Pictures of Cloudships Over the Huachuca Mtns

and Hereford AZ Area



01-04-14: On our way back home from Bisbee today Bob and I saw over the Huachuca Mtns a huge, long cloud that was relatively narrow compared to the length. It stretched the whole length of the mountain range. There were also smaller cloudships in the sky over the whole area, for as far as we could see. After we were home for more than an hour they were still there, and more had come. We felt that this was not just a short occasion and so Bob took pictures and I tuned in again. I got enough info to tell me that a message was in order. Go Here to read the Wake up Call from Horus and Hatonn.



Bob Took These Pictures on Oct 10, 13 From the Yard of Our new Home in Hereford. We've Been Here Just Over 6 Weeks, and it is the First time We've Seen Cloudships Here.  Welcome Dear Cosmic Family!

I Felt Immediately that There would be some Information Coming. Go Here to Read the Wake up Call from Hatonn

Our New Home!