Ag-agria  04-May-06


From our Mothership we can clearly see Earth, and if necessary can bring it into full focus. We are in one of the outer rings and wait for the call that First Contact has commenced. Your Earth has always been known as the jewel in the firmament, and with good reason as it was once a magnificent planet of beauty and grandeur. To this condition it will be restored, and you too will be enthralled by the changes that will have taken place. The time for restoration to her former beauty is soon to commence.


Because of the advanced technology we use, we can zoom on to any point on Earth and any individual if we so wish. Understand from this how we can protect the Lightworkers, and also how we are able to assist our allies in their work. Equally we can follow the activities and intentions of the dark and are more than equal to their scheming and actions. We do in fact take part in quite a lot of activity to keep the dark within certain boundaries, which for example prevent the actual use of nuclear weapons. They have known for many years that we will intervene, if they attempt to ignore our advice that has been given on many occasions to refrain from such use. Ever since you discovered how to split the atom the Earth and its people have been at great risk, and today you can see the damaging results that have occurred in such a short space of time. The history of your Universe can recount instances of where planets and their civilizations have been totally destroyed by use of nuclear devices.


You have a saying that “history repeats itself” and it certainly does, and you encounter many situations both as an individual and collectively that you have known previously. Experience is gained by actual involvement in actions that are presented over and over again, until you make the right decisions. The measure of what is “right” is whether your actions harm others, and you can include Mother Earth who has suffered much abuse at your hands. The laws covering such matters are absolutely just, and allow for learning and progress without any recourse to punishment of any kind.


We take a great interest in you at such an important period in your cycle. We see which path you are manifesting and are so happy that you have chosen wisely. There was never any doubt on our part that you would come into the Light, but in the background there have always been lesser alternatives. The correct choices move you ever nearer to the day of First Contact, and we see immense pressure upon your authorities to allow the release of the evidence of our existence. They know that a large percentage of you are aware of our presence and it is increasing all of the time. However, their reluctance to reveal the truth is as much due to the difficulty in explaining why the facts have been covered up for so long. Furthermore, they will be forced to admit the existence of their own flying craft based on E.T. technology.


It is our desire and plan that you shall experience a great leap forward through the use of new technology. Without which the changes needed could not be completed in the time that is left before Ascension. To join us in the higher realms and freely work with us, you need to advance yourselves very quickly and that is all part of our mission. What you have achieved in recent time has taken you some way towards us, and has narrowed the gap in your knowledge. Even so, many of your new discoveries have been through direct contact with the Greys, but unfortunately due to the nature of the contact they have been primarily intended for military purposes.


There is so much that is concealed from you and it does not just relate to your governmental authorities. Power bases of all kinds have exercised their control over you, but soon this will change. The truth is gradually surfacing and the more you know, the more questions you will ask. There will no hiding place for those who continue to deceive you. In fact, the questions are already gathering in numbers and the pressure will eventually bring the truth to the surface. Where you are now is exactly what we have worked towards, albeit that we would have wished for contact much earlier. Notice that we do force issues, but we use our vast knowledge to move matters forward to achieve the best result.


There is plenty of time to reveal the full extent of your history, and it will be more in the nature of holographic shows of events as they happened. For some parts such as the early days when your Earth was formed and seeded we will of necessity speed it up, as the time sequence is exceptionally long. All in all you will be able to use our library of information to see whatever part of your history that interests you. The whole matter of learning and education will change, and you will find there are much quicker and more efficient ways than you presently use. This generally applies all round, as one of the features of new technology is the ease and speed with which it operates. The future holds many exciting developments for you, and the sooner we can meet you the sooner we can implement the changes.


I am Ag-agria and greet you not only on behalf of The Galactic Federation, but also the Sirians who are greatly involved in your future. Many of you have had contact with us eons of time ago, except that the memories have long been forgotten. The idea of meeting us and the many civilizations that are represented by The Galactic Federation should seem quite natural to you. The truth of our existence has long been pondered, and you are now more open to receiving us in friendship. As you will know, we have so much to offer, and it will be given in love and consideration for your betterment. We come as friends of long standing, and we look forward to renewing our contact. The old ways are almost defunct and certainly unsuitable for people who aspire to create a new reality. We are as always ready to start the next stage of our mission, and that is open contact with you. There is not long to go before conditions will be suitable for our next major move, and then there shall be much joy and happiness all round.


Thank you Ag-agria.


Mike Quinsey.


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