St. Germain  27-May-06


For eons of time people of a religious persuasion have always had their stories of good and evil. In the Christian following they have spoken of the Anti-Christ who it was prophesized would come to Earth, to mislead people away from their true path. Clearly no soul would come and announce their commitment to evil. By their nature and devious ways they would cover up their true purpose, hoping to ensnare people before they realized what had happened. Here you are at the end of this cycle, and no one appears to have identified the Anti-Christ amongst you.


By way of balancing the story, there is also an expectation of the return of Christ. Bear in mind that it is a title that is an appointment and as such was not the name of Jesus, although he was known to some as Jesus Christ. Both titles are the personification of all that is good or evil as you understand it. The Christ returns to lead people into the Light, whilst the energy that is the Anti-Christ creates chaos and distracts them from their path. You must admit that both energies are strongly represented upon Earth at this time.


There is always one who bears the Christ title, and it is no longer Jesus who has served his time in this exalted position. He has taken on different responsibilities, and as many are aware he is now known as Jesus Sananda. This is so that he may simply be recognized for his connection with his earlier mission. The predicted second coming of Jesus Christ as a World Teacher, is not therefore the intention of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Neither will the present Christ come in this specific role. However, they will both come to Earth before the end times are completed.


This time the “coming of Christ” is the growth of the Christ consciousness that is seeded within each soul. The energy has no specific name except that it will manifest all over the world, and it has no connection to any one set of religious beliefs. When Jesus was on Earth some 2000 years ago, he brought with him a higher energy and it was grounded for the potential development  all future people. It was part of his mission to do so, and this is why his ministry is considered to have saved the people, and why he is known as the Savior.


The return of the Christ is the “Christing” of any individuals that have raised their vibrations to that higher level, thus fulfilling the prediction. Many souls have reached it, and many more will join them in these last years leading to Ascension. It is a state of being that is reached through dedication to the Light. It is being able to live the Universal Laws that require the understanding of Unconditional Love. It is not acquired easily, but is within the scope and ability of every soul because the energies were laid here for you.


Now some people with orthodox beliefs look for the Anti-Christ, so as to avoid being caught in his clutches. However, these are also energies that are carried by those who would rather stay within those that are of the dark. They have no allegiance to the Light, and gather around them souls of a like kind. They are here to prevent the Light from manifesting in any way they can, and have been very successful in their aims. The Light is however now too powerful to be eliminated by them, or held back any longer. Meantime, many souls have gone astray attracted by the powerful entities that lead this group of the dark.


Over millennia of time and many lives, you have all lived in times where you have followed those of dark intentions. You have been pulled down into the negative energies, and have acted as one devoid of the Light. Make no mistake, and understand that to a lesser or greater degree each and every one of you has experienced roles with the dark energies. It has carried with you through many lives, and would continue to do so until it was transmuted.


Having overcome the dark energies, the experiences gained from them have held you in good stead. Although in your subconsciousness they have shown you the difference between the Light and dark. This has enabled you to rapidly lift up your vibrations, and no longer can the lower ones affect you. This is how you have stepped onto the path that leads to Ascension, having effectively won the battle between the two.


All through your various lives, you have set yourself challenges that have tested your resolve to stay and grow within the Light. It has taken a long time, but with guidance and help many stand ready to make that quantum leap forward. It will take them into the higher vibrations that shall leave the dark behind, and no longer will they be able to hold influence over them. In so doing they also bring the Christ Consciousness in to their Being. See now how it is manifested whilst you are still within the lower vibrations. It is no mean achievement, and shows strong willpower and dedication to following the Light.


The battle between the dark and Light is the basis of many stories that fill you history books. It is one that has to be won by you, if you are to progress and leave this cycle of duality behind once and for all. You now know the rewards for such efforts, and it promises your return to those higher levels where the dark energies no longer exist. Peace and harmony reign, and are accompanied by the most beauteous expressions of Light and Love you are likely to see and experience.


I am St. Germain, and I have walked with you through the valley of death. I now come to lead you into the everlasting Light that gives life to All That Is. We are One, and it shall remain so as we enter the higher Kingdoms. May Love and Light show you the way home.


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.


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