'In This Skin (First Contact)'

Wayne St. John's New Song

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Here in Wayne's words are his wishes for the dedication of this song:

"I just recorded my first 'song' in my professional home studio and I wasn't sure were the lyrics were going as I had a choice of subjects, and suddenly it all came together so fast in such an uncanny way that I think I had help. A few days ago I sent it hot of the press to George Green who wants to use it and he also downloaded at my website One Love For The Planet, and may use both as he loved the words. That doesn't mean it's exclusively for him as I think it's so important for people around the world to hear this. Mr. Green is presently making a documentary as he's also trying to change the ending of the story as you may well know."

(You may listen to Wayne's 'One Love for the Planet' at: http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/Hands%20of%20Light/hands_of_light_inside.htm Scroll to the bottom of the page.)

I want to dedicate the song In This Skin (First Contact) to 5 entities: Eduard 'Billy The Kid' Meier as he was an early pioneer and a trooper who stands unscathed for presenting pre-first contact information. http://www.steelmarkonline.com/about_billy_meier.htm

I'm also dedicating this song to Mike Quinsey/The Galactic Federation (AT THIS SITE) for their wonderful encouraging positive letter's that are helping myself and many others at this point in our history.

Also Dr. Stephan Greer, (The Disclosure Project). http://www.disclosureproject.org

To Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC, Councillor of/for Earth. http://www.drboylan.com

In This Skin (First Contact) Lyrics:

"When first contact happens you'll have a profound sense of being human". Wayne St. John

In This Skin (First Contact)

In this skin knowing how to fit in
I have my pride many ancestors died
To give me this life of freedom inside

In my skin knowing where I've been
I've traveled far, the journey's long
Many lives I've lived much time has gone

I see all the colors of the rainbow
They are all meeting face to face

It's a chance to meet brothers and sisters from other worlds
Other stars, other dimensions…..Oh sweet!
You say it can't be so, I say it's about time that we all come together now

Pan flute solo Venus, Lyra, Boötes, Andromeda, Korendor, Sirius, Altimar

In your skin not knowing where you've been
You've come this far, they're here from the stars
Your Human becoming,
They'll help you become…human

Many traverse the stars to be a part of this first contact
Many years in the making, new paradigm first contact

In my skin there's a knowing within
Star children have their destiny
Other people will weigh duality

In your skin not knowing where to begin
Remove the blinds, and see the signs
Filters have a way of clouding the mind

I see all the colors of the rainbow
They are all meeting face to face

Guitar solo - From Lyra , Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, Sirius, Betelgeuse

 In this skin knowing how to fit in
With an open mind, I'm sure I will find
I will go far if I leave my fear behind

Welcome to planet earth dear brothers and sisters, saints and sages
From star systems, galaxies, the multiverse we can't see
Help us to become human
First contact will help us to understand being…human


February, 2008 Written by Wayne St. John / Earth plane Publishing SOCAN
Wayne St. John
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