Ker-on  26-May-06


Dear Ones, many thoughts must go through your minds as to what will happen when we arrive, and how we will approach the many problems that present themselves. Of course we have thought long and hard about the way to address them, and have had more than sufficient time to find a solution.


Religion is possibly the most difficult subject because of the varied beliefs, and tendency for people to become entrenched in them. The return of the Masters will show you that those fabled names that appear in your ancient books, are related to real Beings. It will also be shown as to how the truth has been sadly distorted, and in many cases deliberately altered at the orders of the ruling authorities.


One event that should clear up much misunderstanding, is regarding life after death. When we arrive we shall also bring with us great Beings who are in your modern times well known figures. They will talk with you, and be part of our program to prove that life continues immediately you pass over. We wish to dispel the idea that you are somehow held in a state of inactivity until you are awakened for Judgement Day.


Firstly, when you close your eyes and leave the Earth behind, you will open them again to find that you are still in a state of conscious awareness. Even those who have professed that there is nothing beyond physical death, will know that they still exist. It may take some time before they accept it as a fact, but as soon as they do so the mist that clouds their eyes will disappear. What you experience once you leave Earth, still very much depends on your own expectations.


You know that we emphasize how much your power of thought is the determining factor regarding your experiences. Many Christians expect to be greeted by Jesus or some Angelic Being, and that will indeed be their experience. Others of a less religious thinking have an inner feeling and expectation of coming into the presence of their loved ones, and again that will be what they will experience.


When you can see and hear well known figures telling of their afterlife experiences, it will remove a considerable amount of misunderstanding about it.  Another important issue for you is how you will feel when you have left the Earth after a traumatic or painful experience. At first you will believe that you still carry the effects with you, and consciously that will be so. However, as soon as you realize that it is unnecessary they will soon disappear. You are met with kindness and love, and soon understand that you have the power to restore yourself to what you were in your prime.


Many in old age will pass over with all kinds of disabilities, yet all disappear unless you believe that the condition still exists. Take for example injuries received that have destroyed or badly mutilated some of your limbs. These conditions need no longer exist, and they are restored immediately you allow it to be so. Will the blind see and the deaf hear; yes they certainly will and it can be a very dramatic and emotional time when this comes to be their realization.


Let us consider conditions of your passing that have resulted from accidents. Often people will have spent time being hospitalized, and so that there is minimal shock to their system, they will find themselves in one of the wards provided in the spiritual realms. In light of what I have said earlier, you will understand that these are for comfort and rejuvenation. Many coming over after long bouts of illness are tired and mentally drained, and need time to recover.


You are asking what happens next, where do you go to and what about your family who have preceded you. I tell you that to large extent that is your choice, although I hasten to add the level you will find yourself on is pre-determined by the vibration you have brought with you. Let us however assume that you are in the levels of light, in which case you will find that a place has already been prepared that is in accordance with your own desires. Even without consciously knowing, you have formed an image in your mind of your ideal home.


What you do from thereon is very much up to you, as you can change things if you wish. You are not bound by earthly bonds to your loved ones, and you can decide for yourself as to whether you desire to take up residence again with them. I put your mind at rest, because many of you have had more than one wife or lover. Remember also that your coming together was part of your life plan, and not one that you may necessarily wish to continue.


All of these matters will be dealt with in a way that will provide the proof of afterlife. The truth is not complicated or mysterious where the continuity of life is concerned. However, it will serve you well to clear out any misconceptions about it, and every help will be given to this end.


As your consciousness is lifted, so you will develop a greater understanding of all spiritual matters. Your history and immediate future will be revealed in truth. These are such important issues that will affect your understanding of evolution. Soon the emphasis will totally focus on your Ascension, and that also will be fully explained to ensure you are in no doubt as to what it entails. We do not forget those who choose another path, and they too will be aware as to how that will affect them.


Up to now you have all lived in part truth, but that will rapidly change. There will eventually be no place for anything but the truth. We gently lead you to it and as long as you have an open mind and faith in our mission, we see no real obstacles in your way.


I am Ker-on from Venus, and be assured we have a great love for you. We wish you to fully join us with an expanded consciousness. It is indeed planned that you shall ascend with superconsciousness restored. You will then truly be One with us. Oh what joyous and wonderful times are ahead, and the illusions of this reality will have passed and seem like a bad dream.


You are held in high esteem in the higher realms that are your true levels of existence. To them you shall return with our full assistance, and you will have no difficulty in adjusting to them. They are after all where you originally came from at the start of your great journey to experience the cycle of dark.


The journey is all but finished, and now you can detach yourselves from that part of your consciousness that keeps it alive. Go forward with love, and thank the dark forces for their purpose in showing you how the Light is effected by their energies. Through exercising your freewill you have learnt how it can rise up unsullied by the lower vibration, and that it is supreme. I say you have risen to your challenge most triumphantly.    


Thank you Ker-on.

Mike Quinsey. 


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