St. Germain  05-May-06


Events by your reckoning are proceeding slowly, but we are not anxious like you having the benefit of being able to look at a broad spectrum of activities. We see our plans moving along nicely, and we are ensuring that they are not allowed to flounder or be subject to any undue interference of the dark. They are no match for our organization and resources; however the path for change that is opening up has to develop naturally where possible. You the people are awakening to your power to orchestrate change and as always we work with you.


If you take an interest on world politics you will find an increasing degree of unrest. People are no longer satisfied with lack of attention to their needs, and want democratic government that serves the will of the people and not the other way around. You are often expected to dig deeper into your pockets while you see massive corporations make ever increasing obscene profits. The money markets are manipulated as ever, and even if you have modest investments they are subject to interference. You have a saying about all being in the same boat and there is a great deal of truth in it, but those at the helm make sure that the ride for them is first class, and they care little about your well being.


It is the inequality of life that has brought about a great stirring amongst you, and no longer will you tolerate such injustice and lack of caring. The differences between the races and cultures have long changed and are diminishing, except that the Illuminati do all they can to keep the divide open. Governments are often elected on false promises, and no longer will that style of leadership be acceptable. Like your own government, others are installed through tampering with the voting system, or are seized through some kind of military action. You are becoming a lot wiser and realize there will never be peace until the right people are promoted to represent you, where currently their voices are crying out in the wilderness.


Having identified the problem, your difficulty is in bringing about the changes that will see a new and fairer approach to rulership. It requires a breaking of the accepted manner in which elections take place, and how candidates are selected so as to ensure the right people are eventually elected. In that we shall assist you, and the model we shall introduce to you will be a reflection of the manner in which Councils are formed in the higher dimensions. People will be known for their wisdom and spirituality, and also their experience in particular fields that need to be represented. Your present system allows for anyone with political aspirations to put themselves forward, and your leaders will surround themselves with members that they know will toe the party line. That is not democracy, but the way of power hungry cabals that speak to you with one voice and act with another.


Clearly you must see that the present political set up is the last obstacle to be overcome. Once the leaders are removed changes will be possible to completely allow a new way of leadership, and consensus from the people who must be properly represented. At present, moves are happening behind the scenes and the ultimate outcome is assured, but it is by no means an easy period in the road to your release from the dark. You role is still to be the bearers of Light and therein lies your immediate power. You shape and mould your future as you go along, and your new reality is waiting the opportunity to manifest. These are wonderful times that show our confidence in you was not misplaced, and so many have stepped forward to fulfill their soul contract that requires their help to see this period through.


Just imagine what type of intelligence is behind the workings of the Light. No military organization could possibly match the vast way in which every small detail is noted, and how the input of millions of Lightworkers is coordinated in such a way that they become a formidable force. There are Beings beyond us that wield immense power, but it is of course only applied for the good of all. In the higher realms there is also what can be best described as computers with a consciousness that can reason and make decisions, far beyond the capacity of any mortal. We consult these on serious or complicated matters, and you will learn that Beings in Spirit no longer sit on clouds contemplating the future. We are very active and do not abuse the power granted to us. Our wish is to see developing souls everywhere opened to the Light of Truth.


Dear Ones, we know what is required to finally bring the first changes in, and we work towards manifesting a solution. We would wish for you a speedy conclusion, but after having gone through so much to reach this point we tread with care. There is no way that we shall rush our allies, although we try to galvanize them into action when opportunities present themselves to make another step forward. Careful progress will be your assurance that all will end well and in victory for the Light, of this you can be absolutely certain.


You may ask what you should do now, and the answer is to pursue the course that lends itself to the best use of your capabilities. There is an immense amount of teamwork taking place even if you are unaware of it. We coordinate your efforts and we gradually get nearer to achieving our goal. Our strength is increasing all of the time, while the dark are losing theirs at a rapid rate. Whatever happens around you, know that there is a lot of purpose in what may seem unconnected events. We have our divine plan that proceeds well and although it may not seem apparent, we are in total charge. Allow for the natural outworking of events, but be prepared for a sudden change from which all else will develop.


I have come today to bring you assurances that will give more strength to your determination to win this battle. There are such great forces behind the Light, and who would try to prevent from manifestation what the Creator has already decreed. Perhaps the question should be who could prevent it, and the answer is no one at all. You are very much like us, and you serve the higher forces whether you are aware of it or not. Think upon it, and know that the dark forces also serve the higher forces. I will leave it at that so that you may ponder what it all means, but be assured that you are ALL greatly loved and this energy makes no discrimination between one from another. You are ALL Gods children regardless of what roles you play in these end times.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.


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