Atmos  03-May-06


Like a tidal wave the Light spreads out across the Earth, and it is continuing to touch people who have been pulled down into the dark energies. You would be surprised to know how many people have seen the “Light” and have lifted themselves up into it. The feeling of wishing to do good is real and galvanizing many into action. We see what started out as a gradual influence becoming so much stronger, and of course from the higher dimensions we have control over how quickly it is spread through the light grids of Earth.


Do you see that even where the giving of Light is concerned, we have to be careful not to overpower you. If you find that difficult to understand, think of the many occasions when Beings of Light have contacted people. Invariably you will find that when they manifest into your dimension, without exception people have experienced the calming and loving effect of simply standing within their aura. Fear, anger or any similar emotion is immediately stilled and a great peace envelopes them. This is happening on a similar scale all over the Earth, as the higher energies of many sources are beamed to you. It is carefully calculated to release you from your negative emotions, and move more into the Light.


The truth is that we could change you all in an instant, but that is not the correct way of enabling you to achieve the lifting up of your vibrations. We help, but cannot do it for you if you are to experience the changes through your own desire. It is a learning process that benefits you more when the lessons of life are experienced first hand. The upliftment of Earth and all souls upon it could easily be achieved, but for you as individual souls it is important that you fully take part and understand what is taking place. To do otherwise would be to take away your freedom of choice. Believe me there are some of you who are not sufficiently interested in what is taking place at this time. They are too embedded in the old energies, and find difficulty in breaking free.


As you know, no one is forever left in the lower dimensions, and as soon as you make that decision to change for the better, help is immediately on hand. You will be guided onto a path that brings you into the Light, and hopefully with that help you will eventually emerge triumphant. It is the way of evolution that generally speaking ensures that you will always move forward. Sometimes that does not seem to be the case, as life on Earth proceeds at a very slow pace. Remember however, that your life span is comparatively short compared to those of the higher dimensions. It is best to see your progress over many lives, and when you review each one after you transit from Earth you will have a clearer picture of how well you are doing.


It is because you cannot know of the background and history of any incarnating soul that you are encouraged not to sit in judgement of another. When you do so, can you now see how you are also judging yourself without realizing it. No one is all dark, but undoubtedly everyone has touched the depths of depravation and darkness. There has to be a path back for you to the Light, and it is provided by careful management of your Karma and subsequent lives. For some of you this will continue as you take your place once again in the Third Dimension, and as before you will be veiled from your previous lives. For others who are ready to ascend, there will a fully conscious ascension that will lift you up into the Fifth Dimension and the love, beauty and harmony of the Golden Age. Words cannot really convey the magnificence of these higher realms, and there is a peace and joy experienced that you have rarely touched except in rare moments of exultation.


Dear Ones, the unbelievable is so near and the fulfillment of your wishes for peace on Earth is about to begin, and in your wildest dreams you could not have envisaged such a time. Be assured the dark cabal and all of their minions will lose their positions of influence and power to those who are spiritually motivated. Once they have gained the peoples full confidence and trust much good work will take place. The net effect is that the vibrations will begin to rise so rapidly, and a wonderful feeling of release will permeate all around the Earth. Some of you are experiencing that energy now and able to maintain it by keeping within your own space. It can be done but requires a calm and disciplined approach, and more importantly an understanding of your emotions. It would be so easy to drop back into the old ways of confrontation and rage, and you must be ready to hold your position of calmness in the face of it.


I am Atmos, and those of you who regularly read these messages will know that I am from The Galactic Federation. We are most delighted at the recent lift in vibrations upon Earth, and beyond doubt they are gathering pace. We have control over the events that are now taking place, and it has been given to us by Divine decree. Not even your dark forces can usurp such authority, and the degree of their activities is now very much monitored and controlled. We let them sink into the mire of their own making, through which you can see beyond doubt the falseness and insincerity of their intentions. They lie to you so often that they trip themselves up, and it is becoming patently obvious to you exactly what their secret agenda is for you. Consequently, you are breaking loose from their devious schemes to permanently hold you in bondage and their influence is rapidly waning.


We emphasize that our formal and open contact with you is so near. Be patient and keep your vision on what shall be and let go of the past. A New Age is taking over from the old and already manifesting upon Earth. The truth will soon be learnt of many aspects of your journey through the cycle of Duality, and “truth” will be the keyword of our coming. Rejoice and allow yourselves to move into the new energies now and you will never look back. We bring love with us, and you shall stand with us as one great family in the House of the Creator.


Thank you Atmos.


Mike Quinsey.    


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