Mushaba Platinum Light




Mushaba Platinum Light


Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba,



Part 1

Mushaba Greetings!

This means greetings of Freedom and Empowerment, Divine Love and Oneness, Transformation and Change.


It is my desire to share with you my thoughts about what I know to be my truth. I cannot do it in one writing so please bear with me. I feel deeply that it is time for me to speak what I know. There is so much taking place on earth and in this entire second universe that frankly is about our future and what's going to happen not only to us, but to all the beings in this entire creation. My reasoning for sharing this information is only out of love of truth and humanity has been blinded far too long. Anytime someone shares something that they don't agree with, they attack. They call it evil or dark or negative information promoting fear. This is simply a tactic that many of us get caught up in because we have been manipulated into believing that. it was a part of the plan to keep us uninformed. It makes those that are informed look like fools and crazy folks! As humanity grows and evolves, more of the truth is being exposed about what really is going on. For many of us, it is just too much to believe, for others it's exactly what they felt and yet to others they know it to be truth. So what am I speaking about? I am speaking about the destiny and future of the 2nd universe and in particular this planet earth. We have for many years now, been waiting, watching, hoping and praying to see the RV become reality. We have been waiting for the galactics to show up, we have been looking to see our republic to finally come online so we can begin to live in freedom and empowerment.


We have been experiencing a tremendous amount of lies, manipulations and deep corruption among those who we entrusted to serve us, the people. We trusted them to have our backs, to have our absolute best interest at heart. They were supposed to protect our freedoms and our inalienable rights to live a life of success, health, and creative freedom.


Then we hear so much talk about the cabal and their grip on humanity. We're told that the cabal does not want humanity to have money and freedom so they stop the RV at every turn. The truth is that this goes beyond this meager little cabal who seems to have so much power over our lives. What many don't realize is that it is a universal issue for that is where it all began. As above, so below! There are beings in our 2nd universe that are all about control and manipulation. There are very highly advanced beings that work in the light who are actually wolves in light clothing and have very, very convoluted thinking.


I had always expected such but could not find any proof or could at that time find people outside my family to even consider such a thing. I mean it’s a hard pill to swallow. However, in 2005, I began to get information and proof about this and I even wrote about in the Book “Maldion- A Leader Hiding in Time”. The book sat until just a few months ago this year when I finally released it. If I had released it before then, I probably would have been strung up! No matter how you cut it, it is the same As above- So below! I know many people especially the light worker community, the spiritual community, or whatever anyone calls themselves, think that if you are of the light then you are a good being and that you would not do any dark or evil acts. Unfortunately, that is not the truth because evil have infiltrated and corrupted many beings and ascended masters in high dimensions.


You would be blown away by the darkness and corruption that has infiltrated top leadership in many of the universal and galactic councils and some groups of beings with advanced knowledge. Evil and darkness has spread all throughout the universe and too many planets within this universe. We on earth have for the most part never considered the holdup of our RV, the announcements etc may be due to advanced galactic beings whose little insignificant minions on earth takes all the credit. If I was to share with you the truth of what I know, some of you may think that I am one insane being. However, it don't matter what someone thinks about what I present because I know it's not the usual talk. And I also know that it is my truth and my direct life interaction and experience. It has not been an easy journey.


But the truth is, I am speaking from direct, personal experience. I have been directly involved in many operations to end the evil and corruption in the universe along with certain of my family members. People have no idea the length of control and success the dark evil beings had on this universe. I say “had” but we'll get to that at another time. The problem with the RV stems from the top down meaning from the galactic down to those on earth who are carrying out orders.


Humanity has for a very long time been tricked and manipulated into believing that they are helpless. I wish I could tell you the story from the beginning to the now moment. Some very corrupt things took place on earth by order of certain councils and advanced beings of knowledge to remove the power and knowledge of manifesting on earth as well as to stop beings in high dimensions from assisting us in earth. There were many secrets removed and locked away, hidden from everyone accept a few beings in the know.


However, it's all changing and it all has come crashing down! Everything we have been wanting for is now within our reach, All of it!


I will leave this for now, however, I will return with the next installment soon providing I am still on earth!


You are dearly loved!

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba