Diane  29-May-06


We have been helping you for a long time to prepare for the end time. The plan has been to gently awaken you to the true reality of your being. For too long you have lived in the darkness of the illusion of separateness. For many different reasons, you have now found yourselves coming together in the realization that there are many common bonds between you all.


Holidays abroad are one way of experiencing first hand the cultures and ways of other people. Friendliness shows that there is an inherent wish to know others and understand them. You almost certainly find that they offer their contribution, to the great variety amongst the human race. What you also see is that although their path of evolution is different to yours, it nevertheless mirrors much of your development.


See now that people left to their own devices would happily come together, and they are not primarily responsible for the divisions that are created. The main reason over centuries of time is regretfully religion. It is the one area where you may have thought that teachings of the principles of living together in love and harmony, would have achieved that purpose. Instead, it has brought about the very opposite by causing divisions through wrong application.


Politicians have also been guilty of dividing people, on the basis of idealism and policies designed to keep you strict control. In an age where you might have sought greater freedom, you have been subjected to even more draconian measures of restraint. The net result is that those holding the power over people, are reluctant to lose it by imposing more strict controls than ever.


It does not take much reasoning to see that somewhere in your history, you have gradually lost your freedom. Those tenets that were meant to guide you through life have either been ignored or deliberately set aside. The changes have been so insidious and occurred over such a long period, they have previously escaped your notice.


The big question is how do you recover that which has been taken from you? The answer is that you cannot now do so without a major change in your circumstances. It is partly for this reason that we come shortly to restore that which has been taken from you. More than that, we also come to set in place the first glimmerings of a galactic society. Clearly you cannot move into these new levels without having been first prepared.


We have been moving you into a new comprehension of life, that requires effort on your part to assimilate it into your present one. It involves a new way of thinking and understanding of life outside of your Earth. You need no longer feel isolated in the belief that life is too far away to be contacted. In fact you already know that you have been visited by off world Beings for eons of time.


It is the refusal of many professional people to accept the evidence of extraterrestrial life that has held you back. They present what are often biased views about the subject, whilst ignoring the vast evidence that is all around you. Your history but for the lack of correct interpretation, is full of accounts of the presence of ETís and their contact with the people of Earth. However, it is your present era that holds all of the evidence that you could ever need to prove the existence of ETís. The continued denial of our existence is now impossible to maintain.


However, we work tirelessly as do our supporters upon Earth, to bring the truth out into the open. Millions of people have now seen our craft in your skies, and there can no longer be denial of our presence amongst you. Since every major government, has at some time been contacted by us it is sacrilege for them to deny and cover it up.


There is now an ultimatum, to ensure that our existence and plan to openly come to Earth are made known to you. We have been extremely patient with your major powers that have rebuked our approaches. It can no longer be tolerated, and in the name of progress and for the outworking of the plan for this solar system, we must come soon.


Your role is to continue spreading the news, of our intentions to make our existence officially known very soon. It is also important, that people generally should understand that the end times involve changes that will affect every single person upon Earth. Some will refuse to accept the idea of such changes, but they will be carefully and lovingly explained to avoid distress.


It must be appreciated that life is cyclic in nature, and that changes are perfectly normal. Also, that everything is continually in movement, and there is a natural progression that always carries you forward. Even those who have chosen to stay within the 3D, are nevertheless still progressing but so far not sufficiently to take part in the coming Ascension.


For the time being progress is being held back, while the final arrangements for First Contact are finely tuned. Once we can commence absolutely no further time shall be lost, and immaculately conceived plans will go forging ahead with all speed. Our allies are simply waiting our authority to proceed, as they cannot otherwise determine when that time has arrived. There has to be an overall appraisal of the situation at any given moment. We have the means to do so, and co-ordinate all initial actions.


I am Diane, of The Galactic Federation and although Sirian I am part of mixed crews that work very closely together on the larger Motherships. We work in total harmony and willingly share our knowledge. There is no sense of competition, but instead a desire to harmonize and complement each other.


I am pleased to come to you occasionally. I can assure you that at our level of understanding there is absolutely no bias one way or another because of the difference in the male and female energies. In fact, to keep a balance both are equally revered for their unique offering. On Earth you are also recognizing this fact, and are beginning to understand that leadership is an ability that all share.


On Earth you have been so used to competing with each other, and at times it has been to the detriment of your female colleagues. It has in any event taken you a long time to elevate women to a similar status as men. Historically, women have always been considered subordinate to men, and repressed and not allowed to develop their own skills outside of domesticity. As you know this is still the case in some countries, but when we come we shall address that issue until all are free.


We are ready to meet you, and indeed very much looking forward to it. It will be a wonderful time, and the dark shadows hanging over you will be removed. Love is very much the energy that we shall bring, and enjoy happy times together.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.          

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