Ker-On  06-May-06


At our higher level we are untouched by the energies that arise from Earth. We also have to say that the dark energies are contained by a ring of energy that prevents them from infiltrating and poisoning outer space. The experiment in duality is confined to Earth for that reason. We are nevertheless aware of the traumas and difficulties that beset you, through access to regular bulletins about Earth conditions. We can consider your position with neutrality and without any undue emotional involvement. We do however feel for you, and send our love to help ease your pain.


We are aware of your despair, and hear your cries lamenting the fact that there is not something better in your lives. For many life is extremely testing, and you look for relief from the drudgery of working every day to just provide the means of your continued existence. Words sometimes sound hollow and of little consolation, but each and everyone of you are precisely where you should be for the end times. If you understand Karma, look upon your present life as the final one before Ascension. Know that it will complete your karmic responsibilities, and for this reason may lead you through a particularly hard time.  See it for what it is, and you can put each challenge down to unfinished karmic business that may go back eons of time.


Hitherto, you have chosen the pace at which you have progressed. However, with the end times there is little time left and some of you have contracted for busy lives so as to completely clear old Karma. Beforehand it would have been discussed with you, and you would have known that you had the ability to handle your assignment. You certainly would not be expected to carry any more than you could handle. Karma often involves many other people, and you will be drawn together for the purpose of clearing it. As with all other matters of this nature, you will be given help and your spiritual mentors are as anxious as you to ensure your success. Service to others is a sign of an evolved soul, one who is able to do so without expecting anything in return.


Of course there is something better to come, but it is to be found with Ascension and the period immediately leading up to it. Until the changes can commence in earnest it is the old energies that hold you back. Some of you do remarkably well and create around you your own protective aura, and can deflect negative energies. However, the majority of people have little or no knowledge of such possibilities and are largely at the mercy of the dark. This is rapidly changing, and necessary so as to give them the chance to rise up and draw the Light to themselves. Once this process starts it allows for a speeding up of their vibrations, and a smoother path is created. Some people will not seek for themselves, or be aware that they are here at such a memorable time. They will nevertheless register some of the uplifting energies, and it will give them a good start in their new cycle. I talk here of those who are not ready to ascend and who will continue in an Earth type existence.


We would say to use one of your sayings, that you have never been “ground into the dust” unless it has been a result of your own creation. Lives are purposefully balanced to give you a rest from the harder lessons to be learnt. The object is not to crush you, but to help you travel the path back to the Light. It takes time as you have previously dropped into the lower dimensions, and it is not an easy task to suddenly rise up again. We watch and are aware of your stupendous efforts to release yourselves from the dark, and we celebrate each time a soul makes that break and comes into the Light.


Even before you move into the higher dimensions you shall experience a new found joy. Soon there will be a new feel to everything as the old is transmuted and no longer pulls you into its clutches. Many have broken free and know already that the new energies are becoming stronger. You are becoming powerful beacons of Light and as a result draw even more Light to you. There is no going back, and the path stretches all of the way to Ascension. These are changing times that will be given a massive boost when First Contact can commence. Peace will flood the Earth and all reminders and objects of war will be permanently removed. Even those who fought in the armed services will understand the futility of war, and they will also want to share the peace.


The sanctity of life will be known and there will come a time when no man will lift an arm against another, except to shake his hand in friendship. You have yet to experience the remarkable change in conditions that will result from the removal of the dark energies. There will be a new lightness all around, and an evident change in people’s outlook that will become cheerful, loving and caring. You will be finding your true selves at last, and it truly will seem so natural.


I am Ker-on of Venus where the love vibration is fully grounded. You have many beautiful stories about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and that is a very apt way to describe what is coming into your focus very soon, and it is called Ascension. It will be the pinnacle of your experiences in this cycle, and a great ending to your challenge to rise up from your existence in the lower realms. Many of you will eventually join us, as your place is with the families of the different civilizations represented by The Galactic Federations. You will be fully aware of this before you reach the final stages of Ascension. The changes will be lovingly presented, and our actions explained so that you understand their significance and meaning for you. We wish to see happiness and smiles return in place of worries and concern, and love permeate everything around you. All that has consciousness will respond and be lifted up, and that is now gradually taking place.


Thank you Ker-On.


Mike Quinsey.  


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