St. Germain  30-May-06


Dear Ones, matters by no means improve upon Earth, and now on a day to day basis the problems of the Middle East escalate, and a solution seems further away than ever before. The dark have created fear and chaos, and even those who are appointed to keep the peace no longer have faith in their ability to control matters. The dark themselves are also losing control, but it is

their way of working that brings them to try and exploit any such situation for their own advantage.


Where are the answers to the problem, or perhaps more to the point what are they? The simple one is that peace must be declared, but that is easier said than done. The U.S. calls the tune but their leaders are not looking for a peaceful settlement, and continue with their secret agenda to control the Middle East. They care not what the cost is in human terms, or the damage to countries that would have to re-built, that is even assuming that they would be habitable.


Something has to give way, as the pressures are telling on all sides. What will determine the outcome; it will be the Light! As unlikely as it seems, it has the power to silence the guns, and bring peace. How is this so you ask, I tell you that it is the reply you invoke from the Lords of Light, who are responding to your cries for help and an end to the madness. Light is descending upon Earth as never before and it is not only loosening the grip of the dark, but transmuting the dark energies and thereby their power to maintain their position.


Whilst the Light comes in from above, so on Earth the Lightworkers are fastidiously carrying out their ordained tasks and helping bring an upliftment in consciousness. The net result is that the Light is the calming influence laying the foundation for peace. With the overall dedication of The Galactic Federation members who monitor the actions on Earth, the stage is being set for the steps leading to a peaceful conclusion.


Know therefore that you need not be too perturbed by current events that are highlighting the obscenities and wastefulness of war. These are bringing into your homes the atrocities and hatred amongst those who are brothers and sisters. They clearly do not know what they do to each other, and they are caught in a war with no logical way out. Look upon it as a lesson to each and everyone as to the depths to which Humanity can sink.


You must however find it within your hearts to forgive every dark deed. This way you will ensure a speedier ending to the unrest, and by sending your Light help release the dark energies. The Middle East has been a center of perpetual wars for eons of time, and carries energies that are only now being brought to the surface for transmutation. Your Light is needed here more than any other time, and will help bring an end to hostilities.


Surround the Middle East with beautiful healing energies, and use my Violet Flame. Send the clear energies of green and pink to bring calmness and a loving peace. Finally surround the whole area with white and allow it to flow everywhere. I know the Lightworkers are very active at this time, and I tell you that when you dedicate yourselves to this work, there are many more Beings beside you, also channeling energy to you and through you.


With the numerous approaches being made to bring the first steps to stop all war activities, we still hold the ace card and can if necessary bring matters to halt in an instant. That option remains until our objectives have been achieved, and there is no way you shall be subjected to this situation for much longer.


War is a residue of the old way of thinking, and clearly has no place in the New Age. Its energies must be completely cleared from Earth by the time we tread the final path to Ascension. This is one time when the Light shall be victorious, and great celebrations will be in order. Visitors will come from far and wide to witness the joy and happiness that will take over the Earth.


Do not allow tiredness or frustration to limit your effectiveness at this important time, as every Lightworker is being called into action for one last stupendous effort. We know you can do it, and you are here for that very reason. There have not been as many of you incarnate at the same time, since this cycle commenced. You volunteered for this task because you knew that you could carry it out.


I am St. Germain, and I lead you once again with the power of Heaven with me. Alongside me stand many Masters, and legions of Angelic Warriors who have full allegiance to the Creator whom they directly serve. We are One, and shall lift the Earth out of the mire, and into the clear energies that come with them. All shall be transformed, and your memories shall be re-awakened to the beauty and glory that greeted you when you first stepped upon the Earth.


If you are not a Lightworker, simply send out positive thoughts for peace. Direct them to those who have forgotten who they are, and allowed their Light to become subdued. Bring a stirring once again that may yet alter their path, and be sure that you will help change the outcome that would otherwise carry you deeper into the dark. You will be doing a great service on behalf of all souls, and one day you shall understand how important your contribution has been. Let the Love and Light shine out.


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.    


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