Ag-agria  31-May-06


Each day the truth continues to come out and spreads a little further, and the consciousness of Humanity lifts up. It is a process that accelerates as more people are awakened. This is the part of the plan that you are all involved in, and you take much responsibility for your own evolution. We may help direct it so as to fulfill the plan for this particular period, but you have a major influence on how it works out.


On other planets in your solar system where people are more spiritually advanced and aware, they take a more active part. Their understanding is such that they can fully respond to what is needed in a positive way. In fact they work closely with the spiritual and elemental forces to ensure a smooth transition into the higher dimensions. Bear in mind that your whole solar system is ascending, and every planet is being prepared in readiness.


On Earth it would be true to say that in part you hinder the process. Many will not interest themselves in moving on, and others of the dark forces utterly oppose change. However, it must take place as a result of the unstoppable forces of energy that are beaming into this part of the galaxy. Whether as individuals you are ready or not, there comes a point where a great quantum leap forward will occur.


You can sense the urgency in our contact with you. You cannot however run out of time, as there is timing for the coming events that will be adhered to regardless of any outer influences. At the same time, we seek to awaken as many people as possible to what is taking place. In the ultimate, everyone will have knowledge of the plan for the end times.


Your state of preparation has proceeded very well considering that at every turn the dark forces have tried to distract you. However, true advancement cannot commence until the control of the last cabal is removed. It is a stumbling block that causes us to hold back, as we cannot allow their interference once events really get under way.


Meantime we come ever closer to you all, and encourage your participation in readiness. There is no shortage of help to establish the framework for the assistance we require from you for either First Contact or Ascension. Be assured that we know of your willingness to be involved in these activities. Each and every one of you is known to us, but unlike the dark forces we do not use information about you in any way that is detrimental.


In fact we have helped over millennia of time to direct your growth into new areas of understanding. We have worked to the plan for the end times in such a way, that you have hardly noticed how you have been lead to make great steps forward. No ideas are original as in reality there is nothing new. However, what occurs is the adaptation of ideas to suit your environment, and particular stage of development.


Take a simple idea such as the wheel that revolutionized your lives. It was given to you at a time when transportation was needed for the next step in your evolution. You can then consider the discovery of motive power such as the petrol engine. Then see how progress is continued to be made through the discovery of electricity. These ideas were given to souls who incarnated upon Earth for the very reason that your civilization needed to advance itself. How you use the discoveries is very much left up to you.


If as often happens discoveries are misused, we have no control over that as you are allowed free _expression. Our presence has always been one of standing in the background, although we have exercised our authority to lessen the effects of harmful applications. For example since your development of the Atomic Bomb we have closely monitored your use of that technology. Many times we have cleared or lessened the effects of the harmful fall out.


Now you have escalated the use of weaponry that is destroying your environment, and you scatter depleted uranium far and wide over the Earth. The result is that thousands of people have developed illnesses that are life threatening. We have to allow the continuation of such use, as we cannot interfere in a situation of your own making. It is not that we wish to ignore the problem, but if you have to understand the lessons to be learnt from it.


The whole purpose of you being on Earth is to experience the result of using your freewill. We cannot take that away from you, but we do ensure that matters do not completely get out of hand. In the last century you were on the verge of destroying the Earth, but divine orders allowed us to prevent it from happening.


Now you threaten once again to use nuclear weapons, and we will act upon any attempt made to use them. Your Governments have long been warned against such usage, and we have shown that we can nullify the danger if necessary. It is one thing to harm yourselves, but as you now know Mother Earth is a conscious Being. You will not be allowed to impose major damage upon her at a time when cleansing is taking place.


Matters are chaotic simply because the last cabal will not relinquish their powers, or change their plan for world domination. They cannot succeed but will not withdraw and allow the next step in your evolution. So few cannot hold up progress much longer, and they crumble even as these words are written.


Dear Ones, always remember that although we can only show ourselves in a limited way, we are only just out of sight. We number in millions and your Earth is ringed by our craft that are fully ready and just waiting permission to land and make open First Contact. Together, we are a formidable and unbeatable force for good. Keep the greater plan in mind as the Creator has ordered that the end of this cycle is to result in your Ascension.


I am Ag-agria of The Galactic Federation and we wait with patience knowing that our coming together is ordained. It is time for you to know your real family from Space, and that you are much greater than you realize. You have the potential to quickly adapt to a new and superior way of living. It will be introduced as quickly as possible, and overcome all of your present problems.

This is one time that you shall emerge totally victorious over the dark. You have not tasted true freedom for eons of time, but that is due to you very soon. Know that godly forces are the power behind us, and we come in Light and Love.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey  


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