so bad and we had no idea because we are so occupied with our own problems on earth, not realizing that they all stem from above. On earth we have corruption of the leaders in our government and in the universe. We have, or should I say had, corruption in the leadership in the universe in the many various councils. Just like people of earth didnít want, and some still donít want, to recognize that we have a very evil and controlling body of leaders that care not for the people. Just like in the 2nd universe, there were beings that were charged with the care and evolvement of the people under their authority, and they didnít care for the beings under their charge. It starts from above before it takes affect below. So now that the councils in the universe have been revamped in many ways, it can now manifest itself on earth within our governments all over the world.


Let me be a bit more clear. The 2nd universe is filled with all kinds of councils with different responsibilities within the universe, which includes earth, and each planet has their local government for their planet. When my father passed away, and I am speaking about Papa Force known as Porda, he wasnít supposed to die. It was in his contract, however he had to change his mind due to something that he stumbled upon when he was out of body. It was just simply shocking! He stumbled upon a council meeting and they were speaking of many things including the Mushaba Family on earth. So he met with Mushaba, leader of the Mushaba people and Creator of the Mushaba Planet, along with Creator and he told them about what he had discovered. They werenít totally surprised at that, but they were surprised at the extent of what was going on and how many councils and beings with advanced knowledge were involved. So he made a request to Creator, and I am speaking about Papa Force, to let his body go and come to the higher dimensions where he felt he could better work to help resolve the issues, as well as protect his family on earth, who by the way were direct targets. So when he passed away, it was a shock because we knew he wasnít supposed to die. However, he couldnít tell us the plan nor could Creator or Mushaba because if they had spoken about the plan, those convoluted beings would have known and then took action against it.


This revelation about those convoluted beings in the universe was not a revelation to the Mushaba Family because we had been knowing this and dealing with this for longer than I care to remember. We had been for many years challenging the councils and the various leaderships about certain decision that they made. We felt that we on earth were getting the raw end of the stick, and they werenít doing anything about it. I wonít go into a lot of details for we have been battling with the various councils and some advanced beings for over 40 years. Yes, back when people felt we were crazy, strange, and would wonder why somebody would talk to spirit, and the councils the way we did; it was just unheard of. However, we never looked at them as being lord and master over us. We never saw them as being superior to us. We saw them as equals with the only difference being that we were stuck behind the veil of forgetfulness so we forgot how powerful we are all are! So yes, we were the crazy family that challenged universe councils and advanced beings of knowledge. The reason we did is because of what we taught to others. We taught that the Mushaba Force is a Force of Freedom and Empowerment, of Divine Love and Oneness and of Transformation and Change, and we taught what we believed. When we felt someone was not acting from Truth, Love, Light and Integrity, we challenged them no matter who they were, Council, Father God, Creator we stood in our on freedom and empowerment and we did not cower down to any one. So if you are a teacher of freedom and empowerment, and you teach others to stand in that truth, then you as a teacher have to stand in that truth, otherwise you are a fake! We never did it in arrogance or disrespect, and that was what many of them respected about us.


Soon after Papa Force moved to the other side of the veil, he was sent to the first universe for special training as a part of the plan. One of the things he learned was how to keep any advanced being from knowing what he was thinking at any given time. He was able to hide whatever his real thoughts were while they picked up on what he wanted them to think. This was vital because the plan had to be kept secret among Creator, Mushaba and Papa Force, so it was imperative that the council did not read his mind and find out what was really going on! At that time I didnít know the plan because he wasnít able to share it with us. Something happened and I asked Papa Force for his intervention and he refused to help. I got very angry and called him out big time! However, that part comes later.


Now before I stop right here and I will soon have part 3 ready to post, I want to say that a lot of energies and people and beings have been cleared and replaced, and things are truly looking like we will see an RV. There was so much working against the RV but we only knew about what was working against us on earth. There were highly advanced beings in a particular mother ship that was in charge on the RV and earth, and they had to be replaced and sent back home. I will address that later in the writing as well. Just hang strong as you have been doing and soon you will be dancing in the streets, singing in the shower, and throwing yourself a well deserved victory party!


I will leave this for now, however, I will return with the next installment soon, providing I am still on earth!


You are dearly loved!

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba