St. Germain  08-May-06


So much is happening that collectively is leading to the actions you seek to enable the changes to commence. Even people who are unaware of the ultimate reason for them are feeling the new energies, and for some it can only be described as unsettling. It is a feeling of not being in control of events that are now proceeding to their conclusion. At first glance there does not seem to be a pattern in what is taking place. However, we see that you are very much part of a greater plan that is destined to result in major changes and advancement this year.


Time flows ever faster and is a sign of how close you are to the changes that are about to manifest. People who are sensitive register a feeling of excitement knowing something is about to happen, but not quite able to pinpoint exactly what it is. This leads to strong feelings that are sometimes interpreted as being of a predictive nature, and they are not necessarily accurate. They do nevertheless indicate how near you are to seeing them come into your reality. Your collective consciousness is constantly changing, and grows exponentially in a way that clearly shows how enlightened you are becoming.


Many times you have said enough is enough, as you see little or no attempt made by your leadership to bring peace to the world. Instead they try to dominate through force and their secret agendas motivate their actions. Now their very organization starts to shake and there are many people who are inside their supporting groups who are beginning to question their actions. There will always be those who will stand by their allegiance to the President, but others now drawing back as they are asked to carry out orders that are against the interests of the people. There are very few that do not have some measure of conscience, and deep down they know that they responsible for the decisions they make. Orders may be given, but no individual can disown the result of what they do and how it affects others.


The world wide scene would not seem to be connected, but the energies for change are causing dissension and uncertainty about the future. Man has nearly always fought for personal gain and supremacy over others, however there is a different view arising that sees how each one is responsible for the well being of others. The oneness and dependency of all life forms upon the actions of others is now being understood. The heart centers open up and love dictates that Man in particular has a leading role where the Earth is concerned. People can be very introspective when they realize their own responsibilities to the whole. Now those who have come to Earth for the very purpose of opening up the new paths to Ascension are coming into their own, and their presence is being felt.


Many will be aware that by your very thoughts you are creating the future, and it is so important that you are careful in the way you use them. Positive thinking will carry you forward much quicker, and if you must contemplate the dark in the world remember to do so without giving it a negative response. There is a tendency to allow emotions to run unbridled, and it is important not to add to the amount of negativity upon your planet. If you can, use the power of love in every conceivable way to raise the consciousness of all those around you. Do not fall into the trap to snare you into giving out more fear and uncontrolled emotions. You have come so far to reach this point in your evolution, and it needs your full attention to ensure that you hold on to your ability to mould events through your use of Love and Light.


The Heavens prepare for the final acts that will suddenly see an end to your last cabal. Therein is the secret to your sudden leap forward which is currently held back. Nevertheless, the delay is put to good use as more people are now awakening to the truth, thereby adding to the powerful thought form for change. Looking back, you now see how you have been manipulated and used for the purposes of the dark’s agenda. For many it has come as a shock to know that those whom you have trusted have never intended to keep their oath of allegiance to the people.


Everything has to quickly change to get you onto the new path that reaches out ahead of you. It is one that has been prepared in advance and through your desires is now manifesting. There can be no going back as that is not an option, and instead the new energies are being established upon Earth. You are the co-creators of your own future, along with the legions of Heaven that are amassed ready to meet you. For many it all sounds too good to be true, because for so long you have fought against adversity without seeming to make any ground. This is about to change and when it does so a great feeling of relief will engulf the Earth. The peace that has eluded you will suddenly be yours, and Humanity will take a wonderful step forward to the New Age.


Continue to think positively and help manifest the new energies, and each time the dark try to increase theirs you will have the perfect answer to combat them. We tell you so often that you are powerful beings, so go ahead with total belief in your ability to assist the changes in a positive way. Send Love and more Love to dissolve the negative energies that still remain, knowing that you are fully capable of doing so. If you feel affected by the negativity, simply retire to a quite spot and surround yourself in beautiful Light. Clear your aura and chakras by sending the Light all around your physical body. Visualization of your chakras will assist this exercise, and if you are familiar with their locations check each one in turn. See them fully open and pulsating with Light, and know that when these are functioning correctly you will feel in harmony and fully balanced.


You have much to learn about yourselves and your subtle bodies. Many have yet to understand how your health is a reflection of how these are functioning together. However, there will be many people brought to the fore who have the training and ability to address these subjects. It is not without planning and reason that so many New Age workers are with you at this time. You will have to learn how to take responsibility for yourselves, and treat your body with the respect it deserves. It is your temple where you reside for the purpose of experiencing physicality. It will change along with everything else on Earth, and it will help if you try to understand its function and how you can best use it. Man has had a tendency to ignore the true needs of the body and even to willingly subject it to abuse, and that will have to change.


Dear Ones, I am St. Germain and I am so near to you and walk among you even if my presence is not noted. I am but one of many Masters that have worked incessantly to bring you the truth, and direct your feet into the right direction. That path is now opening up for you, and it glows with Light and draws you into its vibration. Soon the old will seem but a distant memory, and it will not take you long to lift up into it. Keep cheerful and know that as ever great Love permeates everything upon Earth, and it will bring the changes you seek very soon.


Thank you St. Germain.


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