Diane  09-May-06


One of the biggest barriers that will be overcome in the course of time will be the difficulties arising from the many tongues you speak. How many times have you been abroad and dearly wished to communicate with others whose language you do not understand. That will all change in the future as your means of communication will be through telepathic contact. With it distance is no obstacle, and it affords privacy as another person cannot engage your thoughts unless you desire it. Have you not wondered how The Galactic Federation members work so closely together and are able to intermix so easily. You were confounded and isolated by the loss of your telepathic abilities a long time ago, as you slipped into the lower vibrations. In the main almost all ETís that you have encountered on Earth use telepathy, but some have the addition of sound but not recognizable to you as a language.


We also have the advantage of being able to clearly see your auras, and we can instantly recognize your signature. Your psychics can usually see the principle emanations surrounding your body, but is rare for one to have full sight. To some extent any of you could develop auric sight with practice, but it is often nothing more than an interest born out of curiosity. Fully developed, it can however be useful in healing diagnosis as the aura is an indication of your state of health and also mind. Some of you have tried to introduce methods that enable auras to be seen without needing psychic ability. For those who could not see them the Kirlian Screen was one alternative that was perfectly satisfactory, but its value in medical diagnosis was not pursued or introduced except for private use.


Some of you have developed such abilities as to enable the chakras to be seen, and these indicate the health condition and are also a pointer to spiritual advancement. Chakras are points of energy that are the outside the physical body, and the key ones are related to the glands. Their condition indicates whether they are fully functioning, and they are often first affected at the onset of illness in the physical body. A psychic will see fully flowering and vibrant energy centers when a person is in the peak of health. However, in illness any one of the chakras will lose its power which as a result becomes diminished.


On a spiritual level the chakras show how far a person has developed, and as progress is made the higher ones begin to open up until all seven major points are fully opened. Conversely when only the lower three are fully open it shows someone lacking in spiritual advancement. The Crown Chakra is interesting and placed at the top of the head, and is normally the highest one that will be seen with humans. However, with the changes that are taking place in your bodies there will eventually be a return to the 12 chakra system. This is part of your present development, and will be in place as you return to your Angelic selves. With it comes superconsciousness, and you will be restored to what you were before your fall into duality.


Can you begin to see how you gradually transform to a Being of Light, and how even now you are much more than just your physical body? Perhaps you can understand what a wonderful creation you are, and how the experiment you have taken part in has been found a great success. As you came down through the dimensions, you allowed yourselves to be immersed in lower vibrations and your higher chakras were closed up. You gradually became less aware of your true self, and lost so much of your original abilities that you only had a limited consciousness. Yet you have risen up despite these drawbacks, and have reached a point where you can return to the higher realms complete with your existing body. You found a way to return to the Light that is recorded in the annals of time for future reference.


Life will not always be so difficult, but do remember that in your greatness and absolute faith in the Creator you accepted the challenge of duality. There will come a point when the Law of Grace will nullify any outstanding Karma, as you are not meant to continue for ever with the responsibility of making it good. As is often indicated to you, there is absolutely no punishment involved in Karma, it is simply the Law of Cause and Effect. You will not have completed your journey in duality until all of the lessons are learnt, and the Earth is therefore more a school from which many are about to graduate. It is all very serious and service to others is not taken lightly, and you have been well tested in the creations of Man. Now you shall return to the higher dimensions, and live in the perfection of all creation and once more become co-creators with the Supreme Creator.


I am Diane and although you have not yet returned to those higher levels that we come from, you are now on the verge of doing so. You will soon sit with us as our equals and take your place as the newest members of The Galactic Federation. Another time you will serve others just as we are serving you now, and there are always up and coming civilizations that need a helping hand. Not all will necessarily follow your path, and the beauty of creation is in its multitudinous expressions that are forever being created. Start to envisage beauty, harmony and happiness because all of your worries and difficulties are soon to pass. They will be permanently cleared away through the changes that are about to start very soon. You can begin to express yourselves as you will be at the end of this cycle, as perfect Beings of Light. Your power is returning to you as the vibrations continue to increase at an ever accelerating rate, recognize it and use it for the good of all. Blessings to each and every one of you.


Thank you Diane.


Mike Quinsey.        


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